Homemade Grape Wine

Whenever I meet a new person, after the initial chit chat, I'm faced with these questions:

First, “what do you do… where do you work”? Nope, I don't work…

And here comes the second question” You have kids… you're busy with baby?” Nope again…

Here comes the million $ question “so what exactly you do sitting at home, how do you spend your time”?

I used to say reading,browsing blah blah…but these days I say that I've a blog. I do this for two reasons: either they don't have a clue about it and stop bothering me…or they want to know what it is, how it is etc and thereby stop asking all personal stuff :)

The only common question that comes from the above two category is “so do you make any money from this?” hhmmm nope again (here I would like to clarify something, ours is a paid site and that cost is covered with the advertisements) but then I don't make a living out of this. Then some people do ask me  why am I doing this, if I don't earn anything… if there is no benefit? I usually reply with a smile. But then, there are somethings which give you more happiness than money, right ? :)

If you ask any food blogger, whether they have gained anything from their blog, apart from the money (if they earn any), I'm sure they will all come up with a long list :). That might include… new friends, immense satisfaction from their readers comments, thrill when they see their stats going up ;) and most importantly  having tried many new recipes which they wouldn't have tried otherwise.

This is one such recipe. I wouldn't have ever made this wine, if I wasn't a food blogger, that's for sure. During Xmas time, I receive mails asking for a wine recipe. So last Xmas I thought I will give it a try and got the recipe from the expert. Yep, my mother in law is an expert in wine making. She has been making it for such a long time and it's really awesome. So I got the recipe from her and during the last Xmas we made our first batch of home made wine :) I was very much excited about the whole thing and couldn't wait to taste it. That's the one thing I dont like much about it…you have to wait at least  a month to taste the end result. Otherwise its really super easy to make wine, after all to quote one  of my cousins “well… if Maria can make wine, anybody can make it” ;)

Click Here For Recipe…

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134 thoughts on “Homemade Grape Wine”

  1. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for this recipe. Worked well for last years Xmas wine. Just wanted to know if I can add more sugar to wine to make it sweet after bottling.

    • Hi Deepthi,

      You are welcome :) Nice to know that it came out well for you.. I’m not sure about adding sugar as such, however I’ve heard people adding caramel to the wine, to give more colour. May be you can try that..


  2. Hi Maia Jose
    This is such a wonderful recipe . I have made several times.

    please let me know is it possible to use dry grapes ?

    • Hi Aftab,

      Thank you! Though I havent tried it myself, I’ve heard from friends n family that you can make wine with dry grapes too..


  3. Hi dear

    Can I make wine in pressure cooker or plastic container. I don’t have glass jar/ porcelain jar with me..

  4. Maria

    If i need around 3 litres of wine what should be the measurements of the ingredients? I also need to know how big the jar should be?

  5. Only 1.5 Litres of water ? in some other bblog they have specified 4 litres for 1 Kg of grapes. Can you please confirm?

  6. Maria

    I tried ur chocolate souffle and xmas fruit cake..both came out really well..thanks for the wonderful recipes..i am a big fan of urs nw..

  7. Maria

    Is it necessary to use boiled cooled water… is it fine if we just use the normal drinking water

  8. The wine is super!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If the recipe was originated by you, hats off to you. I still believe that somebody copied your recipe and put it in the Manorama

  9. Your recipe’s verbatim malayalam transalation appeared in Dec 1 2014 Malayala Manorama. I am trying it. Hope it will come out nice

  10. Hi Maria…

    One question.. Its silly, but still…

    I need to stop stirring on the 21st day, correct. This is counted from the day I’ve combined it all together in the jar, or the 21st day AFTER I start stirring, which would be the 28th day after I’ve combined it all together?


  11. Hi Maria,
    I have a clarification regarding the yeast. Can we use the active dry yeast. Else what is the other yeast called.


