Kovakka (Ivy Gourd) Peera Pattichathu

Choru (rice), a thoran (veggie with coconut), a mezhukkuperatti (stir fried veggie without coconut), a non veg dish and a chaaru (gravy) curry. This is the standard lunch menu back home. Even when I started cooking I also used to have the same menu. As the years passed on, there was a slight change. If you are expecting that the menu became more elaborate over the years, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I'm not sure whether I told you before…I actually dont enjoy making the normal rice & curry. It's not exciting enough ;) However since I dont have any other option but to make it myself, I do it. I'm sure, I've told you that I've not yet mastered the art of cooking veggies, I mean the normal everyday stuff . Its not that they taste horrible or bad, but i always feel something is missing, may be it's just my mindset. Do you feel the same or is it  just me?

Now, before we go into something else, I'll  just tell you about this kovakka peera. Kovakka is one of the veggies I like. I usually make mezhukkuperatti (stir fry) with it. But when I saw this recipe, I was sure that I would like it. It's almost like a meen (fish) peera. Meen peera is one of the typical Kerala dishes were you cook fish in a mixture of grated coconut, shallots, green chilly and gambooge (kudampuli).  Usually its made with small variety of fish like kozhuva (anchovy)… (I forgot the names of others) and small size shrimp. Shrimp (chemmeen) peera is my fav one. Its been ages since I had this, so I thought, I'll try it. Btw, I know some people who make meen peera without meen. It actually happens during Lent time :)

Please give it a try and see and I'm sure it will be a change from the usual veggie preparations.

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