Carrot And Apple Muffins / Bread


Ever since the “DOW” (Dishes Of the Week) email series started (if you haven’t signed up for our updates, jump on board), I've been getting a lot of emails requesting for one particular category, often – Kids Snacks! It’s not surprising… I've noticed that whenever a group of young mothers gather, everybody tend to discuss about their kids eating habits. The common theme is kids being fussy and refusing to eat any regular food.

Banning Maggie noodles was almost like a whiplash to many, since it is one thing which kids love so much.

Most mums main concern is what to pack for the kids tiffin box. It looks like schools are now slowly making an effort to promote healthy eating habits among kids. Recently a friend of mine, told me their kid’s school banned flavoured drinks altogether, be it milk or juice and allowed only water in school. I've seen some parents applaud it, while others not so happy about it. Since I don’t have yet to worry about the consequences of such decisions, I think I'll leave everybody to their own thoughts ;)

Anyways, I also get requests for ‘make ahead’ snacks/breakfast recipes. This can be a make ahead snack or a breakfast or packed as a tiffin. I will not call this a healthy snack as such, but it's not so bad either. It's very moist and so easy to put together and it uses a little fat and sugar compared to the regular muffins and it has carrots and apples. Not so bad, right? We had it for our evening tea and also as next day's breakfast.

Btw, you can see more Snack recipes here. Some of my fav's are Chicken Croquettes, Oatmeal Cookies, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Kuzhi Paniyaram

Hope I've done a good job of convincing you to try out this recipe…

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2 thoughts on “Carrot And Apple Muffins / Bread”

    • Hi Vansha,

      Using only whole wheat might make it very dense. May be you can try using half whole wheat and half plain flour. However, I’ve tried this only with plain flour.



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