Kerala Floods – A Kind Request For Help

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“Shades of green” – this is what comes to my mind first when I think of Kerala, “God’s own Country”, my beautiful homeland. As an expatriate, every time when the plane is about to land, the aerial view of Kerala, shows me time and again, that even the vibrant Kerala in my nostalgic imagination, is only a washed out version of the original! (excerpt from an article I wrote a fews years ago for a  magazine)

I’m afraid, my choice of words “washed out version” got jinxed. Today I cannot land in my hometown Kochi (airport is closed) and even if I could after a few days, the aerial view is exactly that… “washed out”!!

Come June, the monsoon season starts in Kerala. And that is also when I miss Kerala the most. The symphony of raindrops can vary from a soothing lullaby that comforts you to a longing pain that pierces your heart. If you visit Kerala during monsoon season, you will agree with me when I say that Mother nature is reinventing herself in the scenic beauty of Kerala (excerpt from the article).

Again, I wish I could rewrite it or take my words back. Unfortunately, this year, monsoon decided to pierce and break our hearts into millions of pieces rather than soothing us in a sweet lullaby. And yes, mother nature is reinventing herself but in a rapacious avatar.

If you haven't already heard, Kerala, the place that I call home and the people in it are devastated as a result of the most savage monsoon in a century! Some say we brought it upon ourselves by disrespecting Mother Nature or by forgetting God or playing God by ourselves. I’m no judge, I’m a helpless daughter standing oceans apart while her homeland and people are suffering and are in heart wrenching pain.

This is no time for finding causes or playing blame games, this is the time for us to come together, to be there for each other. After all, “No Man Is An Island”. We need one another and we need You now!

Usually, this is the time when Kerala comes alive and is at her best. It's festive season, Onam (Harvest festival) is celebrated in Kerala by all the people, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It is celebrated by the poor and rich alike.

This year also, people are standing together, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, irrespective of being poor or rich. Unfortunately, they are all standing together, with their hands held out hoping for a glass of clean drinking water or a piece of bread! A far cry from the lavish “Onasadya”, the signature of Kerala cooking.

The situation back home is disheartening! Many people have lost their loved ones, lakhs of people have lost their home and their life savings. Hospitals are flooded, roads are not existing in many parts, shops are running out of supplies, everywhere you turn, you hit a curveball. It will take years of efforts for our state to come back to normalcy.

I salute and applaud the efforts of the rescue and relief workers, from the forces to the common people of Kerala, who are working non stop day and night to rescue the victims of this horrendous disaster.

I humbly request you to join us to help the people back home to rebuild their lives from scratch. Your contribution, however small it is, makes a big difference in the lives of many. I hope you extend a helping hand to bring back the “shades of green” to my homeland.

Please visit this page to know more details and make your contributions. You can make your contributions in cash or if you are in a position to provide logistical support or essentials in bulk quantities, that’s also welcome (please check out the page to know details or comment below to know more). Once again, your help and kind gesture in any form or manner is much appreciated. Right now, immediate relief and rescue is of utmost importance, however, rehabilitation and rebuilding from scratch is also important.  If you are not able to contribute, you can help us by sharing this post. 

For those who wish to pay in Indian Rupees (INR):

For those who wish to pay in US Dollars (US$):

Together we shall stand again and stand we will, God Willing! After all, we are God’s Own Country!

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