Kovakka (Ivy Gourd) Peera Pattichathu

Choru (rice), a thoran (veggie with coconut), a mezhukkuperatti (stir fried veggie without coconut), a non veg dish and a chaaru (gravy) curry. This is the standard lunch menu back home. Even when I started cooking I also used to have the same menu. As the years passed on, there was a slight change. If you are expecting that the menu became more elaborate over the years, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not sure whether I told you before…I actually dont enjoy making the normal rice & curry. It’s not exciting enough ;) However since I dont have any other option but to make it myself, I do it. I’m sure, I’ve told you that I’ve not yet mastered the art of cooking veggies, I mean the normal everyday stuff . Its not that they taste horrible or bad, but i always feel something is missing, may be it’s just my mindset. Do you feel the same or is it  just me?

Now, before we go into something else, I’ll  just tell you about this kovakka peera. Kovakka is one of the veggies I like. I usually make mezhukkuperatti (stir fry) with it. But when I saw this recipe, I was sure that I would like it. It’s almost like a meen (fish) peera. Meen peera is one of the typical Kerala dishes were you cook fish in a mixture of grated coconut, shallots, green chilly and gambooge (kudampuli).  Usually its made with small variety of fish like kozhuva (anchovy)… (I forgot the names of others) and small size shrimp. Shrimp (chemmeen) peera is my fav one. Its been ages since I had this, so I thought, I’ll try it. Btw, I know some people who make meen peera without meen. It actually happens during Lent time :)

Please give it a try and see and I’m sure it will be a change from the usual veggie preparations.

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  • God bless u Maria!!! i am also at wits end with wht to cook in veggies given I have a hardcore non veg husband who dsnt eat more than half the veggies on the planet and to top it of wht he eats i dont get all veggies here!!! Kovakka is one thing we get but dnt know a a good recipe….. Will def try this one :-)

  • now tht u have mentioned kozhuva peera my mouth is all watery!! kozhuva peera and kozhua fry were my fav dishes!! SIgh! wht to do, cant get it here

  • i probably know a handful of veggie dishes and i get so so bored with it. I only knew how to make the kovakka stir fry, not anythin else…will try this out next time.

  • Maria..Amazing recipe tou, Looks very tempting, never tried with kovakka, but have tried tomatoes and drumsticks, that was very tasty …

    Kairali sisters

  • Recipe sounds easy & yummy!!!! We usually eat veggie curries and love Ivy Gourd! Thanks for shring this recipe!

  • Nice recipe Maria, will try this out as soon as I can get Kovakka.

    Till now only Kovakka dish was kovakka dry prawns merukkupuratty. Its rather simple dish but the dry prawns give a unique flavour.

    All like Kovakka at home so having one more recipe is nice.

  • Yum at that pic..I have tried teh same preps with kaya (raw banana) ,but this iis new to me..wil be a grt combo with sambar..:)

    • Hi Jaya,

      Welcome to Marias Menu! It’s good to know that it came out nice for you. Thanks for trying & hope to see you here often :)


  • hi maria i tried dis recipe of urs and it came out really well.goes very wel with rice.have heard kovakka is a very nutritious veg but havent tried to cook it.but ur recipe is very yummy.will make often now.thanx and keep going.

    • Hi Nitasha,

      Thanks dear :) It’s a different recipe from the normal thorans and also it tastes like meen peera, thats what I like about this recipe.

      Thanks for your wishes too :)


  • Hey Maria,
    Its Lent again and I was searching for new veggie recipes. I hate kovakka and my husband loves it! I cook them for him and dont eat them myself. No amount of convincing about their nutritional value could make me eat them. But this recipe had me gorging on kovakkas :)  Thanks a lot.

  • Maira,
    Thanks a lot for this recipe.I made sardines peeravatichathu and we all relished it as it came out really well.

  • i tried this & we loved it…my husband never liked kovakka, but he said this is different & liked it a lot…Thnx Maria for the lovely recepie..!

  • hi maria chechi.. :) am a beginner in cooking.. tried this dish since there are a lot of kovakkas here.. everyone liked this recipe… thanks a lot chechi :) keep posting..

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