Marble Cake

The right blend of two flavours. A cake that makes chocolate lovers & non chocolate lovers equally happy.

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54 thoughts on “Marble Cake”

  1. Hi, maria. .

    First want to compliment u on creating such
    wonderful and simple recipes. Well I tried this marble cake , but
    somehow it didnt cook in the middle and when I tried transferring it to a
    plate, middle part just collapsed. Is it because I mixed it too much?
    Also want to mention that the flour had to be folded in as per recipe
    and by mistake first 3 mins I mixed it with my hand blender. Would that
    be the problem. I want to make it again ;) Also i use normal amul
    butter. Is that fine?

  2. Hi, maria. .

    First want to compliment u on creating such wonderful and simple recipes. Well I tried this marble cake , but somehow it didnt cook in the middle and when I tried transferring it to a plate, middle part just collapsed. Is it because I mixed it too much? Also want to mention that the flour had to be folded in as per recipe and by mistake first 3 mins I mixed it with my hand blender. Would that be the problem. I want to make it again ;) Also i use normal amul butter. Is that fine?

    • Thanks Lynn! Sorry for the delayed reply :(

      I’m sorry to hear that your cake didnt come out perfect. There are a number of reasons for the cake not getting cooked in the middle.

      If the baking tin is smaller size, it can happen that the middle of the cake not getting cooked.
      The uneven heating of the oven can also cause it. You can use baking strips to ensure even baking. Wrap a wet towel around the baking tin and keep it in the oven.
      If the outer parts of the cake continues to brown fast without cooking in the middle, try placing an aluminium foil loosely over the cake and continue baking.
      Though I’ve mentioned the baking temp n time, it can vary for each oven, so may be you can try reducing the temp and bake for a bit longer.
      I always use unsalted butter for baking unless otherwise specified in the recipe and it works well for me. Also the mixing of the batter affects the texture of the cake.

      Hope this helps…


  3. Hi Maria…
      first time Im writing a comment on ur blog..Accidently I should say by luck I chanced upon ur blog a few days back..and guess what Im trying ur  recipes one by one each day..chicken stew was superb so was the red fish curry..n malabar fish curry..very nice recipes Maria..thank you so much 4 sharing..I made this cake today …turned out good but not so soft n spongy.
    Maria wanted to know something  does folding in the flour or mixing it with the electric mixer make a  make a difference?how do we know that we have mixed it enough?and when we fold in gently we shouldnt mix too much …is it?I know my question seems really silly…but Im really confused.

    • Hi Sunita,

      Thanks a bunch for your comment dear. Great to know that you are trying recipes from here and liking them too :)

      Folding in and beating with electric mixer is different. Different recipes calls for diff method. In a recipe which calls for folding in, if you use electric beater, it will affect the texture of the cake. When you see that all ingredients are mixed well and no ingredient in particular is standing out in the batter, the batter is ready.

      Yeah when we fold in, we should not do it vigorously. When you cannot see any more traces of the flour or liquid you’ve added, it meas that the ingredients are combined well n batter is ready.

      Hope it’s clear now :)


    • Hi Anitha,

      hhhmm, if you can get some baking chocolate, that will do. I havent baked yet with diary milk, so I’m not sure how it will be… Dark chocolate is something with a higher percentage of cocoa. If you can find any chocolate with more than 50 % of cocoa, I think that should work.


  4. Hi Maria,

    Just loved this cake… i want to make it for xmas… but i dont have an oven.. can i steam the cake using the same recipe

    • Hi Asha,

      I havent tried steaming this cake yet, but I guess it should work. May be you can try baking a small batch & see if it works. I’ve posted a steamed honey sponge cake recipe before. Please check it out for steaming instructions.


  5. Hi maria. First of all thank you for your great recipies. i am new to baking and this was my first cake recipie. it turned out well but it was bit dry and crumbled up when cutting. even though taste was good but bit drier. could you tell me where did i went wrong? I substituted self rising flour with 1 cup all purpose flour and 2 teaspoon of baking powder and half teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt.

    • Hi Shelyshkh,

      You are welcome! Thanks for trying this recipe. The cake lacked moistness may be because of over mixing of the ingredients or because of over baking it. Baking always gets improved/perfect with experience :) I do hope it comes out perfect next time.


