Meat/Beef Cutlet

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Kerala Style Beef Cutlet
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Meat/Beef Cutlet

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Course: Appetiser, Finger Food, Snack, Starter
Cuisine: Indian, Kerala, South Indian
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 1/2 kg Beef (cut into medium sized cubes)
  • 1 tbsp Chopped Ginger
  • 1 tsp Meat masala / Garam masala
  • 1/2 tsp Pepper powder
  • Salt
  • Curry leaves
  • 1 big Onion (chopped)
  • 1/2 tbsp Chopped Ginger
  • 2-3 Green chilli (chopped)
  • 1 tsp Meat Masala / Garam Masala
  • Curry leaves
  • 1 medium - big Potato (boiled & mashed)
  • 1 cup Bread Crumbs
  • 1 Egg white
  • Oil (for deep frying)


  • Cook the cleaned beef with 1 tbspn chopped ginger,1 tspn meat masala, 1/2 tspn pepper powder, salt and curry leaves.
  • Once it is cooled mince the meat using a food processor/chopper etc.
  • Saute onion till it becomes soft. Add chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves. Add minced meat. Mix well. Add meat/garam masala. Saute the minced meat till it becomes dry. Allow the mixture to cool.
  • Once it is cooled, add mashed potatoes & mix well. Make small balls with the mixture & roll into desired shapes.
  • Beat the egg white. Dip each cutlet in egg white & roll with bread crumbs. Deep fry in oil. Serve hot with tomato sauce and salad.


The shaped cutlets can be stored in the freezer for a month. Bring it to room temp before frying.
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69 thoughts on “Meat/Beef Cutlet”

  1. I have never made Kerala food before, the most I ventured into Indian food was Butter Chicken. I think growing up and seeing my mom make Kerala food was so intimidating that I felt that I would never be able to even come close to making the food taste good. I’ve come across your website and you’ve inspired me to make Kerala food. I’ve tried a few dishes and they’ve all come out well. :) I also have a blog that I try to write in regularly, but with work it’s tough to keep up, but I post my recipes onto that whenever I get a chance.

  2. This is the first time i am trying your beef cutlet recipe.I have tried many other recipes of yours

    earlier. Each time your recipes are a great success.

    Thanks Maria

  3. Hey Maria!! Thanks a ton!! that was a great recipe, the cutlets turned out to be delicious, I am so happy, made my day :)))) looking forward to your other recipes :)

    • Thanks a ton Harsha for your wonderful comment! I’m so happy to know that it came out well for you.

      Hope you get to try other recipes when time permits..


  4. just the recipe i was searching for….. thankyou… all ur recipes r nice… Happy Easter

  5. just the recipe i was searching for….. thankyou… all ur recipes r nice… Happy Easter

  6. Hi Swathy,

    Thanks dear :) Instead of dipping the cutlets in egg, you can make a medium thick batter with palin flour (maida) and water. Dip the cutlets in that batter and roll in bread crumbs. Hope this helps..


  7. Hi Maria

    Came across your site while scrambling around the net looking for that magical beef cutlet receipe :) looks like I have found just what I needed !
    Couple of questions before I dive in deep into the execution:
    * can the beef be cooked in the pressure cookie? If yes how long? As I imagine it might not require the same time as a beef curry …?
    * I have observed that in the beef cutlets dished out by veterans the meat tends to have a very ‘thready’ consistency, any tips on how this can be achieved? I did attempt making mutton cutlet once and even after mincing the meat looked lumpy n not thready !

    • Hi Sithara,

      Thanks for dropping by :)

      Yes, you can cook the beef in pressure cooker. The cooking time varies on the type of beef you use. I use Indian beef. After the first whistle on high flame, I reduce the flame to low-medium and cook for another 7-8 whistles. Keep it closed till pressure drops.

      I’m no veteran in cooking, so with my limited knowledge I think, the thready consistency of cutlets, comes from how you mince it. If you mince the beef in mixie or food processor, I dont think you will get the thready consistency. I think to get that consistency, you need to shred the beef with your hands.