  12. Hi Maria, you blog is very informative besides being easy.Have you tried making wine with
    Palayamgodan bananas ? The wine out of this is very nice

    • hi drnalini warier
      can you please share the recipe for banana wine… actually i have ripe njalipoovan bananas and am searching for d wine recipe

    • Does this have alcoholic. Effect. I m looking for making an alcoholic wine for adults. Hope the wheat and sugar n yeast will help it to create alcoholic effect right?

  13. Hi Rinosh,

    I’m really sorry for the delayed reply. I was away on a trip.

    Did your wine come out ok? I’m not an expert in wine making, but as far as I know, it’s always better to add water on the first day itself…


  14. really awesome work!!!
    and can you please suggest me,
    what food goes well with this homemade wine?!

    and the taste resembles some familiar wine!
    it’d be great if you could mention few wines that tastes somewhat like this recipe

    thanks a ton in advance!!!

  15. Hi, Let me know whether I can add water later on the 24 th day?I didn’t added little water yet, for 8 kg of grape, how much yeast needed?i just added 3 TSpoon,can i add more now?

  16. hi maria,
    i have two kg of red grapes. and also have some herbal things from a ayurveda shop to make wine. i dont know the ingredients in that pack. did u ever tried that kind of herbs to make wine?

  17. Hi Maria
    does a slight cloudiness appear as soon as u strain the wine on the last day? mine looks a little cloudy. will it settle down?

  18. Dear Maria,
    why is whole wheat used? does it add any flavor or any other purpose?
    I also heard from few other people who make wine in bulk for special occasions, that they use egg whites. what is your take on it?

    • Hi Jerry,

      I think whole wheat is used to strengthen the flavour of the wine.

      Even I’ve heard about egg whites, but I’ve never tried it, so I’m not sure how it works..


  19. today is my wine’s 20th day..eagerly waiting for 24th day..thanks maria for ur wonderful recipie…

  20. Hi Maria,
    When we make this wine is that ok if we close the bottle with the lid?
    Coz it is usually said that we should not close the bottle with lid instead tie it with a cloth and close the mouth of the bottle. plz clarify me.

  21. thanks a lot maria for taking the time to reply. wish you and your family a wonderful and grace filled Christmas. Yes really hoping and praying it will come out well.

    • Hi Danial,

      I used the usual yeast which we use for making appam and all for making the wine. It’s commonly available in all grocery shops and supermarkets.


  22. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for this recipe, been looking for one. I want to know how many litres of wine will 1 kg of grapes give in the end.

  23. Hi Maria,
    Usually my mom keep wine in big bharani’s . Is that ok if we keep it in big glass jars or bottles. Will it cause craks in glass bottle. Wht is porcelain jar?

  24. This sounds great,but can you tell what is the shelf life?how long we should keep it to get the best taste or is it to be consumed after the 24th day?

    • Hi Bhuvana,

      Thank you! You can keep wines for a long time. Mine got over in a month. You can consume it on 24th day, but it will taste better after one more week…


  25. Hi Maria..
     Plz help me with the recipe for orange wine.. I am gonna try ur grape wine recipe this week.. but i have a question.. can i replace wheat with barley.. coz i didnt find it in lulu or any another hypermarkets.. Plz reply..

    God bless
    Thank You 

    • Hi Ammuz,

      I havent tried orange wine yet dear :( For this grape wine, you can skip wheat. It works well without that also. I just checked with my MIL and she says it’s ok if you dont add wheat.

      Hope you get to try it soon…


  26. Hi Maria,
      Can u please post the recipe for orange wine. I always find different types of oranges in lulu.. that too in a very cheap rate. So i have heard abt it.. So i wanna try it.. Please guide..
    Love ya..
    Ammu Arun

  27. I am so excited to try this recipe, we’ve just grown our very own grapes (Catawba grapes)! However they have to be eaten without the skin otherwise they are extremely bitter and leave that awful dry mouth sensation, so I was wondering if when making the wine do I peel away the skin first? They’re also extremely thick skins. Thanks in advance for the help :)

    • Hi Jo,

      Congrats on your first harvest!

