Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Evening tea with a few cookies is a ritual of mine. If I've just a cup of tea without any cookies, it doesn't feel quite right. I think I picked up that habit during my PG days in Bangalore. I wasn't a big fan of the food they served in college canteen and my only option was a small cup of Nescafe with a packet of Parle-G biscuits.

It's been sometime I've baked cookies at home. I keep searching for Cookie recipes and often I end up with Chocolate Chip Cookies. Recently I bought Coconut Oats Cookies and we both liked it. I started looking out for Oats Coconut cookies and this is the result.

What I liked most about these cookies is the combination of Oats and Coconut with a hint of Cardamom. I'm not sure whether it's the coconut or the cardamom or the Cashew, the cookie kinda tasted Indian to me in flavours :)

Hope you will also enjoy this recipe..

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  • Hi Maria – Trying this recipe for first time… in your recipe you mention adding coconut twice. So 50% is added at first stage & 50% at later stage?

    • Hi Shikha,

      Sorry, that was a mistake in the recipe. I’ve corrected it now. Coconut is added only once in the end along with cashew. Thanks for pointing it out.


  • Can we substitute 1/4th cup cooking oil instead of the egg? For an eggless version..alot of baking websites on the internet say we can substitute with vegetable oil.. any idea?

  • Hi Maria, I am John. I tried this recipe. it turned out reallly good. Thanks for sharing. I have a recipe request. Can you please share the recipe for making masala biscuit or erivulla biscuit ( round shaped and brown in color) , pineapple biscuit or banana biscuit (shape of a cashew nut and yellow in color). These two are very popular in all the bakeries in kerala.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks a lo for trying out this recipe. Happy to hear that it turned out well.

      I havent tried any of the recipes you’ve mentioned. However if I happen to try them and if it works out well, I’ll share it here :)


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