Lemon Bars Recipe

Here is another tangy recipe. Since my experimentation of Lemon Drizzle cake was successful, I was eager to try out this recipe and luckily this one also didnt disappoint me. Though I have a sweet tooth, I thought this was a bit too sweet but everybody else who had this said it was just perfect. Anyways, you guys just try it and see, I am sure you will also like this which has a crunchy crust and juicy filling.

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8 thoughts on “Lemon Bars Recipe”

  1. Hi Maria,
    Let me start off by saying that I LOVE YOUR BLOG ! ! Have looked at it a couple of times and I’m really impressed by the recipes.

    I have a question for this one though. Not sure if we get Lemons in Blore.. how can i substitute Limes in this recipe ?

  2. Hi Maria,

    This is Anu Rockey…..tried the lemon bar and it was great…! Everybody loved it. You guys are doing a great job with the website….!!! Great Going…! All the best!

  3. hey,first of all “congrats”,ur recipes r just wonderful.to fill up d rast i was ur senoir @ SJHS.I tink i’ve seen u many times,but never talked.i’m a beginner to ur site.even i’m a gr8 lover of fud n kitchen…so luv other peopl sharing the same interest.well lets cee..cheers!!

  4. eda.. i want to try ur dishes.. looks so delicious!!!!

    Keep up the good work..
    i wanted to give u 3-4 recipes..
    good ones (shortcut ones)
    but time illeda..
    so howz eveyone at home? avide enthu vishesham?
    take care cya


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