Chemmeen Ularthiyathu

When Amma asks me what I want special on reaching home, this dish is always on the top of my list  (btw, I dont know whether it can be called a list, because my cravings are endless ;) ). Now when I say Amma asks, don't misunderstand that she is cooking …..hhmm she doesn't cook much …I mean she cooks, but only once in a while. She doesn't have a knack for cooking or should I say …the art of cooking doesn't fascinate her as much as it does me ;). So our home cooking is outsourced to sarasa chechy, our maid. She cooks really well and this is her recipe. But there are certain dishes which I like the best when amma makes it …like parippu payasam, orotti, bombay toast etc; (more on these in another post)

Though Amma doesn't cook much, she encourages my cooking and gives expert advice  ;) and hey she does marketing  for my blog too…she promotes my blog among her friends & colleagues, I guess that's how she compensates for her cooking skills :)

A few days back, I had a craving for this dish. I called home and asked sarasa chechy the recipe. Since I called out of the blue, she was very confused and nervous while telling me the recipe but finally  Amma came to her rescue… and in the end I was confused :). The person who knows the recipe (Sarasa chechy) is confused and cant explain, and the person who doesnt know (my Amma) is explaining with  confidence saying” di.. nee athu korachitto, venamenkil ethum koodi kurachu etto” ;)  Anyways I figured it somehow and, I was happy with the outcome.

Please check out the picture of Prawns Olathiyathu, made by Bindhu, based on the above recipe. Thanks dear :)

Chemmeen Olathiyathu
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Here is the recipe:

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Chemmeen/Prawns/Shrimp Olathiyathu

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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Indian, Kerala, South Indian
Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 250 gms Prawns (measured after cleaning)
  • 1 tbsp each Crushed Ginger & garlic
  • 1/2 – 1 tbsp Chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tbsp Coriander powder (optional, refer notes)
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp Garam masala (optional, refer notes)
  • 2-3 small pieces Kokum (kudam puli) ( soaked in water for around 10 minutes)
  • 1/4 cup Thengakothu (tiny coconut pieces) ( (you can add more if you like))
  • 2 medium Onions (sliced finely)
  • 5 Small onion / Pearl onion (sliced thinly)
  • Salt
  • Curry leaves
  • Coconut oil


  • Wash and clean the prawns. Add half of the ginger & garlic, chilli powder (half of it) & turmeric powder, kokum, thengakothu, salt & curry leaves to the prawns. Mix well using your hands. Add water and cook till it is done, make sure that prawns are not over cooked. Drain the excess water.
  • Heat oil in a pan and add finely sliced small onion and fry till it becomes golden brown. Add remaining ginger & garlic, curry leaves & onion. Saute till the onion becomes light brown. Add the remaining chilli powder, coriander powder & garam masala (if using) and fry till the raw smell goes and oil starts appearing. Add cooked prawns & salt (since prawns is already cooked with salt, adjust the salt for the gravy accordingly). Mix well and add 2-3 tbsp of water. Cook it till the water is dried and prawns are well coated with masala. I like the prawns to be roasted well, so I keep it for around 10-12minutes on low flame, by stirring it in between. Serve with rice or roti.


The original recipe does not use coriander powder & garam masala. Since I like it spicy, I added it. So you can use it as per your taste.
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152 thoughts on “Chemmeen Ularthiyathu”

  1. ooooh my goodness… this is the first time am trying a prawns recipe which is completely keralite…. and …its awesome… i have followed maria chechy’s recipe numerous times… but this was something else… dont know how to thank you …. god bless…..

  2. Hi Ress,

    That’s what I’m also thinking… how could you do that, forget MM ;)

    Anyways, I’m so happy that you remembered this place. Great to know that you tried the Chicken recipes and also liked Prawns recipe.

    Thank you so much dear for taking time to leave a comment here.

    Btw, pls try not to forget this small space :)


    • Nope. Certainly not in the habit of making the same mistake àgain. Now when I need to cook something I search here first and from that experience I tell you, this is no small space you have created. This place is one big home!

  3. Hi Maria … I have made this chemeen olathiyathu the other day and my hubby luved it soo much that he’s been asking me to make it over and over again. So here am again to fulfil his wish ( as i have poor memory to remember the recipe). And btw whenever I search for anything in google your page comes up first, so I thought to bookmark this page and search in this instead of searching in google :). Please do include semiya upma recipe. Appreciate your hardwork. I do believe that ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ :D. Thanks for making my man happy.

