Cauliflower & Potato Curry

It's Christmas time and you might be wondering why I'm writing about vegetarian dishes during this festive season. Yes, finally my husband agreed to take lent for this Xmas. Usually we take lent for Easter, but back home I used to take it for 25 days before Xmas also.So we are not having any meat items during these 25 days. Lent has been successfully running for last few days… let me see whether we will be able to continue it till Xmas.

Although am happy that we have taken the lent, it brings me extra work. I need to find out new veg curries as side dish for our main meal of the day, dinner. So I started exploring my collection of cookbooks and this time i found out one, which I'm sharing with you here. This recipe is different from what i usually make, the taste was kind of new to us for a veg curry. I got this recipe from one of my recently acquired cook books, 50 Great Curries of India by Camelia Punjabi. It goes well with chappathi, plain rice etc;

Click Here For Recipe…

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