Kalakand – Happy Diwali!

I was thinking… should I post a Diwali recipe or not? These days I'm surrounded with Diwali celebrations, both virtually and in reality.  So, even though it's a festival that we dont celebrate at home, there is no harm in starting something new, right? There wasnt any doubt about what to make, it has to be a sweet. Because, the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Diwali is the red coloured printed “Mithai  (sweets) Box”. There is one more reason… it was Jose's b'day yesterday and he loves this kinda sweets. So this year we celebrated his b'day with this wonderful sweet instead of a cake.

Now which sweet to make… that took some time because I didn't want to make any complicated and time consuming one. I wanted a simple no fuss recipe and that's how I ended up with this one.

I tasted this the first time, when My friend Simi made this for us. I remember she saying that it's a very simple and quick sweet to make. I called her asking for the recipe, but since it's Diwali time, I got a double dhamaka offer. Yep, she agreed to come to my place and make it with me, thank you Simi! :) We had a great time making this. It's always nice to have somebody in the kitchen to keep you company, especially when you are making something like this… don't you think so?

If you are yet to decide whether to join the celebrations or not, don’t hurry, you’ve time. Yep, this is something, you can make as a last minute thing :)

We, Jose and myself, Wish You a Happy and Safe Diwali!!

Click Here For Recipe…

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