Mutton Pepper Fry

Well, for a change, I'll spare you from listening to my stories, what say ;) ?

Bookmarked this recipe sometime ago and finally tried it  last week. It was exactly what I expected, a spicy dish loaded with amazing flavour! I hope you will also enjoy it.

Pepper Mutton
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Here you go with the recipe

Recipe adapted from “The Epicure Cookbook” by Ummi Abdulla

Pepper Mutton
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Mutton Pepper Fry

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Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose


  • 500 gms Mutton (cut into small-medium size pieces)
  • 2 tsp Whole black pepper
  • 2 Green chilli
  • 1 tbsp Ginger & garlic chopped
  • 2-3 tbsp Coriander leaves chopped
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 2 big Onion (sliced finely)
  • 2 – 2.5 tsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp Garam masala
  • 1/2 tsp Fennel
  • 1 small – medium Tomato (sliced)
  • 1 cup Water
  • Curry leaves
  • Salt
  • Oil (I used coconut oil)


  • Grind together whole black pepper, green chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander leaves with 2 tbsp water to a fine paste. Add this ground masala, lemon juice and salt to cleaned mutton pieces. Marinate it for half an hour to one hour.
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  • Heat oil in the pressure cooker. Add sliced onions and cook till it becomes golden brown. Add all the masala powders. Mix well. Add a little water (1 tbsp) to mix everything well.
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  • When oil starts appearing, add tomato, salt (keep in mind that salt is already added to mutton) and curry leaves. Mix well. After 3-4 mins, add marinated mutton pieces. Mix well.
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  • Add 1 cup water, let it boil. Pressure cook till the mutton is done.
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  • If there is any gravy, continue cooking, so that the water dries up and mutton is covered with masala. Garnish with freshly ground pepper and onion rings.
  • Serve it with rice, roti, pathiri etc;


This curry has a dry consistency. But I made a semi dry version. You can adjust the gravy to suit your taste. The more you roast on low flame, the more darker the mutton will be. It will be great if you can marinate mutton for 1-2 hours.
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37 thoughts on “Mutton Pepper Fry”

  1. Hi Maria,
    Thanks a lot for the whole lot of wonderful recipes you share with us. I tried this one yesterday and it came out so very well. Evryone in the family appreciated it. Your blog is becoming a go-to place for us for most special occassisons now. Keep posting… and thanks for the brilliant compilation…

    • Hi Soumya,

      You are welcome :) I’m really happy that you liked this recipe. This is one of our fav mutton recipes. I’m glad your family also enjoyed this dish.

      Thanks a lot for the comment!


  2. Hi Maria,
    This is the first time I’m gonna cook mutton. It’s my hubby’s birthday next week. And he loves mutton. I don’t eat mutton. So I might not be able to check whether it’s cooked or not. Could u plz tell me how long did u cook in the pressure cooker.( how many whistles).

    Thanks a ton…

    • Hi Nisha,

      The cooking time for mutton varies. I use Indian mutton, after the first whistle on full flame, I reduce it to low-medium flame and cook for 8-10 whistles. Keep it closed till pressure drops and open it.

      If you want to know whether the mutton is cooked, take a piece and try to cut it with knife, if you are able to cut it easily, it’s cooked, if not cook further.

      Hope your husband enjoys this dish.

      Happy cooking and all the best :)


    • Hi Pearly,

      I havent cooked mutton without pressure cooker, also it varies depending on the variety you use. However try cooking for 25 – 30 mins on low flame and see how it goes.


  3. Hi Maria,

    Thank you this recipe. Try today and it is turned out soo tasty.

    I tried here to upload my pic but its now working. so am sharing my clicks in ur Fb page

  4. Thanks Maria- tried this yesterday and the mutton turned out real juicy and bursting with flavor- major hit with my sister :)- Sudhan

  5. Maria I love yr stories. They make me enjoy the recipes
    more coz they aren’t dished out by a cold robot machine bt a real life person that has a family she loves & enjoys cooking for . Just like me. So Pliz don’t make me feel cheated.
    Yr recipes hv made me a star among friends and family.
    Now the term wonderful.,delicious , wow can be connected to my cooking(much to my mothers amazement & shock).
    And I started reading yr recipes coz of the stories …..

    • Hi Diana,

      Thank you very much for your comment dear :) I always wonder … whether anybody is interested in reading my stories at all, so really happy to know that you enjoy reading them :)

      I’m really thrilled to know that your family enjoys the recipes posted here. Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed new year!


  6. Hey Maria,
    Great recipes. The first dish i cooked in my life is the kerala beef fry and the 2nd dish was the mutton pepper fry. Both turned out great and am thankful to u. My wife who is a great cook was extremely impressed by my cooking;)



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