  4. This prawns recipe is really mouth watering.niwadays lots of prawns in manama arket.cant wait to get my hands on it

  5. Hi Maria,
    I will be trying out this recipe but wld like to know if this goes well with appam.

    Sonia flory

  6. Hi Maria,
    I tried this recipe with mushrooms instead of prawns and replaced kokum with tomatoes, it was a huge hit. Thanks alot for this amazing recipe..will try with prawns very soon :-)
    Keep up the good work!
    Sandhya Vijay

    • Hi Sandhya,

      That sounds great! We also like mushroom, so I’ll try your version sometime.

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing your version here :)


  7. Hi Maria
    thank u so much for posting this recipe… last sunday was the first time I made prawns… but with your recipe for guidance t was amazing !!! al loved it . I made a small addition… Instead of the garam masala I added Sambhar powder. It was super delicious.

    thanks a ton!!1


    • Thanks a lot Meenu for your comment :) So good to know that you chose the recipe from here for your first attempt with prawns.

      Adding sambar powder to prawns is new to me, interesting!


  8. Hi Maria!
    Yet another fantastic recipe from you. I tried this and it came out really well. However instead of using using water at the end i used the excess water from the cooked shrimp. It added to the flavor. THank u once again!

    • You are welcome dear :) Good to know that this recipe worked out for you.. I’m sure the prawns stock took the flavour of the dish to another level

  9. Hi there, I have tried a few recipes from your site and they’re really really good. However I wanted to know if it’s possible to not use coconut pieces or coconut milk in the recipes without affecting the taste. I live in Malaysia and some ingredients are either not available or not favoured taste wise. Once again my taste buds thank you

    • Hi Sarenjit,

      Thanks a bunch for trying the recipes from here :) You can skip coconut pieces, but I’m not very sure about coconut milk. Again, it depends on each recipe. Skipping it might affect the texture and flavour of the dish. However if you dont like the taste, you can always adjust the recipe to suit your requirements.


  10. Maria,

    I have tried your recipes 2-3 times. You can never go wrong!!Too good. I’ve tried your chicken recipes and today tried this shrimp recipe. It has come out great. Thank you. When is your book coming out?

    • Hi Aparna,

      Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comment. It’s a pleasure to know that you like the recipes posted here :)

      Cook book is still work in progress, hopefully I should be able to do something about it..


    • Hi Aparna,

      Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comment. It’s a pleasure to know that you like the recipes posted here :)

      Cook book is still work in progress, hopefully I should be able to do something about it..


  11. Maria,

    I have tried your recipes 2-3 times. You can never go wrong!!Too good. I’ve tried your chicken recipes and today tried this shrimp recipe. It has come out great. Thank you. When is your book coming out?

  12. Hi Maria, I tried this recipe today, as had some guest arriving who are total prawn freaks. Receipe turned out to be very yummy & also received appreciation. Thanks a ton :)

  13. Hi Maria, I shall try this next Friday(weekend -BAH). Last week I tried your Thengachammanthi which was really tasty. I enjoyed my curd rice with that chammanthi. Nowadays, my main hobby is to go through your recipes details. I hope it will not affect my regular office work ha ha

    • Thank you! I do hope you will like it. Nice to know that you like the chammanthi recipe.

      Really happy to know that you enjoy going through the recipes, thank you!


  14. Hi maria,
    Please check this link
    looks like it is a copy of your above recipe

  15. Satisfied mam fully satisfied thanks for this good recipe.
    We have prepared in mud pot and added some coriander leafs last.

  16. Hi Maria,
    Tried this recipe today.Needless to say,like all your other recipes – this one too is yummmmmmmmmy !!My husband loved it so much…Thank u soo much for the wonderful recipe !!

  17. Hi Maria chechi,
    We tried the dish yesterday, and the outcome was superb.. Since it was a saturday evening me & my wife were ready for some experiments with the prawn we had bought.. After googling we found your recipe the most mouthwatering of all.. We were so tempted by the image of chemmeen ularthiyathu.. And the end result was awesome, so yummy-yummy.. Will be trying some of ur other recipes in coming days.. Thanks once again.. Sharing some photos also, of that yummy prawn ularthiyathu.. :)

    • Hi Sunil & Sree,

      Thanks a lot guys for selecting the recipe from here :) I’m really happy that you enjoyed this dish. Hope you get to try some more recipes from here.

