Dragon Chicken

I got this recipe from a cookery book. I haven't tasted any dragon chicken before but somehow the name sounds so familiar to me. Hence I decided to try this and it turned out pretty decent. I think its more like an Indo Chinese dish. However if you know anything more about this, please do share. It seems this is one of the popular items in the menu of Mango Tree restaurant owned by Malayalam film star Dileep. That restaurant was originally the house of famous Malayalam singer Yesudas and there is a mango tree planted by his mom, hence the same name for the restaurant too. This restaurant is in Fort Cochin. Though I'm from Cochin, I haven't been to Fort Cochin in a long time, it's quite far from our place. Anyways, I've already made the list of things to do in my next India trip and a visit to Fort Cochin and various restaurants there occupies a prime place :).

Btw, have any of you been to this restaurant? Or if you know any other good restaurants in that area which I should check out, please do let me know. Coming back to the Dragon Chicken, this recipe is shared by the chef of Mango Tree. I wanted to add some cashew also (it's not there in the original recipe), but I forgot. May be next time.You can serve this dish as a starter/appetizer or as a side dish. It's actually good for just munching too. I just couldn't stop munching this while taking the snaps ;)

One more thing I dont have any clue how the Dragon chicken looks like (the picture wasn't there). Anyways may be when I visit there I can see it and also taste it first hand. Jose are you reading this ;)?

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50 thoughts on “Dragon Chicken”

  1. Hi Maria,
    I have tried many of your recipes and most of them came very well!But couldn’t write something so far.Sorry for that.Prepared this recipe today. It came out well!Thanks :)

  2. Hi Maria,

    Long time..How have you been..hope you are back after your vacation..

    So I made this Dragon chicken tonight for dinner..and as usual..it turned out delicious…ur recipes cant go wrong!!! it was yumm yumm…I keep checking out other food blogs at times..but somehow I keep coming back to your blog always…:) Thanks for the recipe…

    • Hi Resh,

      How are you? yeah long time.. yep, I’m back in Bahrain.

      Thanks a ton dear for being a loyal reader of MM :) Btw, the pic looks nice. I’ve shared it on FB page.

      Hope your family is doing good.

      Take care,

  3. Maria,

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes! My girlfriend Anit and I (she’s from Kerala, I’m from Kansas) have tried a few of your webpages’ suggestions–the beef cutlets and one of the chicken curries–and I was wondering: is this recipe enough for two? I have have a big appetite when it comes to Asian foods….

    Jesus loves you!

    Chris B.

    • Hi Chris,

      You are welcome :)

      Thanks for trying out the recipes from here, its nice to know that you enjoy this style of cooking. Btw, you can double the qty, next time you make Indian food :)

      Take care…


  4. Hi Maria,
    last weekend Dragon-chicken & Fried-Rice was in my menu book…… WAS AWESOME …… super super super…. all at my home liked….. really maria , if someone appreciates for what we prepared it’s so encouraging & happy for us….. all these credits goes to u…. thank u so much …. actually I’m waiting for a weekend nowadays so that i can experiment a new dish …… next Honey-Glazed chicken in my menu book….will update u…..

    • Hi Deepthi,

      First of all, I’m really sorry for the delayed reply. I missed this comment somehow & just saw it now :(

      Great to know that this recipe came out well for you…thanks for such a lovely comment. You can take credit for cooking it, after all the cook also plays a major role ;)

      Hope the honey chicken also came out well…


  5. Hello Maria,

    Last month when i went to India my sister only introduced your website to me.From that day onwards i should say there is not even a single day i haven’t surfed ur site admired ur foodie pics.They are jus so lovely.

    I have a doubt when you say the measurement as 1/2 cup do you mean 8 tbsp?? coz i read somewhere 16 tbsp makes one cup.I am planning to try this one today.

    Thanks for ur time and such a wonderful site.Keep rocking !!!!

    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you so much for visiting this space. I’m glad that you like the space.. especially the pics!

      A half cup is 8 tbsp, google says so :) btw, did you try this one?

      Please say my special thanks to your sis also for recommending our blog.

