Vanilla Muffins Recipe


Am back in Bahrain :) Hope you are doing great!!

We reached Bahrain a few weeks ago. I was a bit lazy that's why you didn't see any new post here ;). Anyways, we had a good time back home. Thank you for your wishes and also for dropping in and trying out the recipes, thanks again :) Hope I've replied to all your queries, if in case I've missed out any, please do buzz me again.

My usual cooking is not yet in full swing  (I dont find making thorans and mezhukkuperattis all that exciting ;) ), after having been pampered royally at home I am not yet in the mood of cooking. However the baking is picking up speed :).

Now this post is there in my drafts for a long long time…This is the first ever cupcake/muffins I've tried. I dont know why I didn't post it till now. As I always say, better late than never :). This is a very basic recipe, the usual simple & easy stuff.

vanilla cupcake
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