Potato With Pepper and Cumin

What I like most about this recipe is that, there is no slicing or chopping involved. There are no onions, no ginger, no garlic, no green chilli to be sliced or chopped. Dont get me wrong, I like cooking, but at times, I wish I could skip the whole part of slicing and chopping, especially when the onions make me cry. But when it comes to my style of cooking, it's kinda impossible not to cook with onions, that I sometimes wonder whether my whole life will be stuck in kitchen slicing the onions. That mostly happens on the days that I allot for self pitying ;)

So when I saw this recipe, I was eager to try it out. It's a pretty straight forward, no frill recipe. You can classify it as a comfort food kind of dish. After all potatoes cooked in ghee, cant go wrong, right? We had it with some coconut rice (recipe coming soon) and it paired well. Also, in the past, I've got requests for some recipes without onion and garlic and this is one such recipe.

If you are lazy to cook and feel guilty to order from outside, look no further, this recipe is for you. It cant get simpler than this. Do I need to say more?

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19 thoughts on “Potato With Pepper and Cumin”

  1. Hi maria,

    I’ve been married for six months now and I use your blog almost everyday ever since i stumbled upon it. Hardly knew any cooking, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments for my cooking after trying out some of your recipes. Especially the chicken stew.

    But that’s not why I’m writing to you, you say you hate chopping? So do I! Who likes chopping anyway? I love cooking but chopping makes life so much more complicated than it has to be… anyway, i got an electric chopper in December as a Christmas present and I dunno how anybody else survives without one. I have the Croma brand one. It’s especially good for onions :) You should consider getting one too. You’re a great cook.

  2. Dear Maria,
    Today was one of those days when I felt so tired & drained. And I stumbled upon this humble recipe! You made my day again Maria! I never in my wildest dream ever thought that a simple recipe like this can taste so good! A big thank you!
    Now I might feel lazy often! ;)

    Linz… :)

  3. Hi Maria, ur site has been very helpful for me .. a malayalee recently married and settled in the UK. 

    When you cook the potatoes.. do you need to boil them till they become mush or just half-cook them? Also, do you think this recipe can be applied to any other veg dish.. just wondering.. 

    Cheers :)


    • Hi Maryann,

      Wish you a happy and blessed married life! Nice to know that you found this space helpful, thanks dear :)

      For this recipes, the potatoes have to be cooked, but not mushy. It should still retain its shape. Hope you understand. hhmmm, may be you can try cauliflower also this way.


  4. Hey Maria..

    How u doing??this is jus a lovely simple yet delicious dish..I jus loved making it..thank u dearieee…keep rocking:)

  5. Sounds yummy yum! I’m a potato freak and this is manna from heaven! Thanks a heap, Maria! I prepare a dish with baby potatoes that’s ridiculously simple and very very tasty. Will you be interested in the recipe of the ‘magic powder’ that’s used to make this dish? 

      • Sorry for the delay, Maria! I think my ‘magic powder’ is almost the same as the ingredients in your recipe. Almost. 
         Here goes: 4-5 dried red chillies/ 1 tsp jeera/ half tsp saunf/ quarter tsp fenugreek seeds/ 1-2 tsp pepper. Roast lightly everything except the pepper. Grind coarsely the roasted items plus the pepper..
         I use baby potatoes as they’re available around the year here in Chennai.
         Method: You’ll need half a kilo of these potatoes. Half boil the potatoes with a pinch of salt. Do not take off the jackets of the potatoes. Cut each of them into half. In a ‘kadai’ add a little oil and lightly fry the potatoes. Add the ‘magic powder’ stir well. Add salt stir well again. Take it off the stove. I add one finely chopped raw onion, and finely chopped coriander leaves before serving. Voila!  It’s ready! Makes a pleasant change from the ‘thorans’ and ‘mezhukku varattees’.

        • Hi Mani,

          No worries :) Thanks a ton for sharing your magic powder recipe here. I’m sure the readers of MariasMenu, will be happy to try this.

          I’ll also try this sometime, it sounds great!


  6. hi maria nice recipe…especially when we r lazy to cook…can u please tell how to cook potato on stove top..that is something interesting for me in this..will update the  results within two days

    • Hi Sini,

      how are you? yeah it’s a good recipe for a lazy day in the kitchen. I cut the potatoes into small cubes and add water, enough, to cover the potatoes and cook it with salt.

      Hope you will like this.



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