Coffee Cake

December is here! People are already in holiday spirits and most of the emails and comments I get these days are about cakes and wine :) So I thought I'll start this month with a cake recipe. Remember I posted this Mocha Marble Bundt Cake last year as an alternative to Fruit Cake?

This year, I'm recommending this recipe. I've been eyeing this recipe for quite sometime and I thought this is a good time to bake it. By now you should be familiar with my love for Cakes with Streusel topping. This one is no exception.

What I liked best about this cake is that, the base cake is very light and spongy and complements the streusel topping perfectly!  Apart from the contrast textures of Crunchy Streusel topping and feather light base cake, the flavour of Cinnamon and nuts makes it a perfect choice for the holiday season.

I hope you remember my “Coffee Cake” explanation from here, if in case you are looking for “Coffee” in the ingredients list :)

Btw, if you are planning to make the traditional fruit cake, I hope you've already soaked the fruits. If you want a quick fix without compromising the taste and flavour, check out this recipe.

Coming back to our Coffee Cake, this is a good breakfast option (well, who doesnt like a piece of this buttery sponge for breakfast), tea time snack or as a gift. Enough and more reasons to bake this cake, not to forget that the ingredients are easily available and it doesn't take much time to put together, apart from the folding of egg whites, but it's worth it. So what are you waiting for?

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