Lemon and Yogurt Pancake

So the other day I woke up with a weird craving… I wanted to eat something that looks pretty! Ok, that didnt sound too shallow inside my head.. well, the mind wants what it wants right? It happened on one of those days when we got up around 11.30-12 in the afternoon. Remember we were on vacation? While my internal debate was going on about what kind of pretty food I should eat, there was someone who was sitting next to me impatiently, ready to eat anything edible, pretty or not.

When I think of pretty food, the first thing that comes to my mind is desserts, but I didnt feel like eating sweets. The pressure started building since the impatient man's tolerance level started dropping. If anything I've learnt over the years, there is only a very fine line that separates a hungry man from an angry man. Suddenly a plate of stacked pancakes appeared in my mind from no where. See, a little bit of pressure is always good for you..

Anyways, once I decided what to make, everything went on smoothly. It not only looked pretty, tasted great too. Well, I'm sure this will be featured regularly in our breakfast menu. It's super easy to put together, ingredients are easily available, great texture and not to forget easy on eyes too ;)

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7 thoughts on “Lemon and Yogurt Pancake”

  1. My 1 year old son absolutely loved these! He had three for breakfast! And there’s no praise more honest than a toddler’s!!


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