Butterscotch Surprise Cake

I'm yet to figure out the exact point at which I got distracted. I was lost in the world of cakes and it's flavours. I was contemplating whether to go with plain ones or iced ones. With all those cake ideas parading inside my head, I started getting a headache and that's when I was jolted back to reality and I embarrassingly realised I was sitting in the church attending the weekend service!!

It was my b'day on June 6th and the above incident happened on the Friday before that. I'm not sure why I was so obsessed with baking a cake this year. I'm not a person who bothers much about b'day cake and things like that. Well, sometimes there is no explanation for how or what you feel, the heart wants what it wants, right? I was almost set on this “butterscotch cake”, but then I saw some other recipes and it went out of control.

You know what, after all that hoo-hah with cakes, I didn't get to bake one for my b'day. Jose fell sick during that time and there ended my cake parade. He kept asking me to bake one, but I didn't quite feel like it. Honestly, I was feeling a bit guilty, I was thinking whether my private cake slide show during the mass wasn't such a great idea after all!!

Anyways b'day got over without much fanfare and I still missed my b'day cake. But then I relaised I share my b'day month with MariasMenu's anniversary. Yep, this month MM celebrates 9 years!! Now that's something right? It definitely calls for a cake celebration. I was back on the cake baking mode, but this time I decided to stick with my original plan of “Butterscotch Cake”.

I've baked this cake earlier and liked it very much. However, Jose isnt a big fan of this cake, he likes the one with “butterscotch icing”. Since it was my b'day (ehh.. MM's b'day) I decided to bake what I like ;) I baked this cake and had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yep, I had my cake and ate it too..

This cake is nothing fancy, but not too plain also. It's a combination of fine vanilla sponge with butterscotch custard. The base cake is a light and moist cake with fine crumbs and it pairs well with the custard.

Hope you will also like our b'day cake :)

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    • Hi Raji,

      I think it’s better to use brown sugar itself, since that’s what gives the butterscotch flavor to the filling. Btw, I’m really sorry for the delayed reply. I was away for sometime.


  • Hi Maria thank u for ur 5min cake receipe . I firstly bake it during my son ‘s birthday. It comes out well. But on next time it becomes not much well. I wish to know how the batter look like is it watery or ribbon like. When I made it first on seeing it too much watery I reduced milk . So on next time I reduced 1 egg . Is this my mistake.???

    • Hi Jisa,

      You are welcome! The change in the qty of ingredients may affect the texture of the cake. When it comes to baking, I usually follow the recipe as given :)


  • Hi Maria, Just about to try this cake . I do not have custard powder. Will corn flour do the job? OR what about just using double cream to make the sauce? do let me know. ta xx

  • Tried this cake.Came out really well.Was able to keep the butterscotch filling at centre. To add on did butterscotch icing which made the cake even better.One suggestion pse include ” For cake” in bold on para 4 of your instructions. I was about to goof up.This would be helpful for those whose toddlers keep peeping in between the process of baking.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. really happy to know that the cake turned out well for you. I’m sure it tasted great with the butterscotch icing :)
      Thanks for the suggestion too, I’ve updated the recipe accordingly in the back end.


  • I made this cake today and it was simply scrumptious. Like you i did not wait for the butterscotch sauce to get too thick, but it came out just fine.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe and also for sharing your feedback here. I’m so glad that the cake turned out well for you.

      I was wondering why no one has tried this recipe yet, since it’s a really good one :)


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