Scrambled Egg Curry

The season of lent has started. One of the most asked questions, by the hard core carnivores, during this period is “what to make with these vegetables” ?? No, I havent given up any non veg. Its usually said that you should sacrifice the most loved items/things/habit. Be it food, watching movies etc; I dont mind eating vegetables for 50 days, am ok with it.

I get the maximum number of requests for veg curries during this time. This is a good curry that you can make during lent season. Hey, you can make it otherwise also, lent or no lent :). I really liked this mainly because of the simplicity of ingredients and its super easy to make. This is going to be a regular at our place. You can finish making this in 10 mins or so. If you've any unexpected guests, this comes very handy.

Hope you will like it too..

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64 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg Curry”

  1. Hi Maria chechi,
    I am new to this site.I heard about this site from my friend Deepthi. I tried this scrambled egg curry.It was awesome.. :) I also tried some other recipies from this blog and all of it came out well. Now.,It became a hobby for me to try new new recipies from this blog and I am a huge fan of this site..

    Thank you so much :)


    • Hi Kunju,

      Welcome to MM :) Great to know that you liked the recipes from here. I do hope you get to try many more recipes and like it too..

      Thanks for leaving a comment here and also please say my thanks to Deepthi for recommending the site to you :)


  2. Hi Maria,
         I am a new visitor to your blog.. tried egg curry today and it came out very well.. everyone like it.. thank you for the wonderful recipe

    • Hi Smitha,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! Thanks a lot for taking time to try out the recipe from here. I’m happy to know that you liked it.

      Thanks for the comment :)


  3. hello,

    i tried 2 of your recipes on the same day and both turned out well..coriander chicken for dinner and scrambled egg curry for lunch..thanks for the recipes ..keep them coming..
    keep up the good workk…
    -lekshmi menon

    • Hi Lekshmi,

      Thank you so much for trying the recipes & also for letting me know the feedback. Its great to know that both recipes came out well for you :)


  4. Hey Maria,

    My name is Simi nd Im frm Dubai.

    Im new  here nd I must say ur site is really amazing!! I tried ur Beef fry  for our house party nd came out very well!Thnx a tonne:-)Wil be surely trying out more recipes bcz cooking is my passion!!! I love 2 see my  Roshan s smile when my dish comes out succesfully(By the way Roshan is my loving hubby!!

    Wishing u nd Jose all the vry best thruout ur life!!!

    Hugs nd kisses,


    • Hi Simi,

      First of all, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply dear. I missed your comment :(

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment & wishes. Its great to know that you like this space.

      Wish you & Roshan the very best in life! Take care…


  5. Hi Maria, am your new member, i just hav a doubt that can i add pure milk instead of coconut milk.Thick coconut milk not available here maria,……

    • Hi Indhu,

      Thanks for joining dear :) I havent yet tried this curry with pure milk, so I’m not sure about it. Is coconut milk powder available in your place? Then you can use that. Add 3 tbsp of coconut milk powder to 1 cup of lukewarm water to make a thick cup of coconut milk.


    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks dear for posting this recipe at your place. Its good to know that it’s one of your fav :) Btw, I’ve linked back to your post :)


      • Yay! Thanks Maria, for the link love :) and for your awesome recipes! A cousin was visiting last week end and she was talking about a duck roast she made for Easter and when I asked her for the recipe thinking it was her mothers ( a very good cook’s) she said ofcourse that it was from – Maria’s Menu! 

    • Hi Amoolya,

      Thanks a bunch for trying this recipe & also for leaving a comment here. Great to hear that it came out well for you.


  6. Tried this one yesterday, but i felt like it would have been more good, if added more chilly powder and green chilly. Tomato,beaten eggs, and coconut milk all adds to sweetness of the curry. Nice dish btw .. :)

    • Hi Jojo,

      Thanks again for trying the recipe from this place. This is not a very spicy curry, however you can increase the hotness/spiciness to suit your taste :) It’s almost in the category of stew, which is not very spicy, that goes well with appam.


  7. Dear Maria

    I used to hate cooking. But now I am trying out all ur recipes one by one. Today I made this scrambled egg curry and it was very very delicious. My husband who hates eating eggs (due to cholestrol part) loved it. He wants me to cook it again tomorrow. All credit to you Maria, I love cooking now. It all seems so easy. I am thankful to you for all ur prompt reply.

    luv u


    • Dear Suma,

      Thanks a ton dear, you made my day :) I’m so glad to know that this site helps you with cooking.