      Btw, I couldnt see the pics :( can you please email it to


      • Mariachechiiiiii !!!!!!! Awsome!! I I tried without Coriander Powder and Garam Masala.

        My Wife Liked it very Much

        Thanks for your wonderful Recipe also whenever I want to make our Kitchen to Food Lab I drool to your site.

        Now a days I keep Laptop in Kitchen and do.

        All Items are nicely coming out.

        Thanks once again

        • Hi Jeethu,

          Thanks a lot for your comment. Really nice to know that you try recipes from here regularly :) Thanks for taking time to share your feedback here.

          Happy cooking!


  18. hi maria…
    Prawns are my all time favourtie and when it’s the kerala style….i jus love it! I started entering the kitchen n cooking something for the last 2 months only…i came up with the idea of suprising my mom with something really yummy n thats when i saw your prawn recipie..that was the very 1st time i browsed your site….i cooked it yesterday exactly the same way u had written…and when my  mom returned from work n tasted the ” prawn olathiyathu” she was  like WOWWWW….tooo good!!!!!!! The dish blended so well with the rice :-)
     Thank u so much for such a simple n yet a yummy dish….hats off to u…

    • Hi Sherin,

      I’m really excited to know that you were able to give a pleasant surprise to your mom with the prawns recipe :) Thanks a lot dear.

      Please do try other recipes too when time permits.


  19. Hi maria,
    i tried your prawns olathiyathu and it turned out to be yummy!Everybody at home liked it and now i keep coming back to this website hunting for more tasty receipes:-) 

  20. my mother is an excellent cook,she’s 93 and does not remember the recipes This was the recipe I was looking for,thanks a million times

  21. I have made this dish using your recipe… many times now. Thank you for the simple and easy to understand recipe. I love this site. Been recommending to many

    • Hi Nona,

      Thank you so much for your comment :) Its really nice to know that this recipe came out well for you. Thanks a bunch again for recommending this site, appreciate it very much dear :)


  22. Going to try your recipe now… I’m very bad in cooking :) wish me luck… Will let u know the outcome…

  23. Hi Maria,

    I tried ur chemmeen ularthiyathu today. Turnedout good. Lip smacking as per my 7 year old daughter. Keep up the good work and keep posting.
    Mrs. Ash.

    • Hi Mrs. Ash,

      Thanks a bunch for your sweet comment. I’m specially happy to know that your little girl liked it :) Please say my big Thank you to her.


  24. Hi Maria,
    I tried this today and came out well. I cooked it for my sis and she really love it . thanks for this recipie.

  25. Hi Maria,
    I tried this today and came out well. I cooked it for my sis and she really love it . thanks for this recipie.

  26. Hi maria…
    Again !!! awesome recipe…Thanks a lllloooottt..I started cookin’ since Dec 2009…with no hope of being good at it…But now…i’m a good cook….Ur recipes has helped me a lot …Thanks dear…

    • Hi Riyo,

      Its a pleasure to hear that the recipes posted here helps you… I’m glad that that you liked the recipes :) Thank you so much for the lovely comment.


  27. Hi Asha,

    Nice to hear that you liked the prawns olathiyathu. Btw, I didnt know that kodampuli is not used in Kollam side…. Thanks a lot dear for trying the recipes from here. Also thanks a bunch for letting me know your feedback :)


    • who said kodampuli is not using in kiollam side. she might be ignorant. for me she is the firt one among the keralites who dislikes the taste of kudampuli. am also from kollam. we are using kudampuli for meencurry and peera.

  28. Hi Maria,

    Today i tried your Prawns olathiyathu. It came out very well. so tasty. Thank u. But i used tomatoes instead of kudampuli, as i dont like the taste of kudampuli. ( kollam side, u see :-) used to vadampuli or  tomatoes.) 

    Maria, i have tried a couple of your recipes and they all turned out so good and tasty. i am hooked to your site now..

    • Hi Akhila,

      Thanks dear for trying the recipe & also for posting a comment here :) I’m glad to hear that it’s like your mom’s preparation.


  29. Hi Maria

    I have been visiting your website for some months now. You can thank my mother. She loves what u cook and sends me emails of whatever u cook every week. It’ s really inspiring since I’m just an amateur cook. Baking is the only thing that I keep trying now and then.

