Its been three years that am living in Bahrain and this is the first time am trying an Arabic dish at home. We usually have Arabic food on weekends and I always have pita bread and some spreads like hummus, moutabel etc; My husband always asks me why I have the same dish again n again and the answer is I don't know why…but I just love these spreads and hey its healthy too :) . So when I wanted to try Arabic dish I decided to go with hummus. I am not sure whether this is the authentic recipe , but it came out well for me. Hope you will also like it.

Here is the recipe….

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Course: Appetiser, Dip, Starter
Cuisine: Arabic, Mediterranian, Middle Eastern
Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 1 cup Dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • 1/4 cup Tahini
  • 1/4 cup Lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup Olive oil
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 1 tsp Cumin powder
  • 1/2 tsp Chili powder
  • Salt


  • Soak the chickpeas in water overnight. Cook the chickpeas till it is done. Let it cool. Reserve a bit of cooking water. In a food processor combine all the ingredients except cumin and chilli powder. If the mixture is too thick add reserved cooking water and adjust the consistency. Its usually made in a paste form and not watery, hence adjust the texture accordingly. Sprinkle cumin and chili powder on top and drizzle some olive oil. Serve with warm pita bread.
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30 thoughts on “Hummus”

  1. Hi Maria,

    In this recipe did you make tahini paste home or you bought it from supermarket???

  2. Hey Maria,

    Today, I prepared the Hummus recipe n it came out very well.. I just love Hummus..

    I have also tried few oder dishes & they were nice.. Love the way you present your recipes with the photos..

    Keep posting new recipes !!! Great work :)

    Best Regards,

    Linda Mary Robin

  3. Hey Maria,

    Thanks a lot for this recipe.. I just love Hummus.. Prepared this today n it came out well :) I have also tried few other veg dishes & they were also tasty.. I should say your presentations are awesome & tempting!!! Keep posting new recipes & we shall keep trying them :)

    Best Regards,

  4. Today I happened to see this hummus recipe, we usually prepare the hummus at home adding 1/4 cup of dry roasted peanuts and 2-3 Tbsp of yogurt with all other ingredients mentioned above (may be you can reduce the olive oil a bit), it tastes heavenly.. :) I’ve tried many recipes from your blog and Egg Sandwich and Citrus Tea Cakes are few among our favorites. Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

    • Hi Ayana,

      Thanks for sharing the tips about adding peanuts & yogurt to hummus. I like the taste of peanuts, so I think it will definitely enhance the taste of hummus :) Nice to know that you have tried recipes from here & liked them too.

      Thanks again for the comment!


  5. hi i m also a great lover of arabic food .i was always searching for a good hummos i think this is the perfect one.looks awesome…….can u please give the recipe of garlic paste also.

    • Hi Fathima,

      Thank you :) Did you get a chance to try this? if so, please share your feedback.

      By garlic paste you mean some kind of dip??


      • @Maria, hi maria,
        i tried hummus with homemade tahini.but i didnt get the taste which we get in restaurants.i used roasted white sesame seeds and ground it with olive oil.what could be wrong?

        • Hi Fathima,

          I’ve used only store bought tahini so far. I’m not sure whether the homemade n store bought tastes different.

          If you happen to try it again, try using ready made tahini and see whether the taste is different. Hope it comes out well next time…


  6. Hey Maria,

    Im the new to the site and new to cooking really. I just started getting interested after I decided to get married to a wonderful person who loves to eat sumthing new everyday. Hes not into veges at all…but knowing very well how important that is I want to try yummy vege dishes too…I love the Vegetable stew recipe…I absolutley love the fact that all ur recipes have this ‘With Lov from Mum’ touch in it…I needed baisc keralite recipes like avial and sambar, etc…Hopeing to c recipes for appam,iddiappam,masala dosa…they say yea…the way to mans heart is through his stomach…so Thats me learning first hand cooking from ur site…want to thank and appreciate ur sincere efforts to pass on wisdom to others like me…lov n prayers

    • Hi Nimi,

      Thank you so much :)

      Wish you both a beautiful married life! I should say “wonderful person” in your life is also a lucky man to have you :)

      I’ve posted aviyal , sambar and appam recipes…please give a search in the site n you can find them.

      Once again best wishes…

      Happy cooking :)


  7. thanx sooooo much maria I was searching for this one I asked my friends they do not know how is it made.Anyway how are u doing?I am new to this site.

    • Hi jiji

      I’m doing good :). Please try out the hummus recipe and share your feedback too.

      Please do check out other recipes also when you have time.

      Hope to see you here often :)


  8. I would not worry if it is authentic or not; in Lebanon, we never put cumin in hummus; but hey, people allover the world have adopted hummus and put whatever they like in it! Love your version and the photo and your effort!

  9. i come from the middle east,i read yur recipe on hummus &liked it,can u tell me if u get this tahini to buy fmr any of the outlets.

    i havent made it yet of this tahini confusion

    • Hi Jeena,

      From your mail, I understand you live in ME. Tahini is available in all supermarkets. You can check out in the canned food section.


    • Hi Smitha,

      I havent tried making rasam without rasam powder, so I dont have a recipe for that.

      If I make it in future, I will post it here.


  10. I’ve developed a liking to hummus and make my own now. I make a version with roasted red peppers which is on my blog, if you are interested.
    BTW, I have the same set of Corelle plates. :-)

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