Parippu Payasam

The favorite dessert of the Keralites. You cant stop with just one serving. Learn how to make traditional Kerala dessert made with Parippu (moong dal), coconut milk and jaggery. It's the highlight of sadya (Kerala feast).

Here is the recipe…

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Parippu Payasam

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Author: Maria Jose


  • 200 gms Cherupayar Parippu / Moong dal
  • 400 gms Jaggery
  • 1.5 cups Thick coconut milk
  • 4 cups Medium thick coconut milk
  • 4 cups Light coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp Ghee
  • 50 gms each Cashew nut & Coconut pieces


  • Fry the parippu without oil for 5-6 minutes. Wash it well & cook with boiled water. Melt the jaggery by adding 1 cup water. Add the melted jaggery to well cooked parippu & stir well. Add 2 tablespoon ghee to this & mix well. Add light coconut milk & when it starts boiling add medium thick coconut milk. When this mix evaporates and becomes half add the thick coconut milk. Stir well for 5 minutes & remove from gas.
  • Fry the cashewnuts & coconut pieces in rest of the ghee & add to payasam. Serve hot.


The payasam keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days. Microwave for 1 min, before serving. I used Maggie coconut milk powder to make this payasam. For thick coconut milk use 3-4 tbsp milk powder in 1 cup lukewarm water, for medium thick, use 2-3 tbsp milk powder in 1 cup lukewarm water, for thin, use 1-2 tbsp milk powder in 1 cup lukewarm water.
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Parippu payasam made by Ammu, based on the above recipe. Thank you so much dear :)


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  • Hello Maria
    Wanted to know whether the moving dal should be put in water overnight before starting or can we make the payasam directly

  • Hi Maria, can you help me with the procedure to extract the 3 types of coconut milk from fresh coconut? I would like to make this as a religious offering and prefer to use fresh coconut than processed ones. If there is a method, please help me with it. Tia.

  • Tried this today. It turned out to be awesome. It such a quick and easy receipe. We enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Maria, how many people would the above quantity of ingredients serve? Cn u help me wd the quantity for 10 pls. Thanks! :)

    • Hi Saritha,

      I guess the above qty should serve 10 people.. However if this is the only payasam that you are making and you dont mind some left over, you can make 1.5 times of the qty mentioned here.

      Wish you and your family a very Happy Onam!


  • Hi Maria, my husband loves it’s color dark ..can u Pls tell me How to make it.. Then I have to try ur recipe..

    • Hi Aruna,

      You are welcome :)

      For thick coconut milk, just grind coconut with very little water in a mixie, squeeze the ground coconut using your hands and strain it. Add more water for the medium and thin consistency and repeat the procedure.


  • Hi Maria,
    Made this wonderful payasam for last onam. Regret that I did not get the time to put in my feedback. The payasam was a yummy treaty hit with all of us. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

  • Please serve with papad and banana that’s the combination and it tastes really yummy when mixed together…

  • Ms. Maria,

    I was trying my hands on Parippu payasam today. I started making it, and realized i don’t have coconut or coconut milk in the pantry. So I substituted it (coconut milk) with Evaporated milk “brings back old memories for this middle eastern kid”. It turned out okay. The consistence was good, but it was too sweet (which was expected).

    **Moral of story..our coconut milk and coconuts will always be the best for payasams :D .

    Thank you so much for taking your time, to respond to comments..and posting recipes. It shows the dedication you have for cooking, and making this blog reach the hearts of malayalees(and others) who are craving for some nadan recipes.

    • Hi Anna,

      Thank you so much dear for your wonderful comment :)

      As you said coconut milk complements jaggery very well, there is no substitute for that :)


  • Happy Onam Maria…I am back here after a break. Decided to prepare payasam for everyone in office… And thanks to you, it was a super Hit!!!

    • Thanks Jose and belated Onam wishes to you too..

      Hope you are doing good and welcome back to MM! Nice to know that payasam became a hit at your office, I should say your colleagues are lucky :)


  • Hi maria,
    Now this is some dish i can authentically comment on. Backed with my experience helping at weddings back in my village at ottapalam. The mantra is keep strirring. Stir from the word go to ten minutes after you take the uruli from the stove. If not you will find the parippu settled at the bottom. And do your entire cooking at not higher than scale 2 if you are using a gas stove

  • Hi Maria,

     I tried your recipe for this Onam .  I followed the exact recipe.It was good. But it was too sweet. 400 grams of Jaggery was a bit too much . Next time i will modify the amount of Jaggery.


    • Hi Mercy,

      Thank you! The sweetness of the jaggery very much depends on the colour of it. Its better to do a taste test first to check the sweetness & adjust the qty accordingly.

      Hope you get it perfect next time :)


  • I’m soo gonna make this today to treat myself–I’m 31 today and I woke with a craving for payar payasam..(no, I’m not pregnant…lol) knew I saw it on ur blog..had to get my hands on it..and now me and my 2 yr are gonna make this..thanks maria.

  • hello maria,this payasam luks gu nd i wud like 2 try it.but  can u pls convert the quantities of cherupayar paripu and jaggery into cups?

  •  Hello Maria,
    I was looking for a payasam recipe and this one stumbled my way.What to say this one was perfect for my taste buds :).i was trying payasam for the first time and I am proud of myself that it came out good.All thanks to you maria
    Happy cooking n keep posting

  • Hello Maria,

    I like your site- kerala home style cooking at its best!

    I had a question reg the kind of moong dal – do you use split moong dal or the kind that is completely green? Ive forgotten how this payasam looks its been years since I last had it..

    Im fairly certain its the split moong dal with no skin but let me know.. thanks a lot!

    • Hello J

      Thanks a bunch for your sweet words :)

      Its split moong dal with no skin, hope you’ll make it soon & like it too. Would love to hear your feedback.


  • Hai Maria,

    I will cook for this Onam really i know it will be greate taste!!!!!!!! any way again we will inform you after the preperation…..ok!!!!

  • I came across ur site by fluke n now it is one of my favourites. I used to try out kerala recipes by asking some of my neighbours. But now i know wher to cum if i want sum recipe.
    Is this also made with green moong?

    • Hi Naaz,

      Thanks dear. Really happy to know that you try out recipes from here :)

      I havent tried it with green moong,but I’ve seen some recipes using green moong. So it should be ok…


  • love this payasam..have been thinking of making this for along time…but just cant get around it!
    your pic is making me drool and has forced me to make this a priority!!

  • I’ve noticed that you haven’t added chukk, jeerakam & elakka (dried ginger, cumin & cardamom) powder in this payasam….
    Wouldn’t it taste great with it?

    • Hi Maya

      Thanks for dropping in here and also for your suggestion.

      Regarding adding chukku and jeerakam, we both (my husband and myself) dont like it in payasam, thats why I didnt add it here.

      However we like the cardamom flavor and I usually add it too. I forgot to mention it in the above recipe, thanks again for pointing it out :)


    • Hi Sherine

      You can make this payasam with canned coconut milk too. To get diff consistencies add water accordingly.

      I’ve given the steps for making coconut milk of diff consistency using coconut milk powder as a comment to this post. Please refer that if you’re planning to use coconut milk powder.

      Hope you’ll like the payasam.


    • Hi SVS

      Thanks for dropping by.

      To make thin/light coconut milk, add 1 tbsp of coconut milk powder to 1 cup of warm water. To make medium thick coconut milk powder add 2tbsp of coconut milk powder and for thick coconut milk powder add 3 tbsp of coconut milk powder to 1 cup of warm water.

      This is the standard measurement. You can make some adjustments as per your requirement.

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