Unniyappam (Deep Fried Sweet Fritters) – Vishu Special Recipe

You see… I wanted to post something special for Vishu, more like a Payasam recipe. I even zeroed down on Kadalaparippu Pradhaman, but then I happened to remember one of my “proclamations” – I’m giving up sweets from 1st April till Easter.

I’m not sure why I go around making such announcements and proclamations, when I’m almost certain that I wont be able to keep them. I think I like to make myself believe that I’m capable of leading a very disciplined and ordered life… it’s all about perceptions! Do you do such things? I mean… trying to make yourself believe that you are capable of doing certain things, when in reality, even when you’re not so keen about it?

Ok, before I go on blabbering and waste your time, let’s go to the recipe. Here’s one more recipe for Unniyappam. I’ve already posted a recipe  before, which uses a combination of rice flour and plain flour. I’ve been getting mails asking for Unniyappam recipe with just rice flour. Came across this one and it worked out well :) It’s pretty easy recipe, the only thing you’ve to be careful about is the frying part. If you get the right temperature for frying, there is no looking back. Unlike the earlier recipe I posted, this recipe doesn’t call for resting of the batter before frying. So if you’ve all the ingredients, it’s pretty easy to fry it up ;)

If you are planning to make Sadya, please check out the recipes here.

Wish you and your loved ones a Happy Vishu!

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • If i am not wrong, it’s your mom and dad’s anniversary on Vishu. Belated Anniversary wishes to them. and for unniyappam, it’s my all time favorite… but dont have a unniyappakkal with me :(

    • Hi Deepthi,

      It’s so sweet of you dear to remember that, yep it was their anniversary on 14th April. I’ll def pass your regards to them, they would be so happy :)

      If you are not so worried about the shape, you can try it in a normal pan. But I do hope you get Unniyappa chatti soon :)

      Pinne, how was Vishu?

    • You get good unniappakallu at Naduvilal Stores, Thrissur Round. They are real good, extra thick on the bottom and made real special. Look it up anyway if you happen to pass thru Thrissur …

    • Good unniappakalu can be got from Naduvaramba Stores, earlier I had posted it as Naduvilal Stores. These are low cost and made out of iron (cheena chatti).

  • maria, I tried the uniyappams and they came out so good!..I had company and they all wanted some packed for the road. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!..Lata Menon

  • Hi Deepthi,

    I do hope you’ve tried Unniyappam by now..

    Really happy to know that pathiri recipe worked out well for you :) The ground coconut in the dough gives a special flavour to it.

    Thanks a lot for your Easter wishes too..

    Btw, I’m really sorry dear for the delayed reply :((


  • Maria

    This recipe is a tad better than what I was used to. Maybe the addition of sesame seeds made all the difference. Very ripe palayankottai/robusta bananas can be added as small diced pieces instead of mashing them up in a mixie into a paste.

    This blog of yours is good and a real help.

  • Yes, it is OK. Try adding a few granules of yeast to the batter, wait for some time and then start the frying process in the unniappam chatti!

  • Hi Maria,

    Wanna ask u something..tht above u mentioned 1 cup water.. can u plz tell me the water qty in milli litre..


    Triya Jibin

  • I had a question, I recently bought a non stick mould. Do I just coat it with oil or does it need to have a pool of oil in each mould? Sorry, if it seems like a stupid question, my first attempt ever at making these.

    • Hi Deepti,

      No worries dear :) I think I filled oil up to half of each dip.

      When I just coated n fried, I wasnt very happy with the texture and colour. Hope you get to try this soon and like it too..


  • Hi Maria,
    I love your site and I have tried a lot of recipes. :)
    I tried this one too. But my unniyappam came crispy. Is it because I over fried? I used non stick chatti and filled oil to fill the holes. Any suggestion to make it soft?

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks a lot for trying the recipes from here :) I’m glad that you like them.

      As you said, over frying makes it crispier, also frying on high flame. It’s very imp to adjust the heat while frying it. The oil has to be hot, but should not be smoking hot also. ideal heat is low-medium flame. Also, I guess if the qty of batter used is less for each unniyappam, that will also result in a crispier version.

      Hope it comes out perfect next time.


  • Thanks a bunch for this lovely recipe, my unniyappams used to come out crisp and I wanted a different recipe and this was just perfect. Just had a question, is it possible to use brown sugar instead of jaggery and still get unniyappams the same perfect way?

    • Hi Tanu,

      You are welcome :) Really happy to know that it turned out perfect!

      I havent tried using brown sugar, but I guess may be the sugar will give a diff texture and make Unniyappams crispier.


    • Hi Ann,

      I use Nirapara Appam and Idiyappam podi for this. I’m not sure whether it’s roasted or not.Btw, sorry for the delayed reply. Because of some technical glitch some of my reply comments didnt go through. If you’ve already got my reply, please ignore this.


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