Easter Chicken Curry

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Easter Chicken Curry
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Easter Chicken Curry

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Servings: 4
Author: Maria Jose


  • 500 gms Chicken (cut into medium size pieces)

To grind:

  • 1 tbsp Kashmiri chilli powder
  • 1 tbsp Coriander powder
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 3 tsp Chopped Garlic
  • 2 tsp Chopped Ginger
  • 1/2 tsp Pepper powder
  • 4 Cloves
  • 2 Cardamom
  • A small stick Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp Fennel seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Poppy seeds (kashakasha)

For Masala

  • 3 medium Onion (finely sliced)
  • 6 Small / Pearl onion (finely sliced)
  • 1 medium Tomato (chopped)
  • 1/4 cup Non-sour yogurt
  • 3/4 cup Boiling water
  • 1/2 cup Thick coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp Cashew paste

For garnishing

  • 1 Boiled egg
  • A handful of Fried cashews


  • Grind the ingredients listed under 'to grind' label, with 2 tbsp water, to a fine paste. Take half of the ground paste & apply to the cleaned chicken pieces. Add salt also to the marinated chicken & keep it aside for half an hour. Meanwhile heat oil in a pan & add sliced onions & salt. Cook till it becomes golden brown in color. Remove half of the cooked onions to another plate & keep it aside. Add small onions to the onions in the cooking pan. Cook for a few minutes. Add tomato & cook till it becomes soft. Add non sour yogurt to this & mix well. Add remaining half of the ground masala & fry it till the oil starts appearing. Add marinated chicken pieces to this & mix well. Add 3/4 cup of boiling water and cover and cook the chicken.
  • Add cashew paste and the kept aside cooked onions to thick coconut milk. Stir well. When the chicken is almost cooked, add coconut milk mixture to the curry. Cook till the gravy becomes thick and the chicken pieces are coated well with the masala. The consistency of this curry is semi dry chicken, it has a pasty masala.
  • Garnish the cooked chicken with boiled egg & fried cashew. Serve hot with pulao/ghee rice/appam/roti etc;


This curry is towards a spicier side, so please adjust the measurements to suit your taste. I used coconut oil for this recipe. If you want to make it extra special, you can use ghee.
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52 thoughts on “Easter Chicken Curry”

  1. I prepared this curry.. It came out really well
    .:)) It was a variety dish and new taste distinct from my normal chicken curry.. I didn’t add any cashew paste and still the curry was very thick.. Thank you for post.. I am really confident in trying your recipes
    .. :)

    • Hi Meera,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. really happy to know that you enjoyed this recipe.

      hope you get to try more recipes from here. Happy cooking :)


  2. Hi San,

    For cashew paste, soak 8-10 cashews in 1-2 tbsp hot water for 15 mins. Grind it into a smooth paste and use.

    Sorry for the delayed reply :((


  3. Maria,thanks…dear!! I just tried your recipe today and to be honest,it was a great success!! God Bless You,dear!!!

  4. i made this curry on easter and it was tasting aweome…everybody liked it:):) thanks Maria for ur receipe and that too in a user-friendly manner for us begineers:)

  5. Hi Maria, if i want to try out this recipe for 1 kg chicken do i double the quantity of all the ingredients mentioned?? will a kg of chicken be sufficient for a gathering of 7-8 people.. pls suggest ( iam new to cooking)

    • Hi Mini,

      I guess you will need around 1.5 kg chicken for 7-8 people, it also depends on how you cut the chicken, big or small pieces.

      hhmm for double the qty, ideally it should be double the ingredients but for curries, I dont think its the best way. I’m sorry dear, I wont be able to give the measurements off handedly :((((


  6. Tried this excellent chicken curry. We had it with roti..I am planning to try it for a dinner party with appam. Can you suggest a vegetable curry for appam – it is not a malayali crowd .

    • Hi RS,

      I’m sorry for the delayed reply :( I’m away on holiday now, so I dont check mails regularly, that’s why.

      If egg is ok you can try egg & peas curry or egg roast or egg and potato curry (you can try this without eggs too) Otherwise you can try mushroom peas masala.