  6. Hi maria,
    i tried this cake,it came out so well thnk u :) i used oil instead of was really too good :)

    • Hi Pinky

      Thanks dear for trying this cake & also for sharing your feedback here :)

      I’m glad that the cake came out well for you.


  7. Hi Maria,
    Iam new to your food blog..i jus loved it in first sight :) Accidently bumped in here thro google while searching for kannur fish curry recipe.

    I went thro your low calorie eggless cake..i was really excited to see a healthier version of a cake.These days i jus bake eggless cake…I came across that v can substitiute curd or sourcream for egg..Could u pls help me in this on how i should use curd in this above cake instead of egg…

    Am eagerly waiting for ur reply :)

    • Hi Pinky

      Thanks for visiting this space :)

      About substituting eggs, I’m sorry dear I’m not very familiar with it. Though I’ve baked eggless cakes, I havent used any egg substitutes in my regular baking :( I’ve also heard that people use mashed banana instead of egg.

      Anyways I saw your another comment saying that you tried this cake & it came out well. Did you bake an eggless version? If so can you please share how you did that. It will be very helpful for other readers also.

      If you are interested in eggless baking please check out the eggless pineapple upside down cake recipe posted here. Hope you’ll like it.

      Thanks again…


  8. Hi Maria,
    I tried out this cake today n I felt that it was less sweet n had an eggy taste.I had used 1 1/8 cup sugar for 1 cup flour.What could b wrong?I had tried out ur eggless cinnamon cake n it came out superb!Thanks.

  9. hi maria, i really like ur blog and the recipes and m gr8 fan of urs. u r vry prompt and take pains to explain things. Thanks. M just beginning to cook. Was wondering how much is 1/8 cup. 2. Can i use oil instead of butter and how much. 3. We dont get plain dark chocolate easily here in india, so can i use cadbury or dairy milk chocolate. thanks

    • Hi Ruma,

      Thank you for your kind words dear :)

      1/8 cup is half of 1/4 cup. Though I havent used oil for this particular recipe, I’ve used oil in baking cakes. If you are using oil, its the same qty as butter (as per google research :)

      In this case 125 gm butter is approx 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp, so use same qty of oil.

      About the chocolate, you can use any chocolate which has more than 50 % cocoa.

      Hope this helps…

      Happy baking :)


  10. Hi Maria..

    The cake looks awesome.. I really want to try it. Could you pls tell me the measures for sugar and flour in cups? The measures in grams is a bit confusing for me.. Sorry for that..

    • Hi Resmi

      Thanks dear.

      125 gms flour is approx 1 cup & 125 gms sugar is 1/2 cup + 1/8 cup.

      Hope this helps…Please do share your feedback, if you happen to try this.


      • Hi Maria,

        Thanks for your reply. As a beginner your recipes are helping me a lot.. As none of your recipes has let me down, I have great confidence in cooking my first cake.. I will surely let you know the feedback..


          • Hi Maria,
            I tried your cake last weekend. The cake was really good. But the sad thing was that when i tried to take it out of the pan, it lost its shape :(
            I don’t know why that happened. Anyway it was my first cake baking experiment. And we didn’t waste even a piece of it. Thanks for the recipe :)

        • Hi Resmi,

          Sorry to hear that the cake didnt come out in the perfect shape :(

          I’m guessing the following reasons:

          1. The cake pan wasn’t greased/buttered well.

          2. You need to let the cake cool in the pan itself for sometime before transferring it.

          If you did the above 2 & still it happened, I’m sorry dear, I dont know why it happened.

          Hope it comes out well next time…Anyways good to know that you liked the cake :)


  11. Thanks to your blog Im into baking these days but I must admit mine dont come out as superb as yours. Could you tell me which is the best way to mix the cake ingredients. Is it by mixie blender or hand whisk or the electric hand mixer. Could you also tell me how to determine that the batter is at the right stage to be pored into the baking tin.

    • Hi Lynn,

      It’s great to know that you like the baking recipes here. I use electric egg beater for most of the baking recipes. I rarely use hand whisk also, but then it depends on each recipe.

      If the recipe requires to beat egg whites I suggest using electric egg beater for the best results.

      About the consistency of the batter, again it depends on each recipe. For some the batter must be smooth & flowy, where as for some it’ll be lumpy. I believe I usually mention about the consistency in each recipe.