      For the above recipe, I used grapes with skin on, but it was a very think skin. I guess you can use it without skin as well.

      Hope you get to try the wine soon…

      Wish you a wonderful new year!


  28. Just wanted to thank you so much for your site and the wonderful recipes. Each one I’ve tried out has come out lovely. This Christmas I’m trying out your fruit cake recipe and the grape wine. Iv’e got my fingers crossed :)

  29. Hi maria, have been going through ur site and must says the recipes are yummy and easy to make. i have 1 quick doubt regarding the wine, i do not have any glass or porcelain jars. is it okay if i use a PET jar instead? will it reduce the quality of the wine? pls advise.


    • Hi Renj,

      Thanks dear for the sweet words.

      I think it’s always better to use glass or porcelain jars. Because of the fermentation process, plastic is not advisable. I do hope you find a glass or porcelain jar soon.


  30. Just a small doubt, what exact purpose does the wheat kernel serve while making grape wine?
    I once made grape wine without adding wheat, and it came out well.

    • Hi Ninan,

      As I’ve already mentioned in a previous comment wheat is added to strengthen the wine, also wheat & yeast combined helps in fermentation.

      May be it works without wheat also…However the recipe I used required wheat & so I used it.


  31. Hi Maria,
    let me tell u I have tried most of ur receipes and believe me it’s all come out good….. The best thing of u is u have shared to all of us, a very good nature!
    Anyways I would like to know do you have reciep for Dates wine, which I would like to try on……!
    Looking forward …..

    • Hi Josna,

      Thanks a lot for trying the recipes from here :) I’m so happy that you liked it too…

      About the dates wine, I dont have a recipe with me, anyways I will check with my mother in law and see if she has one. Will keep you posted about it.


  32. Hi,
    I have great passion towards making wine at home. I like to make good quality wine with different varieties. Your reciepie is very good. I have one question, that why we need to use Wheat in wine making, also shall we are using only white sugar. Shall we use counry made sugar from sugarcane or palm sugar .
    Kindly let me know your comments.

    • Hi Mahalingam,

      First of all, sorry for the delayed reply.

      About adding wheat – I checked with my mother in law, since this is her recipe. She said wheat is added to strengthen the wine, also wheat & yeast combined helps in fermentation.

      I’m not sure about the brown sugar part, I’ve tried this with white sugar only.

      Please do share your feedback here, if you happen to try this wine.

      Best wishes..


  33. Hi Maria,
    In the US you can find wheat berries in Whole Foods Market. It’s pretty inexpensive.
    I made the wine…Just a quick question..Today is the 21st day. I tasted a little and it’s not as sweet as I want it. Can I add sugar to it now? And do I have to leave it to ferment for more days? Thanks so much..We are looking forward to drinking it.

    • Hi Lincy,

      Thanks for trying this :)

      You can do one thing to increase the sweetness, just caramalise some sugar & add it. It will also help with the color of the wine. After adding caramelised sugar, keep it closed for 3-4 days more or for a week if possible, no need to stir.

      Hope this helps…


  34. Hello Maria,
    I was lucky enough to come across your recepie blog. thanks a million for the best service you are rendering. I am crazy for cooking and just joined your blog today. I shall scroll through the site every day. Hope to hear from you. Cheers and see you.

    • Hi Fazeel,

      Thanks for your kind words. Hope you try out the recipes from here and like it too.

      Happy cooking :)


  35. Thanks Maria!!!
    Will sure let you know the result. And the other good thing is after an intensive bit of Googling, finally I’ve been able to locate a grocer who sells Whole wheat!!!! :) So, next time onwards, no cracked wheats!!

    Thanks once again!!
    Looking forward to try more mouth watering recipes from your blog.


    • Hi Arti,

      Great to know that you could find a place to get wheat kernels :)

      Waiting to know about your feedback about wine. Hope it turns out great!


      • Dear Maria,
        Yesterday I drained my wine !!! It came out Great (even cracked wheat work well.)!!!!Thank you very much for sharing this recipe!!