      Hope you get to try this soon :)


    • I’m no veteran either but I’ve noticed my mother in-law achieves that kind of fibrous texture by starting with beef chunks rather than minced beef like me. That’s my best guess. Better late than never :)
      Great site. Love your collection. Happy cooking!

    • Hi Jem,

      I havent tried cooking with pork yet. But I guess you can . If you are trying, try for a small qty and see whether it works :)


  8. Hi Maria,
    Great recipes, but there’s no print recipe only function on the website, so I end up carting my laptop to the kitchen to try something out. Can the print (without image) feature be added? 

    • Hi Radhika,

      We changed our format recently. The latest recipes (starting from Jan 2011), there is a print icon at the top right hand side of the recipe. However we still need to change the old recipes to the new format. It might take some time. Hope you understand.


  9. hi maria i should tell you that iam a fan of your marias menu site….i have tried a number of dishes ….it was very good…thanks for this wonderful site

    • Hi Sherin,

      Thanks a bunch dear for your sweet comment. Great to know that you’ve tried many recipes from here & liked them too. Please keep trying & share your feedback :)

      Wish you a Happy & Blessed New Year!


  10. Hi Maria,
    I am trying out beef cutlet recipe today.. if it comes out well I am planning to keep as starters for Christmas..


  11. Hi Maria,
    I am trying out beef cutlet recipe today.. if it comes out well I am planning to keep as starters for Christmas..


  12. Hi Maria
    Tried your recipe and worked out well. My husband was amazed to see that I made a beeeeeeeeeeeef cutlet he was like wow!…and yes now I am finally in to his good book:)

    I am looking forward for delicious recipes from you.
    Thanks a lot.

    Prijy George.

  13. Not too impressed – you have repeated ingredients/processes and anyway, you fail to mention how to maintain the consistency of the cutlets while dipping in egg etc, to ensure it does not crumble. I had a disaster trying your recipe :-(

  14. Not too impressed – you have repeated ingredients/processes and anyway, you fail to mention how to maintain the consistency of the cutlets while dipping in egg etc, to ensure it does not crumble. I had a disaster trying your recipe :-(

    • Hi Sunil,

      Sorry to hear that this recipe didnt work for you. I havent repeated the ingredients just for the sake of it. The same ingredients are added in different stages & hence its repeated.

      About the consistency of the cutlets- I’ve mentioned in the recipe that you need to mix the beef mixture with mashed potato & make it into small balls. From that you can figure out the consistency that is required. It has to be a pasty like consistency to hold the shape.

      I guess your cutlets crumbled while dipping because the qty of potato was less & so the mixture couldnt come well to hold the shape.


  15. Hi, the recipe is really good. But have a suggestion to make it better.
    While sauteing the onion or before that, add the meat or garam masala and saute for another few seconds. Now add the minced meat and blend it well. Else the meat will taste of raw masala…  :)

    • Hello, 
      I tried your beef cutlet today.. as anju mentioned ,its better to put the garam masala first and saute it ,followed by the meat .Mine did have a little raw masala taste but otherwise it was really good !!!

      Looking forward to many more such wonderful receipes!

      • Hi Teenu,

        Thank you! Good to know that cutlets came out well for you. Yep, you can add gram masala in the beginning, if you like it that way :)


  16.  Hello maria…….
    I am also an exteresian…….went bak to those good old days of bunking classes and going to punjiri (josettan)…….and before i forget……tried the cutlet recipe and was a success….. :)

    • Great to know that you are also a Teresian, nice to meet you here :) Yeah those were the good old days…

      Thanks for trying the cutlets & also for the comment.


  17. hi maria,

    We luv all ur recipes nd so far all turned out well . Recently, we tried ur cutlet recipe, it was gud, however when we tried to deep fry the cutlet it started breaking up . We did dip them in egg white nd rolled them in crumbs, do you have any suggestions ???

