Pazham Pori / Ethakka Appam / Banana Fritters

So… I'm back in Bahrain, after almost a month long trip to India. Well, it wasnt completely a pleasure trip. I was down with cold n flu for a few days followed by wisdom tooth extraction followed by a mini watermelon cheek phase for a few more days… But no complaints, all in all it was a good trip. The highlight of the trip was one week stay at my brother's place in Mumbai. It was an absolute fun week. Usually when I'm in Mumbai, I run from one shop to another, but this time I wanted to spend maximum time with my darling nephews and made the most of it. Also not to forget the late night chatting sessions with my sister in law ;)

Coming to this recipe, it's my all time favorite “nalumani palaharam” (tea time snack) and I can see many of you saying, mine too :) I think, pazham pori is a weakness for most of the Malayalees. Just the thought of sitting on the verandah on a rainy evening with hot and crispy ethakkappam on one hand and with piping hot tea on another, makes me homesick! Btw, what do you call it… ethakkappam or pazham pori? I like ethakkappam, because pazham pori sounds commercial to me, whereas ethakkappam is very homely! This post is special to me for one more reason, in my 5 + years of blogging, this is the first time I'm posting something which is made by my amma :)

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I collected a number of recipes this time but I decided to post this first. For the simple reason that I had ethakkappam almost every other day during this trip! In the end I started wondering whether I should take noyambu (lent) for ethakkappam, though I still refuse to call it as an overdose of ethakkappam. Come on… is there such a thing as an overdose of pazham pori, I think I enjoy the feeling of being stuffed up rather than feeling sorry afterwards for not having it ;)

I forgot to ask you… when you think of pazham pori/ethakkapam what's the image that comes to your mind? Is it the long yellow coloured pazham pori? Somehow my pazham pori image is always small sized golden brown coloured ones. So I asked amma to make it specifically like that. Anyways, without testing your patience further…

Click Here For Recipe…

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