Spinach Mushroom Quesadilla

Well, we are meeting after a small gap. I'm not sure whether you noticed that it's being sometime since I've posted a new recipe, in fact I do like to believe that you noticed ;). Anyways, we were away on a trip.

Though the trip was only for a week or so, the prefix part of anticipating the trip, packing etc; and the suffix part of unpacking and getting back into routine, made the entire trip look longer! Not to mention that we missed one of our connecting flights on our way back and got delayed by almost a day!!

However, I didn't figure this much gap in posting a recipe. I kept this recipe ready in my drafts except for the introduction part. The thing is after getting the recipe part and pictures ready, I think about an introduction and write it in one go or just write down the gist of it, so that I can write it when I’m in the mood to think clearly and write. Yeah, I like to consider myself a thought provoking or soul searching kinda writer, can't help it ;)

What happened here is, I was under the impression that I wrote down the gist for the post, but when I opened it later, I couldn't find anything. Since I got busy during the trip, I thought I'd figure it out once I'm back.

It's almost a week after the trip and for the life of me, I can't remember what I was supposed to write. I tried rewinding the whole process in my mind several times and nothing. Actually, the very act of trying to remember is giving me headache now! So, I finally reached a conclusion: if I can't remember it even after trying so hard, maybe it wasn't worth sharing it with you. I think we will leave that conversation here.

Coming to our recipe, I always thought Quesadilla was a dinner or a snack kind of food. It never occurred to me that it can also be a breakfast or a brunch. It kinda happened accidentally. Let's just say, it turned out to be a happy accident. The whole thing started off as a Cheese Omelet in my head but the end result turned out to be this wonderful idea. It's very easy to put together, kinda healthy (well it agrees with my definition of healthy food), it's filling and a change from the regular breakfast stuff.  I think this is one of those recipes which is ideal for any time of the day and I'm sure it will be a hit with both kids and adults.

Why don't you grab some tacos during your next grocery shopping and try out this one? I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

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