Carrot Halwa

I still remember the eagerness on their faces when they entered the room… the eagerness to know the magical number sealed in that small envelope in their Project Manager's (PM) hands. Those numbers were an indicator of  how much their work was appreciated. This is one of the fondest memories that I have from my very short career life.

As an HR professional, I was a part of the process that delivered those envelopes. Unfortunately I didn't get an envelope at that time because I was serving my notice period. Honestly, I didn't care much… I was eagerly waiting for my mega bonus in Bahrain… you know who ;) Moreover I thought I'll get my envelope in my next job. But Life had other plans for me, though I worked in 2 more companies, envelopes seemed to be an extinct species.

I thought about those magical envelopes again when I was jobless & ‘blogless' ;) I was sad about missing my chance of experiencing that feeling and wondered whether I'd ever get another shot. Well, I was wrong again. Today, I'm getting my magical numbers on a daily basis. But then I haven't celebrated the numbers so far. Each time I planned to celebrate, my Project Manager (read Jose) reminded me that what matters is quality and not quantity, (as if I didn't know) and he gave me new goals & targets like a ruthless PM!

Anyways now I've decided enough is enough. Let's celebrate. I've decided to dump the PM & I'd like YOU, my team mate to join me in this celebration. Ohh I haven't told you what we're celebrating right? It's a small number game, MariasMenu FB page has 1,000 + likes. This is the third 1,000 for this site. The first was 2 years ago when we had more than 1,000 eyeballs a day, the second was a few months back… we crossed 1,000 subscribers. I know this is a very small milestone but I'm compensating for missing my chance of the magical envelope ;) Thanks a billion to you!

Btw, since we dumped the PM there is no sponsored giveaway :( I've only a virtual sweet treat for you below. Let's see… I'll try to convince the PM and arrange some nice giveaways next year… deal?

Since it's Diwali time, I wanted to share an Indian sweet with you. Gajar Ka Halwa is something that I love. Though I've made it several times, I wasn't able to record the measurements, hence the delay in posting. I'm not sure whether this is the authentic or traditional method, but this is how I make it :). Hope you too will like it. This is something that you can make, to satisfy a sudden sweet craving.

Wish you and your family a happy Diwali! May this festival season brings you joy & happiness & prosperity!

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Here is the recipe…

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Carrot Halwa

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  • 2 cups Grated Carrots
  • 2.5 cups Warm milk
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 2 Crushed cardamom
  • 1-2 tbsp Ghee
  • A handful Cashew nuts


  • Heat ghee in a pan. Add cashew nuts & fry it for a minute, remove from the pan & keep it aside. Add crushed cardamom & fry it for a few seconds. Add grated carrots & cook it for a few minutes. Add warm milk & sugar to this. Let it boil. Reduce the flame & cook till the carrots are soft & the milk is evaporated. Add fried cashews to this & mix well. Serve hot or warm with Vanilla ice cream.


The above quantity is just enough for 2 adults. I used Al Marai brand low fat milk. You can adjust the qty of sugar to suit your taste.
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  • maria aunty i m angel, 17 from Kerla ….. made this gajar ka halwa was yum yum yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyy loved it thnx for ur recipe …… keep posting north indian recipez plzz …… hugz n kisses happy cooking 0=)


    • Hi Angel,

      Thanks for your comment :)

      Btw, please call me Maria..

      Nice to know that you liked the carrot halwa recipe. Please check out the recipe index on the website to see North Indian recipes.


  • Hi Maria,

    I searched for the recipe in your blog and found it! I was so happy as my Mom used to make this and I was craving for it last week. I folowed your recipe and added condensed milk…it came out yummy ! Thanks a ton Maria!

    • Hi Asha,

      I havent used condensed milk in the above recipe, I’ve used regular milk. If you are using condensed milk, you can use it instead of sugar.


  • Hi maria
    tried the carrot halwa today and it came out really well:):)now this is going to be dessert for the future parties..thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Merrit,

      How are you dear? Looks like you are busy in the kitchen these days :)

      Thanks a lot for trying the recipes and also for posting the comment. Btw, carrot halwa is one of my fav desserts too :)


  • super…awesome…it came out well….thanx for the recipe ma’am…became a star amongst my friends….
    GJ..keep going…looking forward to try ur other recipes too….

  • Hi Maria

    I tried the carrot Halwa receipe and it came out excellent. U made me as Master Chef in front of my friends & family … WOW!!!

  • Hi Maria,
    How long does it take for the milk to evaporate? Mine is taking forever. Should I increase the heat? I have it on low-medium heat. Between 3 and 4 on the stove.

    • Hi Glory,

      It will take around 10-115 mins approx. You can cook it on med-high flame, but you may have to watch it closely, otherwise it may get burnt.


  • Dear Maria,
    a big thanks to you……………..this is the third time that i prepared your carrot halwa in this week…………its so easy to make that i dont mind making it even everyday-for its simplicity and wonderful taste.My family cant stop licking the spoons after they are done!!!!so happy….i usually prepare Chakkra pongal evrery friday to offer God…….but i have decided to make this carrot halwa instead.thanks a lot…….you are just awesome!!!!!!

    • Hi Divya,

      You are welcome sweetie & a big THANK YOU from me for such a lovely comment :) I’m thrilled to hear that you made it thrice in a week! WoW!

