Scrambled Egg Curry

The season of lent has started. One of the most asked questions, by the hard core carnivores, during this period is “what to make with these vegetables” ?? No, I havent given up any non veg. Its usually said that you should sacrifice the most loved items/things/habit. Be it food, watching movies etc; I dont mind eating vegetables for 50 days, am ok with it.

I get the maximum number of requests for veg curries during this time. This is a good curry that you can make during lent season. Hey, you can make it otherwise also, lent or no lent :). I really liked this mainly because of the simplicity of ingredients and its super easy to make. This is going to be a regular at our place. You can finish making this in 10 mins or so. If you’ve any unexpected guests, this comes very handy.

Hope you will like it too..

Click Here For Recipe…

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