Kerala Chicken Samosa

I’ve been wanting to make something special during Ramadan time, so I went over to my dear friend Sheena’s place and asked her to suggest some recipes that they make during Ramadan. Do you remember the Erachi Pidi recipe I posted sometime ago? Well, that’s Sheena’s contribution.

So we started off our discussion about different Ramadan recipes and it went on for some time and as usual we got side tracked to something else.

By the time, we finished our chatting session, we were like “what were we talking about” and came back to our food discussion. We considered different options and decided to finalise later, when I was about to leave, she said… you know, Samosa is made very often during Ramadan time and she was going to make it for sure one of these days.

The decision was made on the spot! She agreed to come over to my place and we got cooking!

One thing led to another and we made something else also, something special. I thought I’d share that with you later, trust me – it’s worth the wait :) But not today…

For today, it’s Chicken Samosas… what should I say about it? Hmmm, if you haven’t tried Samosas (or Samboosa as some call it here in the Middle East) – then you’re missing out on one of life’s little pleasures. If you are new to this dish, it’s a pastry with a spicy chicken masala filling and deep fried!

Ok, let me try it this way; if you are a non vegetarian, you’ve no choice but to love it.Yes, that’s how it is. I’m yet to come across a person who has said “No” to a Chicken Samosa. If you’re a vegetarian… well, I have something about this recipe to share, but you’ll have to wait till next week :)

Enough said, I’ll go to the recipe now. Btw, I’ve posted the step by step pictures  for the shaping of Samosas.

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10 thoughts on “Kerala Chicken Samosa”

  1. Hi maria i tried this recipe its very tasty and tried many of ur recipes every came out well.thanks marias for giving good recipes.may god bless u.

    • Hi Riya,

      I havent tried reheating them after frying them. However I do store them in fridge or freezer before frying. If you are re-heating them after frying, it may be too greasy. May be you can try it with a few and see how it works.


  2. Wow, the samosas look great in that pic. Does baking soda help the samosas to puff up or look the way it is in that pic? Also can I use atta instead of maida? Will I get the same result?

    • Hi Feba,

      We didnt use any raising agent to make the samosa. It puffs up, once you put it in oil.

      I havent tried making it with atta, so I’m not sure about the texture. I guess it might be a bit dense than the Maida one.


  3. Lovely recipe, Maria and Sheena!. Thank you!. A doubt.. one ball cut into 4 quarters. Then these 4 quarters become 4 small samosas right?.


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