    I’ve been married for 6 months now and I’m trying to get myself to cook like a pro..well, just like mom! =). I must say, the dishes look very delicious as seen in the pictures.

    I would like to thank you for posting the typical naadan receipes. My husband is a hard core fan of kerala cooked dishes espec when it comes to meat. Please continue cooking and making the best dishes. You are just going to make young people like me happy .

    Warm regards

    P.S. The prawns olathiyathu receipe looks marvelous. Will try it over the weekend

    • Hi Linda,

      First of all, let me wish you a wonderful & blessed married life! May God Bless You!

      Thanks a ton for the wonderful comment :). Please do convey my special regards & a big Thank You to your mother for recommending this space. Its a pleasure to know that you find this space helpful. Please do try the recipes, when time permits and also share your feedback. Would love to hear from you…

      All the best & happy cooking/baking!


  30. Hi Maria,

    When I started cooking after my marriage, initially i used to google the name of the dish i want to make and get different recipes and try out what seems to be best and suiting my taste. That it when i came across your website and I happened to choose your recipes, not just because the pics look so appetizing and delicious, but also because, they suit my taste and they are simple to follow. Needless to say, they came out wonderful once it was cooked.

    I must say, I stopped googling for recipes and I started coming directly to your website and searching here to find my dish of the day :).

    Thank you so much for posting such awesome recipes and saving the poor souls like me who are not that talented in the kitchen.

    Keep posting and wishing you all the very best.


    • Dear Neethu,

      Thanks a million for such a lovely comment. I was so thrilled after reading your comment :) Its a great pleasure to know that you like the recipes here, thanks again for taking time to share your feedback with us. It means a lot to me.

      Hope you’ll continue to visit this space & try the recipes…

      Wish you the very best!


  31. hi mariamma,
    my kid like chemmeen very much and i bought it yestrday,and i was confused to cook which style,an finally i came to cook ur dish,but wat to say she liked it that much
    that she wont give any bal to us,and i licked the pan and satisfied and decided to buy more prawns next time.

    • Diny dear,

      Ninte molkku ente vaka oru big umma :) pinne I’m soooo happy dear that she liked it very much. You can taste it nest time, athu mathi ketto ;)

      Thanks a lot di for posting a comment here…


  32. Hi Maria,

    Nice recipes. Would it be a lot of trouble to mention the preparation and cooking time required, as well? It would be a lot of help for busy people to quickly decide if this is do’able right away or not!


    • Hi Paru,

      Thank you :)

      I’ll keep in mind your suggestion though I’m not sure how far I’ll be able to do it. Anyways I’ll give it a try and see…


  33. hey maria!!!

    adipoli prawn recipe ayirunnu ide…was a dull boring sunday…and needed jus some yummy dish like dis to spice it up !!! loved every bit of it…esp i love it when thengakottu pieces are there in the dishes!!!

    will explore more of ur recipes now! :-)

    • Hi Remya,

      Its so good to know that this recipe came out well & spiced up your Sunday ;) Thanks a lot dear for trying the recipe from here. Btw, I’m also a big thengakothu fan :)

      Please try other recipes also when time permits.


  34. Hi Maria (chechi). I dont know whether to call you your name or address u as chechi. Anyways first of all lemme shower you with camel loads of flowers of thanks and appreciation. Thank you very much for posting this recipe. Today I bought 250 gms of Prawns (less quantity since this is the first time am going to try prawns). I was looking for a recipe on the internet which is typical kerala style and i wanted one with “thenga koth” .Oh i was soo soo happy and excited when i saw this reciped in your blog. I am going to make it your way, your mom’s way, sarasa chechi’s way. Lemme try it. I shall let you know how it came out for sure. Once in a while i experiment with cooking. I have learnt all my skills from my mom. She is a great cook. I was about to call Devumma ( my amma) when i couldnt find any good recipes, and thats when i stumbled upon your writing. I am put up in bangalore, living alone. My parents live in Ernakulam. I learnt quite a few recipes from internet as well. So today am goingi to learn and make a new item with your guidance. Thank you Maria (chechi). Will keep you posted.


    • Hi Premu,

      Thank you so much for such a long & sweet comment, btw, you can call me Maria :)

      So did you try this recipe? If yes, I really hope you liked it…please do share your comment here.

