Kerala Style Chicken Cutlet Recipe

Chicken cutlet is a very easy to make dish. One advantage of this is you can prepare the keema (cutlets before frying) & store it in your freezer for 1 month. It comes to your rescue when you have a surprise guest for lunch or dinner. It can be also served as an evening snack.

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  • Hey Maria,
    Whenever I feel low & want to try something exciting at home, I try cooking something from your blog. I regularly make chicken biriyani, rava laddu and caramel custard at home based on your recipes. It has been almost 4 or 5 years since I tried your first recipe. I think I started with caramel custard after my brother once surprised me with his cooking skills. Fish biriyani and beef fry are the other two items I remember trying out from here. Every recipe had come out well.

    In fact, baking was something I thought I will never try out. (I had tried out baking in a pressure cooker long back) When I wanted to first bake in an oven, I was sure that there will be some recipe here which will help me start. And I tried out the 5 mins cake. That was the only thing which didn’t have the perfection, but even that came out too good.

    I think I can go on and on. So, let me wrap for now. :)

    Thanks a lot for this blog of yours. You are just awesome. :)

  • Hi Maria,

    I moved to Germany last year and started cooking after coming here.I love your recipes especially the chicken recipes.I was searching a receipe for keema like a keema biriyani or keema masala./gravy.

    Thanks and regards

  • Hi Maria,
    Loved ur recipe.. I made it n my family loved it..but when I made it in some qty,I kept in freezer and used microwave to defrost it but the side started crumbling after defrosting.. Can u tell me y is Dat? to overcome it?

  • Hi Maria, would you freeze it before coating the cutlet with eggs white and bread crumbs?
    Btw I love your blog and have tried out several recipes, thank you!

  • Thanks Maria im a pastry chef, but your recipe helped me a lot for me to cook rather than calling my mom every day for tips. I appreciate .don’t hesitate to contact me for any pastry recipe. And visit my shop in Qatar if u have plans to go here.

    • Hi Rahul,

      You are welcome :) Good to know that you find the recipes here helpful. I might take up your offer on pastry recipes :) What’s your shop name in Qatar and what’s your best selling pastry?

      Wish you a Happy New Year!


    • Hi Anna,

      I think you will get around 12-15 cutlets, depending on the size. Btw, sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a small break.

      Hope you get to try it soon and like it too.


  • Hey Maria, I have tried making cutlets but it’s not perfectly shaped and tend to break..Kindly suggest as to how we can prepare for perfect shaped cutlets??

    • Hi Susan,

      You can use a cookie cutter and shape the cutlets or you can use a spoon. Put the filling inside the spoon and shape accordingly.

      Make sure the oil is hot enough otherwise the cutlets may break.

      Hope your cutlets come out perfect next time, all the best!!


  • Hi Maria,
    I tried ur recipe of dragon chicken and it was a hit..Thankyou so much.Love

    the way each recipe is presented..


  • Hi Nisha,

    Thanks a lot for your comment :) I’m specially thrilled to know that your lil girl likes the recipes. Since kids are always difficult to please with food, I feel very happy when I hear kids loved the recipes from the site :)

    I havent tried making cutlets with raw mince, but I guess you can do that..

    • Hi Maria, I tried using ground chicken. It worked fine. Just had to sauté a little longer for the chicken to cook and loose the juice from the chicken. It really didn’t make much difference in taste; but made a lot of difference in reducing the effort. ????

  • Hi Anna,

    I’ve seen some people using soaked bread slices instead of potato to make cutlets. But I’m not sure whether it will suit your requirement.


  • Hi maria.
    Good to know that you have cousin in Mutttar. what is the family name? I have my sister in Bahrain. Asian school in Bahrain is theirs.
    bye for now


  • Hi Maria,

    I tried ur recipe many times . Every time it came out excellent. But I served it with typical kottayam nasrani style salad ( Charlas) it’s an excellent combination.

  • hiiii ..i prepared Chicken cutlet…My first experience..size was little big.. I will try again…lots of thanks for the recepie…hope u doing well chechii………..looks entirely different from the pics in this site….