  36. wine receipe look easy. I will try. Onething I have to find some gothambumani here in chicago

    • Hi Anitha,

      Thank you and yes, its really easy. The only time consuming part, if I say so, is crushing the grapes.

      Hope you could find some gothambu mani soon :)


      • @Maria,

        u can replace the wheat with white raw rice the same quantity. if u add 2″ cinnamon and 5-10 cardomom, the strength of the wine can be increased.
        good day,

        • Hi Lija,

          Thanks for sharing that tip. I’m sure it will be very useful for those readers who cant find wheat kernels.


  37. Hi Maria!!
    I just came acroos your blog and found it full of varieties and easy to follow recipes.
    Will surely try wine recipe as since long time i was looking for a real easy wine making tecnique.
    But just one doubt: after draining the clear wine, do we need to dispose off the remanants or do we usee them in the next batch of wine.
    Please explain.


    • Hi Arti,

      Thank you :)

      I discarded the remnants of the wine. I’m not sure about using it again.

      Hope you will like the wine.


      • Thanks Maria!!! This will help.
        Now my wine is fermenting…the only thing I am worried about is: Actually I didnt get whole wheat (wheat kernels ). The only thing available in Australian super markets and health food shops is Burgul – Cracked wheat . So, I used Burgul. I hope it won’t affect wine.
        Again, thanks for the reply.

        • Hi Arti,

          So you made it already, great! Hope it comes out well. Even I dont have much idea about using cracked wheat :(. Anyways, lets hope for the best :)


  38. Thank you so much dear friends, for your support and encouragement. Its comforting to know that I’m not the only one who face this. Let’s hope for the best :)


  39. Sooooooooo true Maria! .I am also fed up of these questions…..anyway i dnt have a food blog or anything…but simply enjoy cooking…
    great going…maria,the whole concept of ur blog is nice….

  40. hello,
    i think many of ur receipes r nt in ur receipe index. i found sme old recipes posted frm random search which s der in de hme page. hw can v find it otherwise. or de nly way s just try our luck by clicking dat on ur hme page.

    • Hi Silpa

      Some of my old recipes dont have photo, that’s why you dont see it in the recipe index. I’m in the process of updating it.

      Anyways, you can see the recipes if you check the different categories given on the left side of the blog. Hope that helps…


  41. Excellent photo Maria.
    Often think of making wine at home but even if i start it, most probably will forget all about the pavam jar patiently waiting to be stirred ;)
    Someday when i ‘grow up’

  42. Totally hear you.. I get all these questions ALL the time… Only one blogger understands another!
    The wine looks awesome….Great effort!

  43. Maria,

    Amazing photography! The wine looks perfect!

    And now I am imagining you and Sony sipping on the wine,on a two seater table with candles in the middle and soft music in the back ground:)

    Kurachu kooduthal painkili aayo njan???

  44. Dear Maria,

    I completely agree with you. There are many things in life which gives you more joy than money :-)……..and everyone may not understand it :-)………

    Your blog is just awesome !!……


  45. hi maria,
    i guess we are all sailing in the same boat,
    I’ve got two kids and still face these kind of questions .now i tell them ” yes i work ,but at home ” so they kind of assume I work from
    home and the rest I leave it to their imagination.by the way am a theresian too
    much senior though.

    you are doing a great job with your blogging

  46. Hey Maria…….. oh yes the 2nd question is going to keep coming to us!!! am also trying to figure out ways to politely ans tht question!!!

    Home made wine!! wow , i am big fan of this…….. i been hunting around for a place I can buy it from…. Thanks for simple recipe now:-) whats wheat kernel BTW?

