Melting Moments…

Am still in the hangover of Christmas season. Here in Bahrain we had so many holidays, Eid holidays, Bahrain National Day holidays, Islamic New Year holiday, Xmas holiday…but no complaints :) Only problem is that I've become a bit too lazy because of all these holidays ;)

Am sure  you will also be busy visiting friends and family, last minute preparations for new year party…so am not going to take much of your time.

Here comes melting moments and hey it really melts in your mouth, if you're  a cookie person I think you will love it :)

Hey before going to the recipe, we wish you all a Happy & Blessed New Year!! May God Bless You!!

Also, I'd like to send these cookies to “FIC – White“, hosted by Lubna of Yummy Food. Food in colours is a unique event started by Sunshinemom of TongueTicklers. This event celebrates food with a different colour each month, awesome idea right? This is the first time am participating and am glad am starting with white, the colour that represents peace.

So here comes a very simple cookie recipe which I got from Joy of Baking. (I made only the half of the quantity specified).

Get set ready to roll…

Click Here For Recipe…

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20 thoughts on “Melting Moments…”

  1. I love these cookies from Ann’s.
    I tried these today. Thet are actually melt in mouth. Thanks !
    Unfortunately ,not as tasty as the Ann’s bakery. I think they have some secret ingredient in their cookies ?

  2. Hi Maria , I have seen some cookie recipes before but didn’t have any courage to try it. But as this cookie recipe is posted on your blog i thought to try it, coz all recipes i tried from your blog came awesome.As the title says i could feel the melting moment in my mouth .Thanks Maria

    • Hi Dundu,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m really touched to know that you trust the recipes posted here :)

      Really happy that the cookies came out well for you.


  3. i made tis,,, nd it came out aswomenly awsomeeeee….. :D my hubby luvd  it ,, nd when i shared it wth my cuzin who is here in saudi she was lyk “woowwww now i dnt have to wait for any1 to bring melting moments from ann’s” evry1 wr jz impressedddd thnkzzz a lot for sharing this recipe,,,, 

  4. Hi,Maria ,i am a recent visiter bt dis very short time i became a fan of u really..i like cooking toooo much,searching fr recipies here @der bt after finding u i stopped all.nw everyday i was trying atleast one recipe from u.i tried ur chemmeen manga,thattukada beef,(i am a big fan of beef)tomato chatney,eggless cinnamon cake,egg@potato curry,chicken biriyani,sausage bites……..all tastes good.

    • Hi Jincy,

      Thank you so much dear, your comment made my day :)

      I’m so excited to see the number of items you’ve tried from here, I’m really happy that you like the recipes here. Thanks again for taking time to write to me, appreciate it very much.

      Please continue to try the recipes & share your feedback..

      Happy cooking :)


  5. Hi Maria…long time…tried our melting moments today…superb!!! it was literally melting.. came out soooo well.. by the way i tried out the pineapple upside down cake and tomato souffle..
    Abt pineapple upside down cake – it tasted very good, but presentation was a flop.. the pineapple and sugar syrup got stuck to the pan..hehe..i folllowed as per ur tasted really good..
    Abt tomato souffle – Frankly speaking i didnt like the taste..the baking was all fine.. maybe its that taste that i personally didnt like..we had it with garlic bread.. it was good to eat it hot.. but i didnt like it after it got cold.. Anyways taste varies…
    Anyways Maria.. you are way tooo good… by the way..why so much delay in new posts?? r u on a vacation??? plz post something soon.. Good luck..

    • Jincy dear – how are you doing? Hope things are great with you. How’s Xmas preps going on?

      I’m glad you liked the melting moments :) About the pineapple cake, I’m not sure why it happened :( Did you grease the tin nicely with butter? Also did you invert the cake soon, because otherwise it may stick to the tin.

      Pinne tomato souffle – yeah the taste varies for different people :) And it’s one dish that you need to have straight out of the oven. Once its cooled its texture varies & i think that affects the taste also.

      I’m not on vacation but I’m kinda busy with some personal stuff/assignments. Hence the delay. Hope to get back to blogging soon :)

      Wish you all a Merry Christmas & a beautiful new year! Please do convey my special wishes to all at home.


  6. Hi Maria,
    Your recipes are fabulous and easy.
    I tried this recipe the melting moments, the only problem i faced was after keeping the dough in the fridge it was too hard to remove the batter and make the balls, had to scrape it with a spoon.Please advise. Thanks so much and keep posting lovely recipes.

    • Hi Jan

      Thanks for visiting.

      Regarding the dough becoming very hard, I am not sure about why it happened like that.

      I got this recipe from of and I followed that recipe exactly.

      Did you keep the dough in chill tray or something?

      Hope it comes out well next time.

      Happy baking :)


  7. Hi Afrin

    I also love the melting moments from ann’s bakery, infact I love almost every item in their shop , though my fav’s are milk halwa n snowball :)

    Please do try this one and let me know your feedback.

  8. Hi Maria,

    I used to love to eat these cookies from Ann’s Bakery in Kottayam. My aunt who lives there used to get it for me everytime she came to cochin. I will definitely try these


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