Spinach and Mushroom Rolls

I happened to overhear a conversation about my blog the other day. I wasn’t eavesdropping or anything like that, I just happened to “pass by” ;) Ok the discussion was about different food blogs and they happened to mention MM. I was actually a bit surprised to hear their observation.. they thought MM was a Veggie food blog!! I was quite taken aback!

On one side I’m getting mails saying that I dont have enough Veg recipes and asking me to post more and on the other end, my blog is considered as a Veg blog! I’m stumped! To each his / her own…

Veg or non veg, this recipe is a hit with everybody! Last December I was on a “deep frying” phase. It’s not something I normally do. Anything and everything, I deep fried! I was unstoppable and I even doubted whether somebody cast me under a spell or something, yes.. it was that bad.

So this recipe happened during that phase and I’ve no regrets! Mushroom and spinach is one of my favourite combos. Now add cheesy white sauce to that combo, even better! Try,  deep frying this combo in  breadcrumbs, fabulous! That’s what this is :)

You can make this in advance, so it’s an ideal make ahead appetiser / starter for your party.

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • lovely…love ur receipes….looks so tempting Maria, Surely I will give it a try after Navratras
    thanks for sharing

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