Thenga Chammanthi (Coconut Chutney)

After seeing the picture of the Mocha Chocolate Chips Cupcake in FB, one of my friends, asked whether I have cupcakes n stuff on a daily basis. Its one of those questions that I get asked very often. Because of this blog, most people assume that I cook extravagantly on a daily basis. Let me set the record straight. I like cooking but I dont like slogging in kitchen day in & day out. Given the option (which is once in a while), I prefer to eat out! If by chance you come unannounced to our place, I'll end up serving you a pile of “Takeaway”-Menus to choose from ;)

Though I like to cook more variety, I or rather we prefer the usual Kerala fare on a daily basis. Mostly when we go for trips, I'll be all excited to try the different food varieties & eat all exotic dishes. But after two days of the trip, I'll start craving for some choru (rice) n kachimoru (buttermilk curry) – plain and simple.

 Back to the recipe, I think chammanthi is something that you can call the perfect homely food. If you can give me a plate of steaming rice & freshly ground coconut chammanthi, I'll be one happy soul. In fact, more happier than eating a piece of cake :) I promised this chammanthi recipe long time ago when I posted the manga chammanthi, but i forgot about it. I guess there are a zillion ways of making chammanthi… with & without shallots, with & without ginger, with & without curryleaves & it goes on. Below is one of my all time fav chammanthi recipe, which I ask Sarasa chechy to make for me every time I go home. It tastes heavenly especially if its made on ammikallu (picture given below). The coconut milk just oozes out from the freshly ground coconut & that gives a very moist chammanthi. Ok, I need to stop writing, otherwise my keypad will be drenched with my drool. I miss home :(
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  • I have tasted it but I did not know how to make it until yesterday. I was alone at home with my kids. Having tasted it before I checked for the recipe in the net. It was easy to make it. Thanks Maria. (Tamarind was not available so I used raw mango in place of it. Still felt good)

  • I remember having this in my grandparents house along with kanji when I was small. After years… have passed by many different cuisines but nothing like our traditional ones. Since then I have been trying to get this recipe but in vain. Thanks a lot… I never thought I would get back my most favorite recipe. I just did and it was fabulous.

    Thanks again dear.

    • Hi Anu,

      I’m really happy to know that you found what you were looking for :) This recipe brings back many good memories for me too..

      Thanks a lot for leaving a comment here.


  • Mariaa!

    Your recipes are amazing!!! I no longer have to call my elders to know such things!! I love the way your blog goes and trust me you’ve favored many of us through such beautiful scripts! Thanks much!! :*
    PS: this is my most favorite among the recipes I’ve tried from your blog.

    • Hi Anjali,

      Thanks a ton dear for your wonderful comment :) Really happy to know that you like the blog. Btw, this chammanthi is one of my fav too..

      Thanks for sharing the pic too… I’ll post it on FB page one of these days..


  • Hi Maria!

    I tried this chutney (without adding tamarind) and I have to say it was fabulous! Now I want to prepare it using tamarind…but I wanted to clarify with you how to add the tamirand to the chutney…I am relatively new to cooking, so I am not sure how to add the tamirand to the chutney…should I add it as a ‘whole piece ‘ to the chutney or should I dilute it in water as we do for sambar?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Shinu,

      Thank you so much :) I’m sure you will like it more with tamarind since it adds an extra kick ;)

      You can add as it is without the seed and grind it. However if it’s too hard, then may be soak it in hot water for 5-10 mins and add the pulp. In this case make sure not to add too much water.

      Hope this helps..


  • Hi Maria, After the hectic Onam cooking, we wanted to cook and eat something real simple. and we made curd rice and this chammanthi…. we just loved it so much…. my critic husband couldn’t resist “cleaning up” his plate…. ;)
    thank you so much dear… and belated Onam wishes….

  • hi maria
    tried your coconut chammanthi,it came out really well,yummy !keep up the work.Tried your mathanga erisserri,that too came out really well…

  • Hi Maria! I wud love to try this recipe of yours to use with dosa…
    can this chamnathi be made a little loose? if yes should I add tamarind to it?
    can I use whole kashmiri dry chilies instead of chilly flakes? if yes, how many?

