Kerala Olan – Onam Recipe

I was on a mission to try some sadya recipes at home and decided to make Olan. I went through the recipe, made a list of things to buy. That's when I realised I've never bought Ash gourd (kumbalanga) before. So while I was at the shop, just to make sure, I'm getting the right thing, I decided to check with the salesman. I went and asked him (he is a Malayalee) ” chetta, do you make olan with this?” Now the strange thing is, he heard it as “how do you make olan with this?”! Before I could correct him, he started going around the shop, asking other customers for the Olan recipe. I should say, it was a sight to watch.. with kumbalanga on one hand, he kept on asking people for Olan recipe, all the while pointing to me saying  “aa kochinu vendiya” (it's for that girl)! hhmmm… I wish I knew the vanishing act!

After all the drama in the shop, I finally got around to making it and it came out pretty decent too :)

So how's your Onam preparations coming along? Planning to make a full fledged sadya at home?

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