      Happy cooking & all the best!!


      • @Maria, Oh Yes Maria…..awesome awesome awesome…..!!! superb. It has come out very well. I added both mallipodi and gharam masala powder. The dish was fantabulous. I wrote to u just before i made it, but sorry for the delay in posting a reply. I am gonna try your recipes. Weekends…..

        Today I was tired so wanted to make something quick for dinner. I made egg masala curry. Steamed potatoes, thenga varutharachath and boiled egg. Simple but it has come out quite ok i guess. Thank you. Hey I bought mushrooms the other day, but I dont know how to cook it. Do you have any mushroom recipe?

      • Hi Maria,

        Thanks for Chemmeen/Prawns/Shrimp Olathiyathu recipie, if kokum is not there can we use tamrin juice plz suggets?????

  35. Maria, tried this recipe yesterday and it came out well….Thanks…my hubby loved it ….me too…Thanks Maria for sharing this simple yet wonderful recipe…

    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you so much fro trying the recipe from here and also for taking time to leave your comment. Appreciate it a lot :)


  36. Hello Mariechi…

    How r u??? U know what…I will be flying to Dubai within a few days..This will be the first time am getting separated from my very tensed since I myself will have to manage the kitchen completely…so i am completely depending upon ur blog….i am writing down most of the recipes in a notebook and will take it with me….I hope that would held help me and my dear husband…
    Regarding this recipe…is there any substitute for thengakothu???? Please do reply….
    Take care….

    • Hi Nasreen,

      I’m doing good dear. How about you?

      There is no substitute for thengakothu, but dont worry, you will get in Dubai. You get all Kerala food items there.

      Btw, dont get tensed about managing kitchen n all, I’m sure you will do it well :)

      All the best! May God bless you with all happiness in the new place!

      Happy cooking :)


  37. Hey u know what kodum puli and kokar are 2 diff things. check out this blog

    ur recipe looks good,must try it out. BTW in kochi that yesudas’ house turned dilips restaurant..we couldnt go but its supposed to be ok. I heard it was named D’LIP and then the restaurant name I think Mango tree. There are now a lot restaurants mushrooming there, one of them was Daal roti, I think it has been around more than one year.Then when we went in apr, there was tea bungalow which is near kummumpuram.It was erstwhile brook bond bungalow.Anyone can tell u,but the cusine is fusion and International and not cheap. Then on princess street there is one restaurant by Abad hotel chaps with a very french styled name, and then koders house which is an old house turned into a restaurant in hotel. Then on princess street itself there is the courtyard which attracts a lot of white tourists. Thats all I can remember, my in laws who have lived there for 40yrs can tell more and Yes Fort kochi is far from the other kochi and ancient also. Its very humid there but the sea food is too good,some of the local thatta shops make yumm stuff but I prefer my mother in laws seafood and all home made prawns and fish I can get.Hope this was helpful.Ta

    • Hi Shibu,

      Thanks for the link.

      Yeah, I also heard there are many new restaurants in that area. Some of the other readers also mentioned Dal Roti, so it must be real good then :)

      Thanks for taking time to share this info. Appreciate it :)


  38. A very simple and mouth watering recipie…v tried it…and yet to eat sure its goin to taste gud…thanks sister.

  39. Hi maria…..i tell u dis recipe of urs is lovely….i came thru ur blog last week and trust me, i have already made this recipe 4 times!!!!!!!every second day,my hubby dear demands for dis dish……!!!!!!keep posting such yummy recipes…

    • Hi Fathima,

      Thanks a lot dear for writing to me. Am really excited to know that you liked this dish :) Pls do try out other recipes also…


  40. I am new to your site. I love the way you have presented,especially the mouth-watering photos.
    Am also from Kerala,cherthala.

    From now onwards I will visit your site often.

    Good luck

    • Hi Nikhila

      Welcome to my blog!!

      Thanks a lot for your sweet words. Hope you will like the recipes too :)

      Please let me know your feedback if you try out any recipes.


  41. hi maria,

    As of now, i hav tried this recipe and veg pulav.. happy to say tht it taste’s good and thanks a lot for all ur wonderful and easy recipes.


    • Hi Kamani

      Thanks a lot for trying the recipes. Since the comment is coming from my school friend, its very special to me :)

      All the best for your cooking adventures :)


  42. Great recipe!! I tried it and it was so good….. made me miss home!! Love your pictures of the recipes also…. will be back!! take care and keep cooking, Raj.