    • Hi Sheena,

      You can make it in gravy form… Usually when I make it for dosa/idly with gravy, i dont add tamarind. You can use Kashmiri chilli, since it’s less spicy use 3-5, depending on your spice tolerance.

      Hope it comes out well..


  • Dear Maria,
    I do not know how to thank you for this recipe! Yesterday we had kanji and I made this chammanthy. My hard-to-please husband gave me a 10/10!
    Thanks a ton !
    Anita Jeyan

  • Hi Maria,

    This is exactly the way my mother used to make when we were small. Making your recipes makes me relive my childhood days and it brings back fond memories. Thanks for the lovely recipe :))

  • I have always struggled to make the perfect chutney – it never turned out right. And for my ill luck, Dosa is my husband’s favorite. So to avoid making my sloppy chutney, I end up making Chicken dosa, kheema dosa etc :)
    Tried this recipe the other day, and it turned out so well !! My husband super lovvvved and has been bragging about this chutney ever since ( he is a hard to please critic!) 
    Thanks a lot for this!!! 

    • Hi,

      I was really excited to see your comment :) Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback here, appreciate it very much.

      I’m glad that this chammanthi passed your husband’s test :)


  • Kidalamiayittu vannnu ketto. Came real good. Thanks … This is not the first recipe have tried form your site and definitely not the last :)

  • hi maria, i heard that your thenga chammanthi has made you more famous. congrats on the selection of one of the best blogs of india!!. thenga chammanthi was mentioned in it!

  • HI Maria
    Your blog is such a saving grace to ‘dinosaurs at cooking’ like me. I liked this recipe ‘cos its simple (i’ve gotta try it), but b4 i attempt at it, i’d these 2 questions. If it sounds silly, forgive me…i might get better at my ‘doubts’ in the recipes to come :P
    q#1: in ur ‘manga chammanthi’ recipe, u didn’t add tamarind; but in this recipe, you did– any reasons why?
    q#2: you advised to not use water, unless needed. But shouldn’t the tamarind be soaked in water? (umm…’cos i’ve always seen my mom n mom-in-law do so when it comes to tamarinds)

    • Hi Eternalbless

      I’m sorry that my reply comes a bit delayed. I’m traveling now & hence the delay. Thanks for your kind words dear!

      1. In this we use tamarind as the sour agent. In manga chammanthi the raw mango gives the sour taste (puli) that’s why we didnt add tamarind in that.

      2. Tamarind is usually soaked in water when we make curries like sambar or fish/prawns curry. That’s done to blend the tamarind well with the curry. In this chammanthi recipe, since we are grinding it, it’s blended well.

      Hope its clear now. Please do try it sometime & I do hope you like it.


  • I tried this recipe… it was awesome!! Used kaanthari instead of red chilli… Had it with rice, kachimoru and pappadam.. Thank u so much for this recipe.

    I noticed this website recently.. now I’m a frequent visitor. Appreciate ur work…

  • Chammanthi looks so spicy and delicious.. I like the second pic as it reflects the traditional way of making the paste..:) Lovely post..

  • The chammanthi is mind blowing..Made it and had it for lunch along with Kanji, Muthira upperi, and chutta papadam..Thank you very much for the recipe…te snap tempted me to make it…

  • Hi Maria, Excellent ! Excellent ! Excellent !! Wow, I must say this definitely does look delicious. I am going to try it out very soon. Please keep posting more recipes and keep up the good work. Your space is an encouragement to many. God Bless.

  • Hi Maria,
    You can substitute Chilli flakes or chilli powder with whole roasted chillie. it give the Chamathi a smoky flavour. All taht you need to do is take 2-3 chillies or more ( I use Kashmiri chilli) and roast it on a open gas flame. Keep turning it over so that the whole chilli gets roasted well , it may burn a little but that is ok.
    This is one omy favourite too :=)


  • LOL Maria, I too get those question very often and as u say if anyone pops home un-told, they are going to have all the greasy take-aways or an eat out…Even my family asks if I cook all these food on daily basis!…BTW, nalla recipe n clear pic.

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