Kuttanadan Mutton Roast/Varutharachathu

Sometimes when you see certain recipes, you get this sudden urge to try it out and taste it right? Especially when its a dish that can rekindle the tastes of the home cooked food and bring back many good memories associated with your good old days.

I made this dish out of that sudden urge :) Originally this is a chicken recipe, but I had only mutton with me at that time & since I wanted to taste it so badly, it became a mutton roast. Anyways now am happy that I made it, because one of my readers Elizabeth very recently asked for a sadya style chicken recipe. Usually for Syrian Christian weddings, if the wedding feast is a course style, chicken roast is a must. Though I dont like chicken much, I enjoy that particular chicken preparation (my mouth is watering while am writing this ;) ) very much. It usually has a very dark brown colour and most of the time coconut oil will be oozing out from the chicken pieces, who cares ;)

I got this recipe from a TV cookery show and they called it as a kuttanadan chicken roast, so to suit our situation it is converted into kuttanadan mutton roast. However, a few days back I tried the recipe with chicken and since I had Elizabeth's request in mind, I made some modification in the original recipe, to find out whether this chicken roast will be similar to the sadya style chicken. I should say though the curry tasted real good, though I couldn't get that particular taste, hhmmm there must be some secret ingredient. I've bookmarked similar chicken recipe..anyways for the time being we will be happy with this :)

Also, Veena of Curryworld passed me the following awards. I think awards always lift your spirits high, at least in my case. Veena, thanks a ton dear for passing on these awards.

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