Peanut Butter-Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Do you believe in the phrase “third time's a charm”? I do sometimes… Basically, it's  the belief that the third time something is attempted, it is more likely to succeed than the previous two attempts.  If you are wondering whether I got this cookie right in the third attempt, nope it's not that. I'm talking about my relationship with butterscotch chips.

Have I told you before… I'm a big fan of anything butterscotch. But I came to know the existence of butterscotch chips only a few years ago, through some baking books/blogs. From that time onwards I wanted to have it. Though I get almost all baking related stuff in Bahrain, butterscotch chips was something that I couldn't find. Ok, that reminds me something… I've seen bloggers posting about stuff which was sent to them by the readers, you know I also don't mind posting something like that ;)

Knowing my love for butterscotch chips, Ammu, my cousin sis got a packet for me from US, but my amma sent it to my brother's place by mistake. Even before my sister in law could see whether it was there, my brother finished the whole packet! Yes, he ate it, just like that! I'd have forgiven him, had he not said the following…”what was it anyways, it didn't taste great, I just had it, since it was lying around”. I guess he was lucky, that I wasn't anywhere close to him. Appu, my dear brother, are you reading this ;)? Anyways, Ammu got me another packet during her next trip to India, but again luck wasn't on my side. It took so long for me to get it in Bahrain, that by the time I got it , it had expired!

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So when Jose told me about our US trip plans, the very first thing I said was “I want to go to Central park and I want to buy some butterscotch chips”. He was like… “is that all you wanna see n buy”? Though he later regretted asking me that question (seeing my shopping list), that was on top of my mind when he said about US :) So finally I got to buy it and this is what I made with it. Ok, there are other things also on my list. Btw, if you cant find butterscotch chips, don't worry, you can use chocolate chips also. But if it's available, I'll recommend using it, since Peanut butter and butterscotch is a great combo!

I was pretty happy with these cookies. I think, look wise, this is the most perfect cookies, I've baked so far! Why don't you try it and see for yourself?

Though it's the first time I'm trying out a recipe, adapted (almost verbatim) from browneyedbaker, I love to visit that blog and have bookmarked many recipes. You can see the below recipe here.

Click Here For Recipe…

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14 thoughts on “Peanut Butter-Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies”

  1. Hey Maria,
    I think a Thank you note from me to you is long overdue. I have been baking your recipes since last 5 years now. Honestly I am not a big fan of baking.. but I have been doing it nevertheless for my family and nowadays especially for my 2 year old (she is a huge snacker).
    I am an old school person who loves reading recipes rather than watching a video of it (my sister call me weird.. so I know) and so Marias Menus is my “I have no doubt that the recipe will turn out excellent ” place.
    Trust me when I say this.. I have tried plenty of your cakes, cupcakes and cookies.. not a single one has gone wrong. So when my family thinks that I am good baker and I simply take the credit myself(hahaha.. sorry Maria.. I never tell them that all I do is follow your recipes to T)
    Though I do not bake that often, I like my baked goodies to have a proper traditional, lengthy, time taking and perfect recipes.(not a fan of “Easy” baking).
    Thank you so much for all your recipes. You have always kept my trust in giving Perfect recipes. If my daughter is snacking on healthy goodies.. all thanks to you again.
    Best wishes and regards.

    PS: I tried the Peanut butter oatmeal butterscotch cookies just yesterday and it came out just perfect.


    • Dear Hannah,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, appreciate it very much! Don’t worry about it being overdue, it’s better late than never :) I also love reading recipes than watching video, so am really happy to know that I’ve company (we are a “rare group” in today’s world)!

      I’m really happy to hear that you trust the recipes on the site, it means a lot to me. Thanks again for sharing this lovely note. Take care and happy snacking to you lil one :)


  2. Maria, I have an oven with microwave+grill+convention. Which option I should select to bake cookies and what are the other settings ?

  3. Just what I was looking for… I bought a big bag of butterscotch chips n was wondering what to do with them… Thanks Maria… Will try it this weekend… Have a great vacation…


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