Dahi Puri With Sev And Batata (Indian Street Food)

Do you remember, last week when I told you about buying  large qty of  ingredients and binning most of it? Well, it happens in the case of this particular recipe. I rarely make chaat at home. Coming to think of it, we don't eat it from outside also often, hhmm… Surprising, since both of us like chaat. I think the reason is somehow our minds fail to recall it  and because of that we dont crave for it. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. I think it's very true in today's scenario, where you are constantly fed with tons of information in the form of pics, videos, articles etc; knowingly or unknowingly. Sometime ago, I read an article about “leading a life without internet for 25 days”. You can read it here.

I was really surprised to find out how much my life depended on the internet. We had a blackout recently and I was completely lost for a min! Blackouts are a very rare occurrence here. I was hoping for the power to be back on soon, but it felt like ages. I grew restless and to add salt to the wound, my mobile battery drained out! After a few mins of panicking, I decided to face the “powerless” situation. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat near the window, just watching the world go by. It took me sometime to stop being restless and calm myself. “Being in present moment” is something I find very difficult, say if I'm going for a head massage, rather than enjoying the massage, I'll be worrying about it getting over soon or if I'm listening to a playlist, rather than enjoying the current song, I'll think about the next song to come, ggrrr :(( Have you ever felt like that?

Anyways, where were we… yep, chaat. So like I said, even though I make this very rarely, I buy and keep the small puris like it's going out of stock! If you make and keep the sweet chutney ready, you can make this in no time, if you've all the ingredients available. This is my fav chaat item. When I say it's my fav, I mean it.

Once when we went to Sanjeev Kapoor's restaurant here, we went for buffet instead of al a carte. I'm not a buffet person at all, but that day since the rest of the gang were in a mood for a buffet, I joined them. At the risk of sounding like a weird kinda person.. let me tell you.. all I had that day was dahi puri from the whole spread, that too under the death glares shooting from a particular pair of eyes ;) Sometimes it drives Jose crazy when I put on an unusual show… so now I'm confused! Did I have dahi puri that day out of love for puri or simply to irk him ;) Well, one thing for sure, I didnt even bother to taste anything else, so let's assume it must be because of my love for dahi puri.

To enjoy the dahi puri to the maximum, you need to get the whole flavour in one bite. The sweetness and tanginess of Tamarind sauce, spiciness from the green chutney, softness from the potato, the coolness from the yogurt and the crunch of the puri. It's like a flavour explosion inside your mouth!

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5 thoughts on “Dahi Puri With Sev And Batata (Indian Street Food)”

  1. Maria,
    Just by the magic of your words i really got a feel of tasting those yummy dahi puris, especially the last paragraph….
    keep writing… be smiling… be crazy always….. :)

  2. Maria,
    enteyum fav dahi puri aanu. njaan adhyamaayittanu ivide comment cheyyunne..
    Maria de chila recipes e njan try cheythittullu.. pakshe ella post um vaayikkum.. enikku Maria de simple, honest style of writing valare ishtamaanu. pinne parayunna kaaryangalum.. Kuttikal illatha kaaryam paranja aa post aanuu ennum ente manassil Maria ye kurichorkkumbol.. sincerely i wish for a child 4 u.. that post really choked me.. njanum similar situationil ude kadannu poya aalayittano ennenikkariyilla .. pinne being present in the moment… enikku oru cinema kaanumbol athu kazhiyumallo enna cintha athu thudangumbol thanne undaakarundu.. pinne paatinte kaaryam.. oru pattu ishtamaanenkil athu maatram playlist il ittu loop cheythu kettaal ella paattum kelkkan pattillenkilum aa pattu enjoy cheyyamalllo….. :)

    • Hi Chichu,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to write to me and also for your wishes.

      Really good to know that you read the posts here regularly. Yeah I also think the same way sometimes when we go for movie ;)

      You take care,

  3. Nice Recipe!!!!
    The taste was awesome
    but it get more tasty when i added “SPYRAN CHAT MASALA”.
    have a visit on spyranretail.blogspot.com it has lots of healthy and tasty recipe like your’s.


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