Vanilla Muffins Recipe


Am back in Bahrain :) Hope you are doing great!!

We reached Bahrain a few weeks ago. I was a bit lazy that's why you didn't see any new post here ;). Anyways, we had a good time back home. Thank you for your wishes and also for dropping in and trying out the recipes, thanks again :) Hope I've replied to all your queries, if in case I've missed out any, please do buzz me again.

My usual cooking is not yet in full swing  (I dont find making thorans and mezhukkuperattis all that exciting ;) ), after having been pampered royally at home I am not yet in the mood of cooking. However the baking is picking up speed :).

Now this post is there in my drafts for a long long time…This is the first ever cupcake/muffins I've tried. I dont know why I didn't post it till now. As I always say, better late than never :). This is a very basic recipe, the usual simple & easy stuff.

vanilla cupcake
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  • hi maria,
    can u plz suggest any alternative foe eggs, i mean an eggless vanilla muffins…also can i cook it in microwave instead of convection; will it be difficult to store it then ?


  • Hi Maria…How are you ??I made vanilla muffin as per your recipe and it was too buttery and sweet ..also centre was sunk …not sure where I went wrong..Your picture looks perfect though….Cud u pls advise..thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      I’m doing good. Sorry to heat that the cupcakes didnt turn out well :(

      hhhmm I dont know why it happened like that. I’ve given the measurements based on my trials. Hope you mixed the ingredients correctly, so that everything was well incorporated.

      The reasons for sinking in the middle can be, frequent opening of oven doors, over filling the cups, higher temp etc;

      Does any of this apply to you? Hope it comes perfect next time.

      Happy baking!

  • Hey Maria

    Made these and they turned out awesome!Especially thrilled cos it was my first time baking!
    Thanks a tonne!

    • Hi Saritha,

      Thank you. I’m really glad that it came out well for you.

      So this is your first baking eh? I’m sure you loved the experience and will be wanting to bake more. All the best and have fun baking :)


  • hi, maria. feeln gr8 after fndin this site. pls suggest me suitable alternative for eggs in all the cakes recipes like choco, marble or muffins. im really eagerto make all. your eggless cinamon cake turned out well. pls reply soon im waitin

  • Hi Maria. I have just completed my engineering and I find your blog extremely good. I tried these muffins at home and they came out tasty, nice and soft. Even i am a fan of simple cakes and this one just tops it. Tc and thnx for such lovely recipes..

    • Hi Ashitha,

      Thanks for trying the recipe. Really glad that you liked it. Simple cakes are a treat in itself, rght :)?

      Please do try out other recipes also when you are free…


  • Hi Maria,
    Looks good. Thanks for the recipe.
    I think that the marks in the second pic came when you removed the paper cup. Try removing it while the cake is still warm. Might help to get the muffin whole :)

  • HI,
    am a long time lurker. Decided to delurk to thank you. I have tried a lot of your dishes& they have turned out great. I am from pathanamthitta& a lot of your recipes tastes like my moms’ dishes. I am guessing you are also from that part of kerala.
    I am a real bad cook& a lot of times my dishes turn out horrible.I lack patience & I guess that accounts for a lot of mishaps in the kitchen. Anyways your recipes almost never fails.So thank you for all your efforts& looking forward to more traditional recipes.
    And congrats for your magazine article.Keep going.

    • Hi Reena

      Thanks a lot for such a sweet comment :). Am very excited to hear that the recipes here came out well for you :). Am from cochin but my parents are basically from central travancore, may be thats why its similar to your mom’s recipes :) Btw, being a little patient helps a lot in the kitchen ;)


    • Hi Reepna

      am fine dear :)

      I think you can make it in pressure cooker, only the time to bake will be less compared to cakes. If you make it in pressure cooker, please do let me know how it comes out.


  • Hi finally posted something..I love muffins and the first picture looks great with its wrap..expecting something exotic from you soon..enjoy the laziness though.

    • Hi Sumita

      Thank you :)

      Baking muffins in microwave, I havent tried it yet. But I think you can do it, if you do cake baking in MW, may be you can give it a try and see, just have to adjuts the time I guess…

      Hope it comes out well ..


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