      Happy cooking :)


      • @Maria,

        sorry for the late reply.I didnt try this yet :( My husband the BOSS was not having an appetite for chicken so I made Chilly Gobi and hav left a comment on that link.Will try it soon n will let you know.

        Keep cooking n posting n inspiring

  6. Hey Maria…

    Thanks for this recipe.. Infact this name ”dragon chicken”, i heard first only a few months ago..so during our last trip to india, in our hometown (Muvattupuzha) We went to one restaurant named ‘’kabani’’, and there I saw this in the menu.. so much curious about the name, I ordered this as a starter..and there it came, the lovely chunks of chicken with loads of cashew, raisins etc..i loved the richness of the dish so much…and I still drool about it .. chalo, as u have now given the recipe, will surely try that…thanks dear

    • Hi Ligy,

      Dragon chicken was new to me also till a few months back. The recipe I got from Vanitha didnt have any cashews, but some other reader’s also mentioned adding cashew to this. It sounds great!

      Hope you will get time to try this and like it too :)


  7. Hi Maria,

    First let me thank you for the great recipes .. Nowadays any time i get stuck with ‘ what will i make today for dinner’ thought i run thorugh your blog .. It is so handy.

    I am basically from Thrissur and there is this restraurant named Spoon, they serve mouth watering Dragon Chicken , after having that i was actually looking for a good Dragon Chicken recipe , and now definitely going to try.

    Thank you very much again.


    • Hi Manju

      You are welcome dear and thank you so much for such a sweet comment.

      Hope you will like the dragon chicken recipe. Please do share your feedback if you try it.


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  9. I just couldnt resist after seeing the name!! the ingredients look very familiar – as in the indo-chinese cuisine ones..but never heard this name though. Looks pretty delicious too! I would love to make this for guests one time – what with such a powerful name and all :)

  10. Hi Maria,

    Dragon chicken looks great…. This is one of my fave, fave dishes and a common one in Chinese or Thai restaurants…. I’ve had this in Chennai and in Bangalore, and they usually add quite a lot of cashews… I’ve been searching for a recipe to this one forever, and am so happy you’ve posted this now… I will try it out and let you know if its the same as the ones I’ve had in the restaurants… Looks quite a lot the same :)

    • Hi Uma,

      Thanks dear :)

      Some other readers also mentioned that cashew is added in Dragon chicken, I forgot :(. Next time I will be def adding it. Btw, I’m happy to hear that the pic looks similar to the one you had in restaurants.

      Please try it and I really hope you like it.


  11. Sig – Thank you :). Sorry to hear about your bad meal :(. May be next time you can visit Mango Tree and compensate ;). Btw, I have no clue how that restaurant is, waiting to find out during my next visit.

    Jaseera – I’ve heard a lot about Kashi, and that’s one place I really love to go. Btw, one of my friends, Miriam also mentioned about Dal Roti, hopefully I can make it to there also. Looks like my list is becoming too big ;)

  12. dear i am also from fortkochin..if u r a coffeelover u should visit kashi cafe and dal roti for north indian food…

  13. Darn, I recently went to Fort Kochi and had a really bad meal. Should’ve checked out the Mango tree restaurant if only I’d seen this post before that. :(
    Anyway, I *love* the look of this chicken dish. Name sounds very Chinese :)

  14. y day i tried ur prawn roast nd was v hit in our house.but i didnt get dat dark brown colour.actually i tried dis recipie on seeing the colour.wen i add coconut milk started getting orange red colour.any way was v tasty.thanks a lot

    • Hi Priya,

      Thank you for trying the prawns roast. I usually roast the prawns for a longer time, till I get that dark colour.


