Sweet and Sour Prawns

Do you tend to point YOUR finger at others? What???!!!   Ok… Ok… I see your finger at me for an answer.  Well, let me be honest here.. though I'm not proud of it, I tend to do it at times. Should I make an excuse for it saying, “I'm just a human” or “I'll just leave at it”.

Anyways, do you remember this post where I mentioned about “freezing” things? That post actually came back and started to haunt me. No I didnt cook any curry and freeze it for god-forbidden-days. But I bought some prawns and kept it in freezer for safe custody and completely forgot about it. Back from India, I was just checking the freezer and saw this packet. From that day onwards, I've this little voice in my head going at frequent intervals about”freezing things?!”. Finally I got into action the other day and cooked Sweet and Sour Prawns.
Unlike my usual practice of wondering what to make, I already knew what to do with this batch of prawns. Jose was complaining for a long time, that I tend to make only traditional dishes. He wanted me to make something like chilli prawns. I bookmarked this recipe from Nita Mehta's Thai Cooking for The Indian Kitchen. Honestly I'm not a big fan of fruits in my curry. But remember I'm trying hard to expand my little kingdom, so sweet and sour, here we come!

You can use the same recipe to make with chicken/pork/fish. I'll mention the method in the Notes section. About the recipe.. well it was something new to me and I actually didnt mind a few pieces of pineapple in my curry. The flavours were well balanced and it paired well with fried rice.

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12 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Prawns”

  1. Hi Maria,I always wondered how to make sweet and sour dishes…Will definitely try this one.. Thanx dear for this useful post. God Bless.


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