No Bake Tiramisu

I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of Tiramisu recipes by now. I’ve also posted a Tiramisu cake recipe earlier. However this is a no bake version. Whenever I’m pressed for time to think about recipe ideas for dessert, I make this. This is good enough for a crowd and also it’s too easy to put together. I’ve made this “n” number of times and without fail, every time, I was rewarded with big happy smiling faces licking their spoons :)

Btw, how’s Easter preps going on? All set?

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Jose and I wish you and your loved ones a Happy and Blessed Easter! May the Risen Christ Bless you!

I’ve put together a party menu for Easter, you can see it here.

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  • The tiramisu came out perfectly. All our guests loved it especially my kids.I used mascarpone cheese and lady fingers. Thank you for this yummy recipe.

  • Hi
    I have done step by step same as you but i am not happy with that.
    When I cut my tiramisu ,all layers and cream are separated and the cream is not stick to the biscuits. it is not coherent.
    please give me your opinion.

    • Hi Mary,

      Sorry to hear that it didnt come out well :(( Did you whip the cream nicely before adding to the mascarpone mixture? Also, did you set it in the fridge for the time specified in the recipe? This is something I make very often and it works out well every time, so I’m not sure why it went wrong..


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