  15. Nisha – thank you and I dont think it tastes like chicken manjurian.

    HC – please do try this and hopefully your hubby remembers the name of the restaurants :)

    Rachel – hehehe, may be you can make an exception for this ;)

    Divs – yep, its from the latest pachakam mag. Even I had to chase my pathrakaran for the copy ;) Hope you’ll make dragon cauli :)

    KS – thanks and now after hearing your friends recommendation, I thnk its a must try :)

    Yummy team – thanks guys, hope you will visit Mango Tree and have dragon chicken too ;)

    Ammu – thanks dearie, I’m sure you will like it :)

    Ancy – I love your comment :)

    Zlamushka – thanks dear. Hope you will like it. Btw, how are you? long time…

    Miriam – yeah Dileep has 2 restaurants. Btw, u can make it with chkn breasts, so it’s an ideal recipe for Banglore cooking ;) and hey thanks for suggesting that restaurant :)

    Ann – This recipe is from Vanitha Pachakam magazine. Its a cooking mag n not the usual vanitha. It’s so true.what yu have said abt the holidays, it’s same for us too :( I havent heard abt Menorah, actually its been ages I’ve been to that side :(

  16. I saw Dileep’s restaurant in the latest Vanitha, but didn’t see any recipes from it. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t been to Fort Kochi either, we get so caught up in our little vacations, btw family visiting, weddings and the inevitable SHOPPING that we always fail to unearth the little gems of resturants there. I heard of a place called Menorah which serves Jewish cuisine, I thought that was in Fort Kochi too….?

  17. the picture makes the dish look spicy n’ really nice…i have to give it try….i didn’t know Dileep owned a restaurant, had only heard about Mohanlal’s restaurant….have you been to this restaurant named “daal roti” near the jew town….jew town is in fort cochin rite? we had been to this place during our last vacation n’ really liked it…just the feel of the place is so nice…will have to check out ‘mango tree’ next time we got there…:)

  18. Maria

    looks great…wanna try this out soon…just a doubt…by tomato sauce do u mean tomato ketchup or tomato paste?


  19. Hi Maria…
    Got to know abt tur cooking blog through my good friend Smitha…

    I jus saw abt the dragon chicken.. it looks nice, although i have tried the same from the keralite restaurants here in Bahrain , and they have cashews in it and the only difference in the looks i figured out was its much more darker in colour as the pic on ur blog looks lighter, …
    Looking forward to more exciting receipes

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Najla,

      Thanks for visiting :)

      I didnt know this was available in the Mallu restaurants here. Which restaurant were you referring to? May be because we check out mostly the nadan stuff in their menus :)

      Btw, from your mail id, I gather you are working with Bahrain E&Y. I used to work there years ago :)

      Please do convey my special thanks to Smitha for the referral :)


      • @Maria,
        yeah working with EY since 3 years now ,wen were u in EY and wat position were u holding
        i have tried dragon chicken from Blue moon restaurant, initially wen they were open and this was one of there speciality dishes and i was excited to try it out since it sounds very fancy.. but shuld admit it wasnt dat gr8…..

        • Hi Najla,

          I worked there 5 years ago in HR dept. I was there only for a short period of time.

          I remember trying a dish called Pentagon chicken from Bluemoon, when it was known as India Garden. It was good but very very spicy. Havent been to that place after they have changed the name.

          Anyways, nice meeting you here :)


  20. Fantastic picture, Maria..Dragon chicken looks absolutely delicious!! I will definitely visit Mango Tree restaurant on my very next trip :)

  21. Hey Maria..

    Dragon chicken sounds intersting!!

    Even we heard that Mango tree is famous for this special chicken from our friends who visited there.

    We are sure yours tastes as good as it looks,
    Great space you host here friend…

    Kairali sisters

  22. Maria..did you get the latest Pachakam edition with Dileep on the cover?It is supposed to have recipes from his restaurant.I am still searching for it..:):).

    I have seen Dragon Chicken here,in Chinese restaurants and it looks very close to your interpretation.In fact,it has cashews too..:):).I prefer the vegetarian version,Dragon Cauliflower..:):)

  23. We go very often to FortCochin when hubby is home iwill ask him the names of theplaces we go as i am bad in remembering the names.
    Sometimes we just take the boat from EKM till Fort cohin just to spend the time in the harbour and then have coffee somewere there and tack the boat back :-)
    I too read about thisplace in vanitha few months back.
    I am so gonna make this chicken.

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