Kerala Style Pork Roast

I feel a sense of accomplishment,  by posting this recipe. I've been getting requests for Pork recipes for so long, mostly during Christmas and Easter time. Every time, I replied to you with some excuse or the other.

The reason why I didnt post is… for starters I do NOT eat Pork. I've this habit, I dont want to attach any prefix to it like whether it's a good or bad habit, let's just say, I've a habit of shutting down my mind towards things which I don't like or I don't find interesting. Now that I've said it out loud here, it doesn't sound like a good habit,hhmm… That reminds me, I should speak out my thoughts once in a while, to get a clear perspective on it. Most of the time all the ideas and thoughts sounds great and wonderful inside my head, but once I say it out loud, it sounds absurd at times. Does it happen to you also or am I just a weirdo?

Anyways, coming back to our recipe, I felt it was time for me to get over this thing with Pork and cook it. I got the recipe from my friend Priya. I've heard great reviews about her Pork recipe and she was very happy to share it with us.

I was kinda excited to cook it, the excitement to cook with something that's completely new to me. Since I don't eat it, I didnt do a taste test and I was anxiously waiting for feedback from Jose and some other friends. Well, the feedback was great! The pork was tender with right amount of masala and flavour. It seems the fat in the pork adds more flavour to the dish and that's what differentiates it from Chicken and Beef.

Hope you get to try this for Easter and like it too. It's good as a starter or also as a side dish for plain rice, ghee rice, Pulao etc;

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18 thoughts on “Kerala Style Pork Roast”

  1. Hi maria which part of the pork should I buy ….scotch fillets or shoulder or ? I live in Australia so its so different from the pork meat we get in kerela

    • Hi Sarah,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away on a trip. I’ve mentioned in the notes section of the recipe that I used thigh portion with bones. You can use that or pork belly. I think even shoulder portion will do.

      I hope you get to try this recipe sometime and like it too..


  2. Dear Maria,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I find it really inspiring. I am frequent visitor to your blog since my MIL introduced me to it. I have heard from her and my husband about Tessy aunty’s cooking. They are family friends. I have had the opportunity to try some of Tessy aunty’s cooking myself, when we visit them. They are one couple we visit on each of our India trips.

    We live in Uk. I write a humble blog myself (, and I find cooking such a great stress reliever after a long day at work.

    I wish to try some of your recipes as they are much similar to my mum’s cooking and my MIL’s cooking,us being Syrian christians like you. I liked this recipe a lot too, similar to all your other lovely recipes.

    Happy blogging and keep inspiring.


    • Hi Sherin,

      Thank you so much for your comment :) Nice meeting you here.

      Though I havent met you, I’ve heard about you from Tesschechy, Deepu is her all time fav person :) I forwarded your comment to Tesschechy as well and she was very happy to see it.

      All the best for your blog, it looks great!


  3. I made this recipe for Easter this time and everyone loved it. Thank you Maria. I am able to try out new recipes rather than the usual mundane boring ones because of your blog.

    • Thank you very much Anna :) Great to know that Pork recipe was a part of your Easter menu.

      I’m happy that you are trying out diff recipes from here, keep going :)


  4. Hi Maria,
    Wanted to know if I can add vinegar to the pork while cooking the pork. Have seen my mother doing it. She used to say that the vinegar makes the pork tasty and also kills the germs in the pork while cooking.

  5. I have heard from my relatives in Kanjirappally that we should avoid coriander in pork preparations but here you are suggesting more. Let me try it out.


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