Mousse Pudding

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Mousse Pudding

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Course: Dessert, Sweets
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 10 gms China Grass
  • 1.5 cups Water
  • 1 tin Condensed milk
  • 2 tins Milk (measured in condensed milk tin)
  • 4 -5 tbsp Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence

For Topping

  • 1 cup Grated coconut
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1/4 cup Cashew nut chopped


  • To make Pudding:
  • Cut the china grass into small pieces & wash it. Soak it in 1 1/2 cups water for 15 minutes. Melt the china grass without any grains.Mix together the number 2 ingredients & heat it well. Once the temperature of the melted china grass & milk mixture becomes the same slowly mix it & heat for 2 minutes. Add vanilla essence to this mixture. Strain this mixture to the pudding dish & refrigerate.
  • To make Topping:
  • Stir all the ingredients till it turns golden brown. Grind it & store in an airtight container.
  • While serving the pudding decorate with coconut topping.
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41 thoughts on “Mousse Pudding”

  1. Hi Maria,
    I want to try this recipe…can u pls share the quantity of condensed milk in ml?onme tin is how many ml?

  2. My aunt used to make this the exact same way, same topping too. i’ve been in search of this recipe for a while because the last time I had this was some time in the 90s. Thanks Maria

    • Hi Tinssy,

      Good to hear that you found what you were looking for :) It’s one of the oldest recipes on the blog. Hope you get to try it soon.


  3. Hi Muslimah,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I understand what you are saying… but to my knowledge, Disqus doesnt take any personal info, apart from the email id and they have a strong privacy policy. For our site management, we need to use software like Disqus. Hope you understand.


    • Dear Maria, thanks for the reply. No, all of them access ur personal information.

      I have to say that insipte of having to use a Facebook account to post here last time as well as now, my post was only accepted on clicking ‘Allow’ to Disqus’s request to access my personal information.
      But that’s okay as I won’t be commenting anymore here but I will continue to enjoy ur great recipes so keep posting:)
      Mrs S

  4. Dear Maria..

    I tried making this pudding.. i think i messed the china grass.. can you please explain how to actually go about it!!


    • Hi Ayshu,

      The pudding may not set if the china grass used is kinda old. Apart from that I’m not sure why it happened.

      Hope it comes out well next time.


  5. Hi Maria,

    This is a really nice pudding. I make a variant of this one at home where in, i heat sliced pineapple, with some sugar added, until the water from the pineapple evaporates. Then I add some grated coconut to this. The above mousse is added on top of this layer before placing to set.

    Good one again!!


    • Hi Surya,

      Thank you :) I also make a similar one. I’ve posted the recipe in the blog also. The link to that recipe is there in the above one.


  6. Maria… I happened to visit this site… Very good site… Will let u hv detailed comments once I have tried your recipe…Keep up the good work…


    • Hi Geeta,

      Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comment. Hope you will try the recipes & like it too. Would love to hear your feedback :)


  7. Hi Maria,

    Your pudding looks great but i should try this once. Do you have the receipe of caramel pudding? I would like to know how to make it with pressure cooker. If we are using microwave oven should we preheat and bake as cake or just microwave it? PLease let me know.


  8. Hi Maria…congrats on the delicious site…tried your china grass pudding…it came out very well…and the topping added the extra crunch…thanx for the recipe…looking forward to more…

  9. Hi. Just wanted to know which coconut should i use . The dry one or wet one. And can i add rose water in it if yes how much.

    • Hi Natasha,

      I used freshly grated coconut for this recipe.

      I havent tried adding rose water yet, but I guess its ok, if you like its flavor. May be you can add around 1/2 – 1 tsp of rose water.


  10. I want to make this pudding. Can you please help do you measure 10 gms china grass strands. Like in cups or tablespoons…thanks in advance for your help! Great site btw!

    • Hi Vandana,

      I’m not sure whether I replied to you earlier. However if I havent, I’m so sorry. I missed your comment somehow :(

      I usually get china grass bars here and each bar weigh 10 gms, so I havent measured it in cups or spoons. However I did a small google search and found that 2 tsp china grass powder is approximately equivalent to 10 gms china grass strands. Hope this helps…


    • Hi Divya

      I havent made the pudding with china grass powder, so am not sure about the exact measurement in terms of powder. However I did a quick search in google and found out that 10 grams of china grass strands is equivalent to 2 tea spoon of china grass powder.

      Hope this helps. If you make the pudding with the powder, please let me know the result, so that I can update it here, thanks.

  11. instead of china grass u can use jelatin.Make the custard,and then let it cool .For 2cups of custard ,1tb jelatin is enough .Messure the custard and add jelatin.

  12. Hi Roopa

    You can use gelatin instead of china grass, but I dont know whether the quantity of gelatin required is same, also the method might be different since gelatin is usually melted using double boiling method. I will try to get some more info about this and let you know.

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