Coriander Chicken Curry

Whenever I plan to try a new recipe, my kitchen breakfast table looks like a study table… books n papers lying all over the place. I've bookmarked many recipes in the cookery books, not to mention the folder of cut outs from papers/magazines etc; It is about to explode anytime ;)

The above scene repeated the other day, when I wanted to try some new chicken curry and as usual, after an hour of all the references I was still undecided! That's when I thought of browsing through the pages of my kutti (small) diary… where I write down all the recipes which I try depending on my mood and what I fancy at that particular moment.  I saw this recipe there with the my comments saying good flavor and different from the usual curries that I make.

So here is the recipe from my diary. I remember making this keeping in mind that I wanted a decent chicken curry without any coconut milk or any creamy gravy. I thought the curry goes well with rice/pulao and Jose thinks it goes well with roti. So why dont you try this one and see which is the better combo rice or roti ? :)

As usual I was confused about the name of the chicken curry. Since I used more coriander leaves than usual, I decided to name it as Coriander Chicken Curry.

Btw, have you seen the Reader's choice section recently? Please do check it out, if you have a few mins to spare.

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72 thoughts on “Coriander Chicken Curry”

  1. Best curry ever. Hubby loved it. Would definitely recommend this one to everyone who wants a different kinda recipie ! Thank u ????

  2. Hi Maria.. love your site for the recipes (esp the Mallu ones).. Your instructions are so clear and the recipes are absolutely delicious :) ..

  3. Hi maria..
    tried ur corainder chicken also. too yummy… we all loved it.Thanks dear.

  4. HI Anju,

    Thanks dear :) Great to know that you like the recipes posted here. A special thanks to your husband also for introducing you to this space..


  5. Hi Resh,

    Welcome to MariasMenu! I’m so glad that you started trying out recipes from here and liked them too :)

    hhmm I dont have a recipe as such for garam masala. I can just give you an idea about what I do..

    I add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, pepper corns and star anise in my garam masala. I dont have any measurements for qty :( I dry roast the whole spices for 2-3 mins on low flame. Let it cool and grind it.
    May be next time, I”ll try to note down the measurements and share it, ok?


  6. Hi Maria,
    I made this for lunch today since i was so bored with my old chicken recipes and i loved it. This is definitely going on my weekend party menu.. :) Thanks dear.

  7. cooked this again last night. i doubled the amounts and handed it around my work. They have asked me to supply jars of the sauce as they loved it that much! too much work for me so i have handed out a copy of the recipe for everyone! expect some more feedback!!

  8. This recipe is AWESOME! Cooked it last week and my little boy loved it also.
    I’m about to cook it again!!

  9. Hi Maria,

    Another great recipe!! I tried it last night and it was awesome, different from the usual curry’s but delicious nonetheless.

    Thanks a ton for all your efforts.


  10. maria,tried thz one 2day. a different taste..i like it. am gng 2 gv thz with chapathi ven my hus cm frm office.hpe he will also njoy…thnks maria..continueeeee cre

  11. Hi Maria, 
    I have tried many ways of making coriander chicken,(my fav) but was never fully satisfied with the taste. Today i  tried your recipe of coriander chicken curry and wow it came out so well. prefect blend of spices. thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe with us. everyone at home loved it. and i was just saying thank Maria:-) 

    • Hi Asha,

      I’m really happy that this recipe came out well for you & it was liked by your family. Thank you so much! Btw, you can take credit since you are the one who cooked it :)


  12. Hey Maria,
    Have tried this recipe twice already and it is “yum”. So good, and perfect curry when you dont want anything creamy or with coconut milk. Keep up the good job. I started my journey in baking thanks to your blog…Been inspired to bake more and I did bake a banana cake, the recipe of which I had googled. Will send you the recipe, cos I had seen in one of your comments that you had never baked a banana cake. Now, when I say it is easy and a one dish cake, you will believe me…, being the “new baker”. Meanwhile, take care…

    • Hi Preethi,

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment dear :) I’m really happy that you liked the recipe. It’s so sweet of you to say that you will send me the banana cake recipe. But dear, I haven’t baked a banana cake yet, because I dont like banana :(

      Anyways, I’m excited to hear that this little space inspired you to start baking :)

      You too take care…. happy baking!


  13. hi maria,
    tried dis one nd it was yum…was really gud for a change from other gravies..
    Thanks a lot for sharing…it was a little spicy but my daughter drank lots of water but ate it..cud u tell if their is anything we can do ven it becomes spicier…
    Keep Posting..Bye n Tc.

    • Hi Rashmi,

      Thank you for trying this recipe & also for the comment :) For reducing the spiciness,you can add more onions. Saute onions in a separate pan till it becomes golden brown & then add the curry to the onions & cook for a while. It should bring down the heat.