      Btw, nice to know that you liked the easter chicken curry, thanks for trying this.


  7. Hi Maria
     This is one of the best chkn curries i hv ever made. The best part is the chkn need not to be fried. Comes with enough gravy and just right with roti and appam. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Tres,

      I’m thrilled to read your comment, one of the best chicken curries, eh, thank you! 

      As always, thanks a ton for posting a comment here :)


  8. Hi Maria,

    I tried out this recipe on New Year!!! It was absolutely a wonderful recipe. Prepared with whole chicken. Chicken curry was over within 2 days. Everyone liked it a lot.
    Infact I enjoy trying out all your recipes. Coriander chicken curry too came out well. And right now I’m preparing Ur latest recipe, Spicy chicken korma…

    • Hi Jaimy,

      Great to know that you try out recipes from here. Hope your chicken korma also turned out well. Thanks for taking time to share your feedback here.


  9. Hi Maria;

    I cooked this curry today for my birthday boy (hubby) dinner, and it was superb. I don’t have chicken with bones so I resorted to use boneless chicken breast. Next time I’ll use whole chicken and try again. Thank you for sharing. Belated New Year wishes to you and family.

    • Hi Gangka,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. Bleated b’day wishes to your husband!

      I should say this recipe tastes better with boned chicken, so please try it sometime :)

      Thanks for your wishes & wish you too a wonderful new year!


  10. Hi Maria,
    Tried this chicken curry yesterday…it was absolutely yum…tasted even better today. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Merry Christmas & a happy new year in advance. God bless!

  11. Hi Maria,

    Thanks a lot for this recipe. This recipe has become a part of my daily chore now. My husband just loves this. Great recipe! Just one funny spelling error, on Point 4. Thank you so much Maria for this blog. It has helped me so many of us like me who are just beginners in cooking!


    • Hi Mariamma,

      Its a pleasure to know that this recipe is a hit with your family :) Thank you so much for for your kind words.

      Btw, I’ve rescued the waiter from boiling ;) Thanks for pointing it out.


  12. maria dear,ysday tried thz special curry with palappam.no words….it ws simply superbbbb..my hus appreciated a lot..thnks dear for making me proud..

  13. maria dear,ysday tried thz special curry with palappam.no words….it ws simply superbbbb..my hus appreciated a lot..thnks dear for making me proud..

    • Hi Sheen,

      Its really nice to know that this curry was enjoyed by your family :) Thanks a lot for trying it & also for posting such a nice comment.


  14. You are welcome Joe! It’s a pleasure to know that it was enjoyed by your family n friends. Thanks for trying the recipe & also for posting the comment here.


  15. Thanks maria for all your wonder ful recipes. I tried once at home and it came out really well. Then i started to make for all my get together party’s.
    Everyone liking it sooooooooooo much:)
    Now this curry is always there on my menu list for all the parties.
    Finger licking recipe:) Thanks once again.
    It really goes well with ghee rice…………………………………

  16. Thanks Maria, this is a fantastic recipe, I tried out a small version at home first  and they tried a bigger portion for about 8 people for a family get together. Everyone loved it… including one of the family who’s Irish..
    Simply finger licking delicious……  :)

  17. Hi,
    My chicken curry was always a flop,tried this one turned out to be excellent..
    Thank u soooooo much….loved it….

    • Hi Nipuna,

      Its a pleasure to hear that this curry worked well for you. Thank you so much for trying the recipe & also for sharing your feedback.


  18. Just came here as Dhanya posted a pic of this dish she made.
    I am sure going to try this one for a special occasion too.
    Did you use chicken breast or chicken with bones.
    If you want to know what your preavious setting of the camera go to one of your old pics and chek the details there,that is what i do :-)

  19. Hey

    First time here and this is the first recipe i tried out… Its simply yummy… so delicious.. thanks a lot.. and i love ur site..

    • Hi Asha,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! I’m glad that the first recipe you tried came out well :) Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you here often.



  20. Hi Maria,
    Wishing u n ur family a very Happy Easter :) The chicken looks very yummmmmmy as always, am surely making it today :) Thnks for the receipe n u Njoy ur day :))

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