Dates Muffins

A simple and easy dates muffins recipe.

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7 thoughts on “Dates Muffins”

  1. For mixing should I use a cake blender or Is it good if I mix with an wooden spatula.Which one do you think is better for making date muffins?

    • Hi Mini,

      You can use either a blender or a wooden spoon, either ways, make sure not to over mix the batter. I used a blender for this recipe.

      Hope you’ll like it.


  2. i wud hav missd out so much had’nt i comeacross ur blog.Tried the muffins.It came out well but was not very soft.Anything wrong with my baking Maria?

    • Hi Reena

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your feedback :)

      Am not a baking expert, however I will share with you what I know :)

      Regarding the muffins, one of the reasons for it not becoming soft can be over mixing of the batter. Beat the batter till everything is combined well, if we keep on mixing it it may affect the texture.

      Also try adjusting the temp as per your oven. The temp can vary for each oven.

      Hope this helps


  3. i would hav misd so much if i had’nt discovered ur blog.Tried the muffins itwas good but not very soft.Anything wrong with my baking Maria?

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