Salmon Avocado & Asparagus Salad

Finally got it! The chance to blog on MariasMenu. You've probably heard about me (Jose)… well, I used my persuasion skills on Maria to share with you a simple (and healthy) bachelor's recipe! But before I divulge it, let me tell you some more stuff about and announce the results of the competition (Can't wait…? Scroll below to find the winner!)

Last week, Maria gave you the motivation for the site. Today, I'll take you behind the project.

Once I had Maria convinced that she needed a blog to share her recipes (the real reason was to keep her busy so I could have some free time!) – we searched for a name, something simple, something relevant to cooking. We weren't quite creative – so we came up with

We needed a simple blogging solution, so we turned to WordPress. We then purchased the domain, the hosting space, installed WordPress, a free downloaded theme and Mint tracking software. The deal was to blog for 1 year no matter what. If things didn't work out, we'd only lose some time, effort and a bit of cash. No worries.

Things were slow, but Maria was learning… we changed the site design (after  a lot of fighting), my carefulness managed to wipe out the entire database at one point in time, losing all recipes and pictures (I really took the heat for that!), then she figured out how to use my camera (darn!) and so we progressed slowly…

3 years on, and 150+ recipes later… things have changed (besides adding a few inches to my waist) – most of the change took place in the last year. We introduced an easier-to-use design, Twitter, Amazon books, FeedBurner mailing list, customized Google search, threaded comments, random recipes (Chef Cappy), food gallery, cooking converter and of course advertisements to support the site. Phew… that's a lot of work!

Let me just conclude by saying this… Blogging is not easy, but it certainly is a rewarding experience! Thank you for being a part of it… So that's it! I got my chance… it was a bit long, I know I won't get another chance (ok… maybe next year).

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Now here's the good stuff:

The answer to last week's birthday competition is…. “4” ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )

And the lucky winner is….


Congratulations! You receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card. We'll be sending you the coupon by email (So check your inbox). You can use that to purchase a book or something you like on Amazon… or you can pass it on to anyone you like.

Oh, did I forget the recipe?

Click Here For Recipe…

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