Thenga Chammanthi (Coconut Chutney)

After seeing the picture of the Mocha Chocolate Chips Cupcake in FB, one of my friends, asked whether I have cupcakes n stuff on a daily basis. Its one of those questions that I get asked very often. Because of this blog, most people assume that I cook extravagantly on a daily basis. Let me set the record straight. I like cooking but I dont like slogging in kitchen day in & day out. Given the option (which is once in a while), I prefer to eat out! If by chance you come unannounced to our place, I'll end up serving you a pile of “Takeaway”-Menus to choose from ;)

Though I like to cook more variety, I or rather we prefer the usual Kerala fare on a daily basis. Mostly when we go for trips, I'll be all excited to try the different food varieties & eat all exotic dishes. But after two days of the trip, I'll start craving for some choru (rice) n kachimoru (buttermilk curry) – plain and simple.

 Back to the recipe, I think chammanthi is something that you can call the perfect homely food. If you can give me a plate of steaming rice & freshly ground coconut chammanthi, I'll be one happy soul. In fact, more happier than eating a piece of cake :) I promised this chammanthi recipe long time ago when I posted the manga chammanthi, but i forgot about it. I guess there are a zillion ways of making chammanthi… with & without shallots, with & without ginger, with & without curryleaves & it goes on. Below is one of my all time fav chammanthi recipe, which I ask Sarasa chechy to make for me every time I go home. It tastes heavenly especially if its made on ammikallu (picture given below). The coconut milk just oozes out from the freshly ground coconut & that gives a very moist chammanthi. Ok, I need to stop writing, otherwise my keypad will be drenched with my drool. I miss home :(
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