Tomato Souffle

How are you? It's been sometime right….I was a bit busy over the past few days. Now I'm getting back to my usual lazy routine ;)

About this recipe….let me tell you something, I always associated the word “souffle” with sweet puddings. Pineapple souffle is one of the dessert that makes a frequent appearance in party menu back home. When I saw this recipe in AWW ( I'm a big fan of their recipes) I was a bit curious to find out how it tastes like. I've never tasted a savoury souffle before. I looked at the recipe and it was an easy one. The only ingredient that I didnt have at home was tomato paste, rest is the normal everyday stuff that I use.

So one of those days when I wasnt in a mood to make choru (rice) n curry, I decided to experiment. I was pretty sure that Jose will like it, because he is a fan of anything that has eggs n cheese. But let me be honest, when I gave this to Jose initially, I had to assure him ‘n' number of times that it tastes nice. Towards the end he was complaining that I didnt make enough, now how's that :)??

If you have all the ingredients ready, then it takes no time to whip this up. We had it as a main meal with some toasted garlic bread. It was a welcome change from our usual Kerala lunch menu….

DSC 56082
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Check out the tomato souffle made by BharathySwapna's Tomato SouffleFaiza's Tomato Souffle based on the above recipe, for the Sweet punch challenge. Thanks a lot Bharathy, Swapna & Faiza :)

Click Here For Recipe…

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35 thoughts on “Tomato Souffle”

  1. Hey Maria…Last week we were having some guests at our place and I wanted to make something different and easy to make…so tried out this one again…And your recipes have never turned me down…everyone liked it a lot….This time I wanted to take a pic of the souffle…but my hubby darling was so impatient that he attacked on the dish before I could take a proper pic…I had to shoo him away to take a pic finally..heheh…

    • Hi Resh,

      Thanks for reminding me about this recipe, I actually kinda forgot about it ;)

      Great to know that it was appreciated by your guests!


  2. Hi Maria,

    Tried out this one last night for was yummmmmm….Even my one year old son loved it…:) :) :)

    • Hi Deelight,

      I use store bought tomato paste for this recipe. It has a very thick consistency. I’m not sure its same as tomatoes ground in a mixie.


  3. Hey Maria, Is it possible to steam this dish instead of baking it? I have yet to purchase an oven, but the recipe looks so good !

    • Hi Shilpa,

      I’m sorry dear, I havent tried steaming it yet. However this souffle has the consistency of a steamed pudding. May be you can try it with a small qty and see whether it works.


    • Hi Shilpa,

      I’m sorry dear, I havent tried steaming it yet. However this souffle has the consistency of a steamed pudding. May be you can try it with a small qty and see whether it works.


  4. Hi Maria, Tried this…But made a big blunder. Used blanched pureed tomatoes instead of tomato paste. I initially thought it would become alright after baking but was a little bland. I had added oregano just for flavour also. The texture of the souffle came perfect though. Also one more thing, it felt the bread crumbs base was too much or it because the dish required more baking time? thanks..

    • Hi Gayathri,

      Thanks for trying this recipe. In this particular recipe, you need to use tomato paste itself for the flavor, dont worry, next time you can do that :)

      If you felt the bread crumbs base was too much, you can reduce the qty. The baking time of the souffle mainly depends on how much the tomato part is cooked, bread crumbs doesnt have any role in that…


  5. wow this looks amazing,sure it was a nice break from the routine food.Tomorrow Im going to make corriander chicken from your blog,will let ypu know how it turned out.

  6. hi
    s maria i think
    i made a mistake with egg whites
    as i am new to baking
    i had a doubt abt the consistency of the egg whites
    i used a fork to beat them and it was watery
    i think that was the problem
    anyways thank u
    ill try to improvise the recipe
    ur blog is such a treat for learners

    • Hi Siji,

      I guess that’s the reason…next time try beating egg whites till it forms a soft peak. Do a google serach for egg white soft peak images and you can see the consistency. Hope it comes out well next time.

      It’s great to know that you fins this space helpful & thanks again :)

      All the best!!

      Happy cooking :)


  7. i made this today
    It was good
    but the inside didnt resemble the same as the pic
    it was like a scrambled egg
    have i made it wrong

    • Hi Siji,

      Thank you for trying this.

      I’m not sure why the inside was like that, however I’m guessing the following reasons:

      1. The egg whites werent beaten well, beaten egg whites should form a soft peak and it should not be watery at all.

      2. The beaten egg whites werent folded in correctly. You have to fold in the egg whites in such a way, that no more white streaks of egg whites are visible.

      3. May be it was undercooked. Though I’ve mentioned 20-25 mins, the baking time may vary for diff ovens and it also depends on the size of the baking dish.

      If you have done correctly the above 3 steps and yet the consistency wasnt correct, I’m sorry… I’m clueless why it happened :(


  8. hey maria..did u try tht dosa mix with bread??anywyz i tried a somewhat similar one like this receipe but with rice as the first layer and it came out gud!
    also maria suggst me a simple cup cake receipe of yours becoz i hv tried mst of your cakes and all f them hav cum out gud!
    thanx maria god bless!

      • Hi Maria

        I just made this half an hour back … it came out sooooo well … and I just couldn’t help digging into it … its DELICIOUS .. and sooo light … am feeling so glad … i made it ..
        The only thing is “I feel” … that it has to be made 5-10 minutes before serving, ’cause it had fluffed up so well .. and now after 40 minutes … its gone down a bit .. taste is still fab. no doubt on that … (am waiting for my husband and kid to come for lunch).
        And also I wanted to ask u .. that should we fill the batter till the brim ?? I did it like that .. and it came out a bit … but it looked beautiful … Thanks a ton Maria …

        • Hi Bindu,

          I’m so glad dear that you n your family liked it very much. I think it’s better not to fill up to the brim, because once its done, it tends to rise. Also, it’s ideal to serve it straight out of the oven, for taste n appearance sake.

          Thank you so much fro trying this and also for leaving a comment here :)


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