Thakkali (Tomato) Rasam

Have I told you before that my brother and myself, got married around the same time? Yep, within a gap of two weeks. So during that time, me and Divs (my SIL), used to call each other every now and then to share our wedding preparations. We used to discuss at length all the wedding related things, mostly shopping and stuff. One day, during our usual discussion she told me that she started doing some cooking experiments and made Rasam. Her cooking experiment had a lightning effect on me… the panic button in my system automatically switched on! The thing was.. cooking never fitted into my “happily ever after” frame!

I frantically ran around the house searching for an old diary, got one and went straight to my aunt's place. In one go I wrote down around 10 recipes and then… I started to breath normally. That was my induction training in cooking. Later I figured a way to fit cooking into my “happily ever after” frame. If I'm doing the cooking, I'll have my own kitchen, so if I've my own kitchen, I get to decide what all things should be there. That means… I get to shop, see now it fitted perfectly into my scheme of things ;)

Anyways, coming back to that Rasam recipe, Divs was happy to share it here. It's a bit different from the normal Rasam recipes I had. This recipe has a punch to it and I like it. The other thing I like about this recipe is it doesnt use any Rasam powder and also it doesnt need any lentil stock (parippu vellam). It can be prepared in a jiffy and it gives a spicy kick too…

Click Here For Recipe…

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