      Hope this helps..


      • Hi Maria,

        The self-raising flour, is this how u prepare it?? For each cup of all-purpose flour, add 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
        Mix to combine. if not, could u suggest how to make it??


        • Hi Ann,

          I’m so sorry dear for the delayed reply. I’m on vacation now & hence the delay :(.

          Hope you had a wonderful Xmas with your family.

          About the SR flour, what you have written is correct. You can make SR flour that way. Please do share your feedback, if you happen to try this cake.

          Wish you & your family a happy & blessed new year!


    • HI San,

      I baked this cake in a 6 inch square tin. I think its ok to bake double the qty in a 9 inch pan.

      Hope you’ll like the cake.

      Happy baking :)


  12. hi maria, since it’s hari raya, i decided to bake a marble cake. found your recipe and decided to try it instead of a normal typical asian marble cake recipe. i followed the ingredients exactly except sugar which i reduce a little bit, as i prefer it a little less sweet. add a bit of vanilla essence and salt. it came out perfect! exactly the kind of marble cake i’m looking for. simply delicious. thank for sharing a great recipe!! just would like to ask if it’s ok to use chocolate emulco paste instead of melting chocolate? thanks.

    • Hi Shida,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe for a special occasion and also for leaving a comment here. I’m really happy that you liked it.

      About the chocolate emulco paste – I’m sorry dear, I’m kinda clueless about it. Actually, I’m hearing it for the first time. If you can tell me what’s it like, I can try :)


  13. Hi Maria,

    I am on a baking spree, thanks to mariasmenu :) I made this cake and it was delicious. There were a couple of things though that I wanted to know so I could make it better. What size cake pan did you use? I used a 9 inch round dark pan and the cake didn’t get the volume i expected. Is it too big for the recipe? Also, I used ‘I can’t believe its not butter’ which has salt in it. Does that make a difference?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Ambika,

      Nice to know that you are into baking these days :)

      I used a 7 inch square tin for this cake. i guess 9 inch is a bit big for the given qty.

      Its ok to use ‘I can’t believe its not butter’ , I dont think it makes any major difference.


  14. Hi Maria,

    First let me thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes.

    I have a doubt, once or twice when i baked cake, i noticed that the cake drops down from the middle after its baked. Can you tell me what can be the reason for it?

    Usually i take out the cake from oven immediately after it is baked. Is it necessary to keep the cake inside oven for 5 min after its baked with power off to adjust the temperature?

    Kindly advice.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Ann,

      You are welcome dear :)

      One of the main reason for the cake sinking in the middle is opening of the oven door in between. It’s advised not to open the oven door during the first 20 -25 mins of baking.

      It can also happen if the cake is underbaked. These are the some reasons that I’m familiar with. Btw, did it happen when you baked this cake?

      I usually take the cake from the oven soon after its done, so i dont think that can be the problem. Anyways may be you can try doing that, after all there is no harm in trying, right :)?

      I do hope that your cake comes out well next time.

      All the best!


  15. Hi Maria,

    This is my first time and I loved all the recipes…….what a wonderful collection and very elegantly presented.I baked this cake today and It turned out well.Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dear Maria,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, so kind of you . I’ll surely check the link you provided. Eagerly waiting to buy an oven and try all of your cake recipes.

    Can I have your personal e-mail id too Maria.


  17. Hi Maria,

    Great recipes and tempting pictures Maria and a wonderful blog too. Your blog has been very helpful for me with nadan recipes. Thanks a lot to you. I just want to try out your chocolate cake. I live in Dubai and am intending to buy an electric oven. Not very intersted with the cooking range. Could you suggest me a good brand please. Could you also tell me as to what kind of oven you use to bake cakes pl.
    Wishing you all the best.

    • Dear Princely

      Thanks for dropping in and writing to me. Happy to know that you like the recipes posted here.

      Regarding the oven, I use the oven in the cooking range which is provided by our landlord. Since I havent bought an oven am not very sure about the brands and the type of oven and all, sorry :( Anyways I’ve used both gas oven and electric oven and my personal preference is electric oven.

      Please check out the following link:

      Hope this helps…

      All the best for a wonderful oven!

      Happy baking :)


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