      Hope this helps…


  14. hai maria
    thank u very much i tried tis recipe n my hus liked it very much…..tis blog is very gud for beginners like me….could u pls post some  recipes using tofu….tk cr…..hav goood going

    • Hi Riya,

      Its great to know that you find this space helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here :)

      About Tofu recipes, dear, I’m sorry we are not big fans of it, so I dont know whether I’ll be posting any recipes. However I’ve heard people saying that its almost like Paneer, in that case you can check out the paneer recipes posted here.


  15. Hi Maria.

    Tried it for my B’day. The taste was really different & my hubby liked it.
    Glad that u ve come out of ur roller coaster days.Please post more of such easy & tasty recipes .



    • Hi Amita,

      Belated b’day wishes to you. Hope you had a great day! May God bless you with a wonderful year ahead!

      Thanks for trying this recipe & I’m specially happy that you made it for your birthday :)

      Hoping to get more active with blogging in the coming days…


  16. hey maria…..

    Hope u and family are doing fine….
    Well your blog is amazing.Have visited it a no of times,but didnt leave a comment..sorry about that.
    Tried out your coriander chicken.Came out so excellent.v loved it.
    Thank u for the recipe….
    Expecting more chicken recipes from u.


    • Hi Divya

      Thanks dear for your kind words. We are doing good. Its great to know that you visit this space often :)

      Thanks again for the comment.


  17. Hi Maria,

    I tried this recipe & came out great…we loved it…Then I tried the same recipe (With 3 green chillies more) for a the new year party & it was a superhit…….

    Thank you very much…


    • Hi Sunitha,

      You are welcome dear :) Good to know that you liked this recipe. Thanks for the comment.

      Sorry about the delayed response, I’m on vacation now & hence the delay.

      Wish you & your family a wonderful new year!


  18. Hi,
    I enjoyed going thru your blog… its absolutely a delight to go thru your recipes.

    Enjoyed all the keralian recipes the most tho…

    I am a new blogeer and enjoy cooking nethings thats interesting… will definitely try some soon…will let you know how it turned out


  19. hi maria,

    i made the this curry and it came out very well. everybody like it. thanks for the recipe.


    • Hi Sheeba,

      Thank you for trying this recipe. It’s great to know that you and your family liked it. Thanks for the comment too :)


  20. Hi MarIa Good afternoon. I tried this dish yesterday & made chapatis to go with it. My family enjoyed it (Hubby & my daughter ). I use coriander Lvs a lot. & feel that it adds that taste to the dish. Thks Have a nice day.

    • Hi Vanita,

      How are you dear?

      Thanks a lot dear for trying this recipe and also for sharing your feedback here. I’m so glad that it came out well for you…

      Happy weekend!


  21. KS – Thank you, I think you’ll like it since you like coriander flavor :)

    Yummy Team – thank you :)

    Nisha – yeah, it was def a change from the usual curries..

    HC- thanks dear :) and I also love going thru cookery books, cant get tired of it, right?

    Thanks Nitha

    Shabs – hehehe, I very well understand :)

  22. hey Maria,

    This recipe is simply gr8!!…came out well for me…..Thanks a lot Maria,


  23. hai mariechi…the dish was superb…normally i love coriander and the curry was having a great worked well with chappathi…my husbnd also loved it,,, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH…


  24. Today i am in ur state……bored of all my curries and so experimenting a new curry, laptop open with many pages to refer and 2 cook books with the same recipe, but different ingredients and my diary as well…….writing down as i go along……and my kitchen counter, u have to see….its like a bomb struck area!…

    BTW, ur curry looks delish!

  25. Hai Mariechi…m going to try this today with chappathi…will definitly get back to you with the feedback..till then…have a great time..

    Keep Smiling..

  26. Tried this one..i didnt knw what to expect, so was very careful abt the amounts :) and my conclusion is u named it right! coriander flavour all along.. i liked it with rice..but i think it will b too good with a nan!

  27. Same here but then i think i am always looking to books and my hubby tells me ar eyou not fed up reading cookingbooks :-)
    Delcious looking chicken curry.

  28. Hey Maria,will try it out but is the name a misnomer cos we add coriander as a powder in many dishes or is it because u sprinkle as a deco in the end? Will let u know how it went. Ta

    • Hi Shibu,

      I named it coriander chicken curry because, as I’ve said in the write up, I used more qty of coriander leaves compared to the usual recipes I make and you can feel the coriander flavor well.

      Btw, did you get a chance to try this?


      • @Maria, No darling I didnt get a chance.Im getting fat so my wife buys only one organic chicken.So I made methi chicken and chicken tikka masala with one chicken.Nah, I just used sanjeev kapoors masalas and add the chicken and in 10 mins its done.Will keep u posted when I make ur cor chick. Tc

      • @Maria, Hey like I said I did try out and my wife has given it the thumbs up.Seems it wasnt too spicy at the end.Many times during the making I feel its a tad spicy but turns out ok at the end. Ta for the recipe,a lot of coriander goes into it.

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