    • Hi Raji

      Thanks for trying it out, really happy to know that you liked it.

      Please do try out other recipes and let me know.

      Happy cooking :)


  43. Maria…. I really like this recipe. :-) :-) Made this dish on my day off. Loved it…brought back many memories from the past. Times of growing up and having similar dishes from grand mothers kitchen. Your story with the recipe made me laugh out so loud because it sounds excatly like my grandparents house… I will be a frequent visitor to your blog. Your recipes are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your recipes… a hungry malayalee soul…. Rajeev.

    • Hi Rajeev

      Thanks for trying this and am really happy that you liked it. Sorry for the delayed reply, was in India for my vacation.

      Please do try out other recipes as well, love to hear your feedback :)


  44. Absolutely funny story!! Almost like my grand parents house. I loved your recipe. I have tried it on my day off and it just took me all the way back to Keralam… thank you for that magic…love your blog spot……regards, Rajeev Thomas.

  45. Hi Maria, first time to your blog. abs loved reading ur post esp abt the nervous cook and recipe confident mom :)) …prawns r my alltime fav but my hubby has shellfood allergy :( and so i dont take the trouble to make it for just myself..pakshe i always lov to droooooool over gud prawn recipes and the yummy lukin pics…so i landed here at ur blog….am gonna look out for more of ur recipes..:)
    By any chance cud u post easter menu??
    Advance Happy Easter…

    • Hi Crispus

      Happy to know that you liked the pics and enjoyed reading the post. Sorry for the delayed rep :(

      I’ve posted a christmas party menu, last year. You can see it here:

      I will also try to put a link to some recipes which are not included in that menu.

      Hope you find it useful. Please do try the recipes when you’ve time and write to me :)

      Wish you and your family a happy easter!!

  46. Hi,
    I tried this recipe came out excellent,but I didnt drain any water after cooking the prawns…
    Thank u

    • Thanks a lot Meeba for your feedback and am very happy to know that you liked it. Please do try other recipes also, hope you will like it…

      Take care..

  47. Zareena, thanks a lot :)

    Priya, thank you for dropping in..hope to see you again…

    Veena, avide erikenda, engottu vannolu :) hope you are having a great time with your in laws’. Undakii nokittu engane undennu parayanne dear…

    Rachel – hahaha, actually I too find it hard to resist the temptation, I do a lot of taste testing for this ;)

  48. Hi dear …
    Maria ..what is this ..enne evide irikan sammathikkille hey ..da chemmen looks so so yummy dear ..i think i must try this in laws are coming tomorrow..achan love chemmen a lot ..i used to make my chemmen roast ..nale oru change akatte allee da…so will be back with the result

  49. I knew when i read the title in the reader, it will be a torture again comming here.
    Wish i had them. And i mean really i wish i had these chemeen.
    Looks so so so delicous.

  50. Hi Maria

    I am from Cochin. And I am living in a Village called Varapuzha. This is the season of “Chemmeen Kettu” here. WE usually having our mamma’s “Chemmeen Ulathhu” (Vadakara Style). Today I tried this. It was awsome everybody liked it. Thanks for the recipe

    • Hi Bejoy

      am very very happy that you tried it and liked it also :) Am also from cochin, my father always comes to varapuzha to buy karimeen, he says varapuzha karimeen is really good!!

    • yes divz, I guess its the most commonly liked seafood n i think its really hard to find somebody who doesn’t like prawns. Though I wish there were many then we wouldn’t have to share it ;)

  51. ha ha! “…… and in the end I was confused” this really made ,laugh! :) lol…….really intresting to read…..and ofcourse u have posted one of my ever fav recipes,if i buy prawns this is wot i always love to make.

  52. ithu ente all time fav aa..even yday we made n ate like nything..Your pic looks fab..yummy..but I skip cocum tho..I guess authentic roast skips any tanginess,but some tomatoes are added for a kick..

    • Thanks Varsha….

      Back home we put kokum in most prawns preparations & I just love the combo :), but abt the authenticity part, am clueless :)

  53. Hi maria, prawn dish looks mouthwatering. Usually, I don’t buy or cook with Prawns but I bought a pack y’day. Planning to make Molee, now I have to try this dish too. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

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