Beef Masala Curry – Kerala Style Recipe With Step By Step Pictures

We Malayalees have a tendency to quote famous Malayalam movie dialogues, when we are faced with different life situations. Dont you think so? If you are a regular visitor here, you should know I’ve proclaimed my “unending” love for beef many a times. Given this much background info, let’s play a game.

Can you guess the famous Malayalam movie dialogue I had in mind, when I got the following comment from a reader for “Beef Podimasala” recipe.

No hindu would ever try this recipe, I hav unsubscribed from your website after seeing these. Not a single indian food website even the top listed, are showing these absurd recipes about beef.”

So ready with your guesses? I’ll give a clue, it’s a famous political satire film and some people consider it as a classic. It’s from the movie – “Sandesham”. Now I’m sure you if you’re a Malayalee, you must be saying the dialogue out loud. “Polandine patti oraksharam mindarathu”! (“Don’t say a word about Poland”) I just replaced Poland with Beef in that sentence ;)

How-much-ever, I like to live a carefree life without any theories and rules and regulations, I do have so many rules or practices of my own making, sigh! One such practice is not to reply to anyone, when I’m not in the right frame of my mind, especially if I’m provoked. I try to follow this in my personal life and also blogging. My commenting policy? In short, think of it as going to a friend’s house, wouldn’t you respect that friend? Anyways…

When somebody tells me something which makes me angry and upset; I keep quiet without replying immediately. I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad. But my logic is that, I don’t want to regret later over something which I shouldn't have said. I take my time to process the situation and respond if and when required. From my experience most of the time, it’s best not to reply.

Hear, But Not Listen ;)

It doesn’t mean, I don’t express my feelings. I do, but I make sure that it’s done in a way, that doesn’t make me regret it later. Now you know why most of my recipes have “crushed ginger & garlic”, and why the mortar and pestle is my fav kitchen tool !! ;)

I got that comment two years ago and if you are wondering why I’m writing about it now…Let me quote another fav movie dialogue of mine “ellathinum athintethaya samayam undu Dasa” ;) (“There’s a time for everything Dasa…”)

About this recipe… it actually reminded me of a long forgotten taste. But the thing is I’m sure I haven't tasted it from my home or anybody else’s. I must have tasted it from some restaurant or thattu kada. I felt this curry had some kind of crudeness to it. The masala flavour was not subtle, it’s kinda out there. When you pair it with some side dishes, it works out well.  We had it with some coconut rice and it was a great combo!

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6 thoughts on “Beef Masala Curry – Kerala Style Recipe With Step By Step Pictures”

  1. Hi chechi, tried this recipe today, it is a wonderful recipe, my kid’s also enjoyed, now a days I have no confusion for cooking, before start cooking I search ur blog then I choose one dish.ur blog is very helpful for me thank you so much. God bless you and your family. ?

      • Hi…the egg masala I made the other day and todays Kerala Beef Masala turned out to be really tasty and everyone liked it so much…thanks a lot for the recipe…you are amazing

  2. Hi Mariya..This recipe was really good. I really enjoyed it so did my wife. Also I loved your response to anti beef person..she/he clearly hasn’t been to Kerala..kudos on the recipe and the response!!


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