Dates And Butterscotch Self-Saucing Pudding

One more day to go to welcome the New Year! So, how are you going to welcome the New Year – partying with friends or a quiet evening at home?

Are you busy making plans for the New year or doing a quick audit of the past year? Either way, I do hope the past year was a good one for you and the coming year is even better. For me, it was a mixed year. Had some unexpected losses and also some small gains, but that’s how life is, right?

So, shall we end this year, with a sweet note?

It's a very easy and simple recipe. The name of this dish can be a bit intimidating, but trust me, it's a no fuss straightforward recipe. It's very apt for the weather we are having here in Bahrain. It's a warm and comforting dish and it tasted superb, if I say so myself. We both like butterscotch flavour and this combination of cake and pudding with a slightly gooey texture, made us instant fans of this dish. Btw, it's eggless too. I do hope you get to try it sometime and enjoy it as well.

Before going to the recipe…

We, Jose & Maria, wish you and your loved ones a Beautiful and Blessed New Year! May this New Year be filled with Love, Laughter & Life!


Dates Pudding
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  • Hi Maria, tried this pudding and it was an instant hit. Everyone loved it. I love trying out your recipes, the measurements are precise. Thanks a bunch

  • Hello Maria. I tried out the recipe and it tasted great but the cake part was dense and not soft. Does the cake require 50 g of butter or the sauce? I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

    • Thanks Usha! This cake is not light and fluffy like a regular butter cake, it’s a bit dense, but it’s not hard. The cake requires 20 gms of butter and sauce required 50 gms of butter as mentioned in the recipe. I’m not sure why it turned out hard? Did you bake it for a long time?

  • Thanks for this recipe.. Already made two times and got all praises from guests…i love sticky toffee pudding and this is similar to that and easy to make..

    • Hi Pare,

      You are welcome :) Glad that the recipe came out well for you. Happy to know that your guests enjoyed it.

      Thanks a lot for leaving a comment here.


  • Can summarize my comments after trying this recipe by saying-God bless you Maria for posting this ! Tried this twice within a month and was a blockbuster hit at my dinner party.. Super easy and delicious. Paired this with Haagen-Dazs Caramel biscuit Speculoos Icecream and that was a match made in heaven ! Thank youuu

    • Hey Gayathri,

      How are you? Thanks a lot dear for that lovely comment :) We too love this dish and I was wondering why not many people arent trying this… Your ice cream pairing sounds great! Will try to get that one, next time I make this.

      Take care,

    • Hi Zeena,

      I havent tried it with whole wheat flour. I guess it’s better to start with half whole wheat and half self raising/plain flour. Otherwsie it may be too dense.


  • Happy New Year Maria!Here’s to a New Year full of new adventures and new beginnings. Wishing you a Happy, HEALTHY and prosperous New Year!!

  • Hi Maria,

    Impressed with the recipe. Gonna try it tomorrow as new year dessert for lunch. About self-raising flour, notes for substitute is missing. Would appreciate if you can add it so that I can get all required ingredients as preparation for tomorrow.

    Happy New Year in advance


    • Hi Vinita,

      Thank you very much :) I do hope this pudding will make your New Year lunch a special one. Thanks for pointing out about the notes, I’ve updated it. Sorry for the confusion.

      Thanks for your wishes and wish you too a wonderful new Year!


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