  • Hi,

    You are welcome! I do freeze the cutlets for a month or so. I usually freeze them after dipping the cutlets in egg white and bread crumbs. Please do check out the tuna cutlet recipe in the site, there I’ve given step by step instruction with pictures.


  • Hi Maria

    Looks like you deserve another testimonial. My husband loved these cutlets. I have to say that he is not a big fan of cutlets.. But today he had a bunch of them :) … I too liked them a lot..

    Thank You !

  • i tried this recipe today :) and since am a starter in cooking, i got so much of appreciatons:) thank u soooo much for ur recipes :)

  • hey Maria
    becoming hard core fan of ur blog……….

    tried chkn cutlet today. It was very nice. Best part is that my son who is fuzzy eater liked it and ate 5 cutlet in a stretch. so happy……..thank you so much Maria

  • Dear Maria
    I am a newbee in cooking still I tried the receipe.:). It tastes ok. But I feel the chicken was not cooked enough.Can you explain to me how loong do I need to keep the chicken(half kg) for boiling with pepper and salt?

    • Hi Megha,

      Thanks for trying the recipe. After around 10-15 mins of cooking, take a small piece of chicken & try slicing it. If it slices smoothly, then the chicken is done.


  • hi
    i tried this recipe n it came out nice.. its is simple n easy for a beginner like me..
    but i faced one problem while frying the cutlets.. after frying the first batch the bred crumbs would settle down in the oil and will turn black…i had to remove those burnt bred crumbs after frying each batch..
    is there any way to avoid this??

    • Hi Sasha,

      Great to know that the cutlets came out well for you.

      For the above problem you mentioned, you can try this. After rolling the cutlets in bread crumbs, just shake to get rid of the excess bread crumbs. I think its the excess breadcrumbs that gets settled in oil. Also once the cutlets are rolled in bread crumbs, try keeping it in the fridge for 10 mins or so, just to tighten it. Hope this helps…

      Thanks for trying the recipe :)


  • hi maria, 
    i’m newly married nd my hubby wanted me 2 make these cutlets thank u so much 4 dis easy recipe……… it helped me impress my mom in law too…….me nd my hubby r into ur fan club nw…… pls do put in more of such easy recipies

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I first boil the chicken with salt & pepper till it is cooked completely. Then once it is cooled I mince it in food processor. You can also use mixie to do the mincing.


  • hi Maria,
    i made these cutlets yesterday and they were excellent,I’ve never made chicken cutlets before and was really glad that they came out husband and kids enjoyed them. thanks for ur recipies and ur interesting blog.


  • hi maria I recently went to my sister’s home and she made chicken cutlets and it was sooo yummy she only added chicken,onion and pepper to the mixture no potato was added.

    • HI Jiji,

      I’m not very sure how the cutlet was rolled into shape without using potato. Was she using bread or any other starch to bind it together?


  • We tried your recipe for chicken cutlets and it came out so beautifully!!! Thanks a lot for giving such a crisp explanation – me and my husband are now confirmed fans of your recipes :D

  • Thanks Sarika for trying it out and letting me know your feedback. Comments like these motivates me to try out more and more recipes :), also very happy to hear that you look forward for the updates in my site.

  • Hi Maria, I tried out the chicken cutlets as a filling for burgers & they came out excellent! I had tried them earlier as aplain snack also.My family members enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I must say your recipes are exceptionally good & I always look forward to an update email from your side.

  • Hi Kat

    Thanks for visiting my blog. There might be two reasons for the cutlet to break.

    1. You should fry it on high flame otherwise the cutlet will break.
    2. Also you mentioned that chicken was not combining, the reason could be less amount of potato. btw did you dip the rolled cutlets in egg white before frying.

    Hope it works out this time with these tips. Please try it and let me know.

  • Hi,

    I tried to make it but after making desired shape and while frying the cutlet wud fall apart(after cooking the minsed chicken wudn’t stick together).What shud I do?Can u please give any tips?


  • HI,

    It’s first time i am visiting ur blog. recipes look so good, and i tried this chicken cutlet, came out good.


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