      Btw, its not all my credit. The taste also depends on the cook, so you can also take credit for your wonderful cooking :)


  8. Maria,

    I regularly go thru your website ( it is in my fav list ) and have actually made quite some dishes from here. It was wrong on my side to not have thanked you enough. So, here I am writing to you, that all that I’ve tried from your blog were AWESOME. Y’dy the egg chutney kebab was a super hit at a potluck with the host asking for more. Trying this egg recipe tommorrow for another party. I am sure this wil be a mega hit as well ! Thanks to you ! :)

    • Hi Preethi,

      Thanks a ton Preethi for such a lovely comment :) It’s really nice to know that you try recipes from here and like it too. Thank you so much for leaving a comment here, it means a lot to me.

      Hope the egg curry came out well…


      • @Maria,

        You will not believe what happ ! I had made the recipe with 8 eggs for 2 exclusive
        egg-terians and 5 non-vegg’trns. I had enough of non-veg food too. The egg curry was finger licked completely and I had to make it again ( public demand ! ) WOW ! :) I dnt have to say more I guess. :) Kudos to you. It was soo simple to make, that, I didnt think twice and made it in a jiffy for my friends. :) Thanks again

        • Dear Preethi,

          Thanks a ton for such a lovely comment. I’m really sorry for the delayed reply, was tied up with some work :( . I’m so glad that your friends enjoyed it and what I love most about this curry is its so simple & quick :)


  9. I tried this one last sunday and it came out really well…and surprisingly it s really easy to make too…Thanks Maria..

    • Hi Shillu,

      Thank you so much :) Yep, its a quick recipe..

      I’m glad that it came out well for you. Thanks for the comment.


  10. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for sending me your recipes specially the kerala recipes. I love the kadipata and coconut flavour, but unfortunately me and my husband have cholesterol problem so what is the substitute for coconut. Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Evette

      You are welcome dear :) Now that’s a tough question, because Kerala cuisine wont be the same without coconut. However in recipes that calls for coconut milk like veg stew n all, you can use cow’s milk. I havent tried it myself, but my friend has tried it and said its good.

      You can try reducing the qty of coconut in the recipe.


  11. Maria kutti… :)

    I made this curry yesterday and it came out really well! Thanks a ton for sharing! Super easy recipe! :) Keep them coming! Tc! :)

  12. Hey Maria,
    Tried some of your recipes.Everything came out so yummy..just now tried this scrambled egg curry..(I followed exact recipe, but added some boiled eggs too)) ..It’s so yummy..I loved it! I also took one picture of it.. thanks for this easy recipe.. :)

  13. Hey Maria.. Was bored to cook the other day so went through your site and tried the egg curry.. Its reallly yummmyyy.. My husband who is not to fond of egg curries loved it…

  14. The recipe turned out awesome. i love it! Thanks. Ur Thattukudda beef was super awesome too. Thanks for that too.

  15. Hi Maria,

    I’ve been a lurker in your website for some time now…felt it’s time to thank you for all the wonderful recipes.
    Love your website and all the recipes…
    Made this curry last weekend with idiyappam it came out well. The combination is really good. Will be making this again for sure..

    I have also tried a couple of other recipes from your website..Will post more comments later.
    Hoping to see more wonderful recipes..
    I was looking if you have any soup recipes and couldn’t find any. Do you have any good recipes for soup?

  16. Hey Maria,

    I thanked u for the recipe but today I made it and it came out great.Im home after a foot surgery and when my wife came home she made some paal appams and we had it with the curry.It was yummm. Exactly like the recipe my friends mom used to make,except in her recipe I remember tasting coriander powder.Now when I made it,I fried a bit of coconut shreds also.Adds to taste.After 4yrs or so we are going back to delhi and kerala,next week.Heard a lot of illnesses were doing the rounds.Ayoh.Do pray for us and why didnt u post ur pics if they came out so good? Let me also see.Ha ha. Like I said anyone who can make good food must look good also.Take it as a complement.

    • Hi Shibu

      Thanks for trying out the recipe :) Adding fried coconut sounds nice.

      Wish you both a safe & happy trip…

      Have fun!


  17. I tried this today as a side dish for appams. Really, really delicious and so easy to make. Hubby and I loved it. Thanks Maria!

    • Hi Anu,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! Thanks for your sweet words :)

      Please do try out the recipes when you have time, I do hope that you like them.


  18. Hi Maria,
    Tried this dish today was very tasty… though this is the first time I am writing a comment I have tried couple of ur other recipies and everything has always come out well. thnx a lot for all the recipies and continue posting them…

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