    • Hi Dhanya,

      Yep dear, we need to come up with new new ideas as time passes ;)

      I’ve updated the recipe with a picture of the wheat kernel, pls refer that, its nothing but gothambu manikal…


      • @Maria,
        Thanks Maria…… Wud love to try this as soon as I get the raw materials in place….. and I find a a dark place to store this , in the 42 deg heat and sunlight here :-))

        Keep going ….. looking fwd to more recipes frm u :-) my husband is a big fan of all the recipes I have tried frm u :-)

  47. This is exactly what I was looking for. Home made wine is there in my wishlist and i hope to make it real soon.

    Loved the writing. It is so true..most of the times people don’t understand why you do things you love! :)

  48. I love sweet wine..i definetly want to try this..as we dont get much sweet wine here..de wine we get here reminds me of kashayam…:P

  49. Hi,,,,my first visit here, you have a great collection of wonderful recipes…never knew to make wine until I read your post,, sounds so simple but take time to enjoy it…..

  50. Oh maria, i have been facing these question for a long time….since i am in UK now, aa shalyam kuravaanu…..dont worry all i suggest u is just pretend u dint hear them, cos people wont stop asking….Until i had a child….i used to go mad with that question…..now i have one, people started asking when are u planning for the second one…now its the ryt time for the second one etc etc….So it never ends even if u have a dozen kids u know…

    And blogging, apart from a hobby, its another beatiful world, interactive one…..We dont earn much from it and it cant make a living….Like u said, i have learned many of the dishes after i started a blog!…and made precious friends as well!…

    Good post, and well written.

  51. nannayittundu maria. every day i will check u r web whats new dish today. i was tried your scrambled egg curry and ur beef fry too. it was came out well. thank you dear.

  52. hai Maria,
    i have been going through your blog for long time. I tried many of your recipes and it come out good. In my home vine is making with dried black grapes instead of fresh grapes, you can keep this vine for long time without changing the taste and color.

  53. maria,
    I can so relate to this…I actually do some freelance work, and in spite of that, I still keep getting bombarded with personal questions which i now prefer not to answer..how inquisitive people are right?
    About the blog bit..u are so right about the pleasures of owning a food blog..we totally rock :)

  54. Hello Maria,

    Have been following your blog for sometime now, but not commented yet :). Today, those initial words you wrote really made me feel the situation even I face..Though I work, parts of the questions you face affect my life too and I have also devised best possible answers for that :)

    Anyways, all of your recipes rock!! Keep cooking and writing !!

    All the best

  55. Hi Maria,

    It was from Anitas recipe site that I found ur blog…and I should say…u are a genius…I have tried many of your recipes and all of them have come out good. Every Monday, I check ur site in the morning from office to see whats new..My hus has been looking for a good wine recipe for a long time…and when I saw this..I was really happy..I will surely try it….

    But I had a doubt – what is this wheat kernel??Is it the wheat before grinding??what do u call it in malayalam???

    • HI Annam,

      Thanks a ton for your kind and encouraging words. Am really happy that you liked the recipes here :)

      Wheat Kernels is gothambu manikal, you dont have to grind it, just add it like that. I’ve put a picture below the recipe. Hope its clear now.

      Please do try it. I do really hope you will like it :)


  56. Wow. I’ve had winemaking in the back of my mind, i keep bumping into fabulous malayalee ladies who make their own wine. Justa question – what are wheat kernels, not sure what those are and where to get them?
    As for the prrsonal questions, unfortunately, we live in a society where people try to extract as much of what they can out of the next person. I’m afraid I don’t have any solution to pestering questions or question-askers! But at least you have an excuse of the blog to keep them at bay! =)

  57. Oh Maria..we are of the same club.I am faced with these questions too..on a regular basis.I am tired and sick of giving the same answers again and again but they don’t get tired of asking!!

    The pic is fantastic..I’ve never tasted a home-made wine before..:).Looks fab!!

  58. So true Maria! I just tell people that I am a full-time food blogger…maybe that’s a long profile…but that keeps their mouth shut :D

    Even we make wine at home, I am planning to make some for our first X’mas together :)

    Your wine looks perfect in colour! I bet it tasted just as yum! Ohh yes! Wine is always ‘yum’ for me! I am the designated wine drinker of our family! :)

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