Masala Pulao

After two sweet posts in a row, I'm sure you must be waiting  to see something spicy cooking up here. Since I'm in no mood to be a spoilsport and disappoint you, spicy it is! I'm always on the lookout for some flavored rice recipes. The main reason for liking the flavored rice is you dont need too many curries to go with it unlike normal plain rice, so less cooking ;)

I usually get comments and mails from working mothers/wives asking for one pot dish/meal, which can be cooked easily. This is one such recipe. Since it's flavor packed by itself,  I think it's better to have some light gravy/curry or if you ask me some raita would also do, along with some sweet & sour pickle like this lemon n dates.

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  • Hello Maria,

    I have tried Masala Pulav with your Egg-potato curry. It was awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing the Recipe

  • Hi Maria,
    I came across your blog accidently and ever since I am a big fan of yours! I have made a lot of your dishes on Fridays and everyone at home is extremely pleased and overwhelmed with it and now looking forward for my special Fridays!! A big “Thank you ” for that!! I just love the simplicity you put with each dishes and so we end up making it well which turns out delicious!! I have recommended this to my cousins and friends also and am sure they too are checking it out!! Today Ill be making this and I have no doubt it will turn out well!!

    • Hi Suja,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Really happy to know that you’ve tried many dishes from here and it was appreciated by your family.

      Thanks again for recommending the site to your family and friends, appreciate it very much :)

      Happy cooking and wish you and your family a happy new year!


  • hiiiii…..maria
    i was searching 4 a recipe which i could try with minimum ingredients……because my fridge was almost empty(juz few carrots)….i came across ur recipe and am gng to try this today.
    and i will let u know the result of my cooking..thnks 4 the recipe dear…

  • tried tis onee ,,, and it was excellent,,,my hubby was on an anti veg pulao mission ,, but i was the one who luvd veg pulao and i used to force him to eat and i failed most of the tym,, whn i made this pulao and kept in front of him he gave me an angry look , i said ” wait , jz try it’s frm “mariasmenu”, he frst opposed but the color the aroma and the look of the pulao was sooo tempting tat he said” if its frm mariasmenu i think i shud try it” at that moment i realized tat he trustd ur recipes than mine :P… and finally ended up changing his mind of hating veg pulaoss,,, phewwwww finally,, thnkzz mariaa :))))

    • I loved reading your comment Juvaria dear :) Nice to know that your husband finally liked a veg pulao! Though the recipe is from here, it’s cooked by you, s o I cant take the whole credit :)

      Thanks a lot for the comment..


  • Thanks Maria! Love this recipe, gonna try this very second! This is a long due comment from my side! Being a long time resident of Bahrain myself, I always favor your recipes over any other  :)  I hv even referred your site to my mom n dad , they r loving each n every post of urs!

    • Hi Divya,

      Thanks a bunch for your comment! Great to know that we have some Bahrain connection too :) Thanks again for recommending my site to your parents too.


  • Thank you for your recipe, Maria.

    Had a question, though. 3 cups of cooked rice is the result of how many cups of uncooked rice?

    • Hi Sollupa,

      You are welcome! I think 1-1 1/2 cups of raw rice will give you 3 cups of cooked rice. I had some left over cooked rice with me and made this pulao with that…


    • Hi Sanjay,

      From your comment, I assume you made it already! If so, I’m really happy that you made it so soon and thanks a bunch for the comment.


  • Looks lovely! I’m gonna try it asap. Thank you so much for your amazing recipes Maria. Your site is one that I turn to whenever I need inspiration. Be it sweet or spicy – you always deliver! Thanks a ton.

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