Palada Pradhaman

A few weeks ago, I decided I'll post here twice a week, instead of once. Did that for a week or two and then my computer hard disk crashed! I thought universe was supposed to conspire for me to make my decision happen, looks like universe had something else in mind rather than conspiring for my blogging frequency.

Anyways, I managed to do the Easter posts from Jose's computer. But it didn’t work out, our working styles are different. You see, my desktop is like a crowded day at the mall, full of pictures and folders and his desktop is like a Kerala road on a hartal day! So you can imagine how it ended, I thought it was time to take a short break.

Somehow I wasn't too keen to get my computer fixed… With the excuse of a non working computer, I was a “serial-” serial & movie watcher on Netflix and made sure that all of our internet bandwidth was used up a week before the monthly reset. Finally my eyes started hurting and my sleep was all upside down. It was time to call it quits and get my computer fixed.

Got the computer up and running the day before yesterday and Jose was a bit over excited about the whole thing. I think it had more to do with a faster internet connection, now that my binge watching had come to an end.

Have you had one of those days, when nothing works Or when you binge on something to compensate, that you feel sick of it?

So, coming to this recipe, it's a simple and easy Payasam recipe, that you can make quickly. Since it's made in a pressure cooker, there is not much stirring and it gets cooked fast. Hope you get to make it for Vishu.

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We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Vishu!!

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14 thoughts on “Palada Pradhaman”

  1. Hi Maria, I tried many of ur receipes.. really wonderful dear… here i need to ask u somethng that while cooking ada payasam in der any chance to stick the payasam on to the cooker?? pls rply dear..

    • Hi Triya,

      Thanks Triya :) Good to know that you’ve tried many recipes from here. Yes, payasam may stick to the cooker. While cooking and reducing, milk tends to stick to the vessel, even if it’s cooker.

  2. I love your blog! Love your style of presentation! That’s why was surprised to read your introduction to Diwali in my DOW email. It may be true that during your early years, Diwali was not celebrated in Kerala. But, the fact that you associate the festival to just the north of India, as you had a few neighbours move in from the north is not enough research about this huge festival! Your nearest neighbour Tamilnadu celebrates Diwali with as much pomp & show & largesse as it is celebrated in the north. Please delve into it & you will discover a treasure trove of south Indian recipes for Diwali! Wishing you the best! Please continue to wow us with your variety of recipes.

    • Hi Trishna,

      Thank you very much :)

      As I’ve mentioned in the post, Diwali wasnt celebrated much in Kerala during my childhood days, however I’m not sure about the present day scenario.

      I understand that Diwali is a big celebration in Tamilnadu, the reason I mentioned about North Indian connection is because of my experience with them. I usually write the stuff on blog based on my experience :)

      Please understand that it wasnt my intention to portray Diwali as a North indian festival, but since my writing is based on my experiences I happen to share the same. Hope you understand.

      Belated Diwali wishes to you and I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.


  3. Hi..maria

    first of al..your sites new look seems good..

    I m following you for this is the first tim im commenting to your recipe.

    Im a big palada fan..ther is one traditional method of making palada..if you post lik that I would be more happy..

    if you need tha procedure ill mail to you.

    Happy vishu..

    • Hi Neenu,

      Thank you :)

      I guess you are referring to the procedure of making ada from scratch right? I’ve the procedure with me, it’s just that I didnt have the patience to do that ;) If I ever happen to make it that way, will update here.



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