Pachadi – Kerala Onam Sadya Recipe

For the past couple of days, most of my conversation starts or ends with “Onamthinentha paripadi”? (what plans for Onam) So let me ask you, Onamthinentha paripadi? All set for the celebration?

Well, I dont have any major plans for Onam, apart from making some Paysam. So if you want to invite me for Onasadya, you know where to find me, right ;)?

Here's another Sadya recipe. Again, this is a yogurt based dish. It can be made with different veggies  and fruits like Okra, Beetroot, Raw Mango, Pineapple etc; I'm posting a Vellarikka (Golden Cucumber). It's a very mildly spiced dish and it has a very refreshing feeling. I love to have this dish especially during summer, since it has a cooling effect.

So that's one more dish for your Sadya. You can find other Sadya recipes here.

Wish you a Happy Onam! Hope you have a beautiful time with your loved ones, Enjoy madi :)

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2 thoughts on “Pachadi – Kerala Onam Sadya Recipe”

  1. Hi Maria…I made Kerala Sadhya for the first time and pachadi came out really well ..Thank you ..Your posts gives a special top- up with the warm and lovely contents attached to each recipe ..

    • Hi Ranju,

      Great to know that pachadi recipe worked out well for you.. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy the write up too..

      Hope you had a great Onam :)

      Thanks a lot for taking time to leave a comment here.



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