      Its nice to know that you are planning to make it as an offering to God also :) Thanks again dear…


  • hi maria,
    yesterday i made your carrot came out really tasty.didn’t i told you that i am a member of rajagiri pta?and there was a kitty party for the ladies of pta yesterday.i made your halwa and it was the star of the party.every one was praising it.all the credit goes to you maria.even though i used to make this halwa before i never used to saute the carrots in ghee before cooking in the milk.i think that made the know maria,now i think the best thing happened for me by attending anitha issac’s class is that i got a friend like you and i came to know about this wonderful site called “MariasMenu”.thank you maria

    • Aii dear,

      First of all, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply dear. Though I told you I’ll keep in touch through FB, I couldn’t do that :( I was a bit busy.

      Now I’m back in Bahrain, reached here today morning. Will mail you once I settle down ok.

      Btw, thanks a ton dear for the wonderful comment, it means a lot to me :). I’m so happy that the halwa came out well. But I’m sure that the credit goes to you too..I saw the food pics in your FB album & they look awesome :)

      Again, thank you so much for visiting this space & trying out the recipes. Hope to see you here often.

      Hope all’s well at your end. Take care dear….


  • Maria,

    Ive been ogling this recipe for the past couple of days but was wondering if I would be able to make it as good as it looks in your picture! And finally I DID IT!!

    Most people who’ve tried making this halwa mentioned that if you don’t get the final consistency right then the whole dish is a goner! But i tried your recipe directions and it came out fantastic!

    I made carrot halwa!!! Thank you so much for the recipe. I substituted almonds for garnishing since i was out of cashewnuts. Thank you, thank you, thank you is all can say!

    I’d like to add that I’ve been scourging sites for various dishes and thus far, yours is the only site where the directions and ingredients are so accurate because the final dish come out marvellous! You being a great cook would know how important it is to have accurate measures for ingredients and precise directions alongwith the photos that you put on helps us all along the way! The cakes especially come out particularly well when i follow your measures!

    You’re an absolute great cook/baker! Here’s to wishing that you keep inventing more ingenious recipes to help us in our kitchens too!

    • Hi Suni,

      Your comments always brightens my mood dear :) Thank you so much.

      I’m so glad that you liked this recipe & I think in the traditional carrot halwa recipes, they use almonds instead of cashews. Also thanks a ton for saying that the the recipes posted here help you in cooking, it means a lot to me.

      Thanks again for your wishes & encouragement dear :)

      Happy cooking!


  • hi
    i tried out ur carrot halwa for a potluck today evryone loved it
    and for this christmas we tried ur biriyani and beef cutlet recipe
    it was also good
    now i have become a great dependent on ur blog
    good thought of creating a blog for people who have food loving people around
    i love ur pic ,it drives people to make them
    Keep going

    • Hi Siji,

      Thank you so much for trying the recipes from this place. I’m really happy to know that you find this blog helpful :)

      Thanks again for the wonderful feedback. Hope to see you here often.

      Wish you and your family a wonderful new year!


  • Hi Maria, I made your carrot halwa…..I didnt know it was this easy…i had all the ingrediants in my kitchen pantry. I added a small tin of condensed milk while preparing the halwa instead of adding sugar. Thanks for the recepi… it tasted yummy thanks to you :-)

    • Hi Priya,

      Thanks dear :) Yep, it’s really an easy one and adding condensed milk makes it extra delicious :). I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment.


  • Thanks Maria for the simple carrot halwa .I was looking out for one.
    It turned out very well. Everybody liked it. All credits to you.
    I also liked the new change over in your index (website).
    It looks very bright & colourful.
    Hope ur planning something new for Christmas.
    Thanks Dear

    • Hi Sinu,

      You are welcome dear :). It’s nice to know that it came out well for you. I’ll pass the compliments for the new look to my husband, he will be happy to hear it :).

      I’m on a small vacation now, so I’m not sure about the Xmas post, but I’ll try my best.

      Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas & a beautiful new year!


  • hey, this is exactly how i make it….. and was the first thing that i ever cooked, way back during my engineering college days….thanks to my hubby , who was also my best friend in college .

    I too can understand the ” jobless part”… 6 yrs of marriage, ( worked as a network designer for 2 yrs ) and one pretty lil 3yr old later…… there are days when i miss my old work place and just feel like i need a break from [email protected] home mom cum cook…. but just this morning i came across this: …. it just lifted my spirits and gave me a new purpose for moving on… this is the time my family need me the most, thats going for be my job for now

    Wonderful blog…wishing u and Jose a very happy and blessed Christmas…. May the Lord fulfill ur wishes and desires , dear


    • Hi Sasha

      Thank you so much for the wishes dear :) and also for sharing the link, its really a good one.

      Wish you and your family a Merry Xmas & a wonderful & blessed new year!

      God Bless!


  • Hai maria!

    I was just in the mood for some carrot halwa, and to my luck, i found it here!
    Tried it 2 wks ago , n my hubby n i simply loved it !! thanks a ton!
    U’r pics are awesome! Keep up the gud work!!!

  • Tried halwa yester, came out really well. Tried some more recipies from here before and most of them were good.Wanted to post some comments then, but that never happened. Love your site and the way you write recipies. It makes you feel cooking is a simple job and thats a good thing. :) will write to you next time I try something from here. Keep going!!

    • Hi Ninu,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment :) I’m happy that you like the recipes posted here. Kepp trying the recipes & keep commenting too :)

      All the best!!


  • Congrats….!!

    I tried this receipe…it came out well..was really good…..
    itz easy to make also….i was using another receipe which had maida in it…this is easy and can be made quickly for a short notice guest tooo…yummy..!!

  • Congrats Maria on all your achievements.. Always wanted to make carrot halwa.didnt know it was so easy to prepare… Will definitely try it out sometime soon.

  • Thats such a sweeet post…:)congrats on the milestoned dear….they are an achievement for sure….dumbing the PM….hehe:)….enthu patty?…

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