    • Hi Priya,

      Its nice to know that you try recipes from here & like them too :)

      The reasons for cutlet breaking up can be:

      1. The qty of potato was less & so it wasnt binded well.

      2. The oil wasnt hot enough. For deep frying the cutlets, the oil should be really hot. Heat the oil at highest flame initially & then bring it to medium – high position & fry the cutlets.

      Hope this helps…


  18. Hai… Maria! I just would like to know with half kg beef, how many cutlets can we make. I’m just planning to make some for an upcoming party at home.

    • Hi Soly,
      As I mentioned in the mail, you can make around 10-15 cutlets approx depending on the size of the cutlet.

      Hope you’ll like it. Have a fun party :0


  19. I already commented in some section that most of the esater dishes were prepared from your site.One of them was beef cutlet.It was so yummy.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jasmin,

      Yes dear, I got your comment and I was so happy :) Thanks again for trying the recipes from here and also taking time to write to me.


  20. Hello:

    When you say meat masala/gram masala – I do not know what spices and the proportion of each of these spices.

    Once I made the garam masala and I put too much cinnamon. I would like a detail method of making the meat masala.

    Thank you,
    T chacko

    • Hi Chacko,

      The garam masala that i make at home includes these spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, fennel seeds (perumjeerakam) & one or two petals of star anise. I dont have a specific measurement for these, I just eyeball the qty.

      If you are not getting it correct at home, may be you can try readymade garam masala.


  21. Excellent recipe Maria.Very similar to what my wife makes.But ive never tried beef cutlet so I tried it and my wife loved it.Like I said I cant eat beef due to gout but I did taste it and was yumm!! Took me some time to figure out ur 2nd ingredient,3rd ingredient bit.Im not used to that style of parts.Good on you gal.Hope ur enjoying shopping with ur mom like ol days.cheers

    • Hi Shibu

      Happy to know that your wife liked the cutlet. Thanks for letting me know about it.

      Am yet to go shopping with amma, waiting for that :)


  22. Thanx Maria,will let u know abt how ur recipe turned out.And yeah of course, anytime u can contact me for Hindi tips.cheers

  23. MARIA.. they say beautiful women make beautiful food and this seems to be ur case too.Its the case of the my wife too,but men dont have to be.Ha ha..I can cook pretty tasty food and my father in law’s liking it are a proof of that.But Im not a great looking guy or anything close.Listen,Im yet to try ur recipe but it looks pretty “user friendly” thats why I chose it.Will let u know when i try it,im sure it will be great.Dont have time today to read ur lil bio-data but will do so later.If u have any doubts in HIndi i can clarify after all I grew up in dilli yaar.Dont have friends in Bahrain,but a few in UAE.A very nice blog and congrats to ur hubby for that.Later then.. cheers

    • Hi Shibu

      Thanks for dropping in and taking time to write to me.

      Looks like you cook very well after all you are getting compliments from FIL ;)

      Your words are very encouraging. Hope you will try out the recipe and like it too :) Will pass on your compliments to hubby dear too :)

      Btw, will refer you in future for any hindi doubts :)


  24. Hi Maria.
    My husband and I love the look of your site. So clean and the pictures are so tempting. We are going to try your cutlets this evening.
    Well done and all the best.

    • Hi Nina

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Great to know that you liked the site layout, it was done by my husband. i will pass the compliments to him :)

      Please do let me know if you try the cutlets, hope it comes out well for you.


  25. I love cutlets! We make something similar to this recipe but usually with less spices than in yours. Your version sounds yummy!! I should try it one day. Yum!

  26. Hey Maria:
    I accidentaly stumbled upon your blog checking for Chicken cutlets. I am expert making meat & fish but chicken I wasnt confident. More than the recipe it was Punchiri’s name that made me write this comment. I am an ex teresian (GS 1996) and we used to bunk class in name of election to eat cutlets and drink the lemonade at Punchiri’s. Those were the days. . thanks for bringing back the memories.I liked ur site a lot.Way to go

  27. hi maria, superb cutlets, i did my degree at St’Teresas and when you mentioned punchiri’s shop it bought back all my wonderful college day memories

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