Nut Crescent Cookies

Have you ever tried the Snowball cookies from Ann's bakery in Kerala? Yes, I'm referring to the-ohh-so-heavenly-melt-in-mouth-soft-and-sweet Snowball cookies. Just typing this out makes me drool, hmm…. Well, if you haven't tried it yet, please do so if you get a chance. If you don't see that happening, don't worry. Try out this moon/crescent cookie. It will definitely give you an idea about what it tastes like. I'd say this cookie and Snowball cookies are like twins, but not identical twins. More like a boy & girl twin. They share so many things but they are different, got the picture? The obvious difference is… this is crescent shaped & Snowball is round shaped. Apart from the looks, the major difference is that Snowball is more sweeter & softer. I guess the secret ingredient for the soft texture is cornflour. May be I will add it next time and see whether it works. Hey, that doesn't mean our crescent cookie is a rough n tough person, she is indeed a soft and delicate cookie :)

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I've been baking this for a long time, say for more than 4 years. But I didn't feature it here because all this while I couldn't take a picture. Finally I did and here it is. I usually bake it as a gift for friends and they always come back to me asking for the recipe. So if you are looking to bake something special for your loved ones, go ahead. It's eggless too! Do I need to say, it's “simple”? Because by now, you should be knowing that I'm not a complicated person, right!

Click Here For Recipe…

  • Hi Sherry,

    The cookies tend to brown, if you bake it for a longer time. This recipe doesn’t call for cornflour. Please adjust the baking time accordingly. Hope it comes out perfect next time.


  • u have copied the recipe word for word from marthas baking hand book. U have given the credit but i think u should have written it in your own words. dont u think this is just a copy??????????????????? If u write a cook book, i publish in the web and give credit to you? would u be fine?
    I am truly disappointed.!

    • Dear Callhughes,

      You are right, I’ve taken this directly from her book for the benefit of my readers who cannot get access to such recipes. I’ve given due credit so that those who wish to buy the entire book can do so.

      I’d be perfectly fine even if you publish my recipes provided you give credit. Also precision in baking recipes is very important, I gave the recipe as it is and shared my tips in the notes section.


  • Hi Maria,
    I am your ardent fan, thank you for your easy to make recipes. I tried Nut crescent cookies for christmas and every one liked them very much.
    looking forward for more delicacies.

  • When using a single type of nuts like cashew alone, how much quantity you took? Did you use 1.25 cups (3/4+1/2 cups)?

  • looks yummy!! Your post reminded me of Anns bakery’s white halwa, it was like heaven in your mouth… will try this when i finally get an oven…

  • looks yummy!! Your post reminded me of Anns bakery’s white halwa, it was like heaven in your mouth… will try this when i finally get an oven…

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